Young girl damages paintings for sale with markers l What Would You Do

You break it you buy it Right a Paris worst nightmare playing out in Kansas and it’s all caught on camera A fragile sculpture and a wedding a five year old and a predictable outcome Watch as it comes crashing down and so does the mood of his? Parents when they get the bill you break it you buy it also applies if what you brought cost 132 grand That’s what the parents are being told. You heard, right? One hundred and thirty-two Thousand dollars. So today we take another look at a what would you do spin on this kind of scenario? Havis character a sweet little girl who loves to draw she liked my drawing and she’s taking her talent to the red eye cafe where they display and sell fine art by local artists and Ava is not just working on her own drawings what will people do when this petite Picasso messes with a masterpiece This woman is eyeing the art on the walls as ava is busy making her own But when mom steps away Avis buys a new canvas for her creativity Pretty and expensive a $300 canvas When Ava doesn’t take the hint She yells even louder Catching the attention of the staff. Oh My god trees is also an actor. What happened? We don’t know and they don’t know that our mom is going to try to What you do escape the blame man She’d ruin the painting that’s $300. She didn’t do that She just did it. We started sitting on the chair. Uh-huh So you’re the witnesses? No, sir. Do it. Yeah, I’m not gonna pay $300 we work as a gallery for these artists ma’am Okay. Well we can all split it did she say? It’s a hundred each See you don’t have any responsibility for your child and what she does I’m not gonna pay for Parvati completely ridiculous ma’am time to calm things down How you doing? I’m John quinones. This is part of a TV show You freaked out when you saw her go up there yes, I looked at it before it It said it was worth $300 and it was my god. This is someone’s living you yelled. Yeah Throughout the day Tracy keeps leaving Ava alone with her imagination and that permanent marker And we find zero Rushing to protect our abstract art that wasn’t like when Tracy asks for their silence She finds friends in this mother/daughter duo, do you know what happens? No must have been like that make him and I don’t know. Do you guys know what happened to me this painting? Why stay quiet I felt that it was really her responsibility because she wanted to own up to it that she should Next when Tracy and Ava flee the scene this man makes sure the truth gets out the kid stood up He even follows our culprits out the door no she’s not but we are That was pretty amazing blob somebody’s heart I’ve been an artist myself. I know I did all the effort that it takes to put it to something she does stuff This is value and a good thing especially when people put work into it. And what’s what’s the worst can happen you’re energized And now Ava’s making more art and new friends I Try to encourage the creativity and her to be free and She’s going to push it alright, can you watch it for a second my Mom’s away now. It’s time for Ava to play And now Ava decides she’s gonna make it prettier i love your turtlez can i have one plzzzzzzz ill be ur best friend 4ever I’m like this woman Ava’s newfound friends seem amused. Are they really gonna let her continue? They convince Ava to sit down but now listen to their critique But what will they do now that mom is back $300 $300 Aven we have to get out of here before. They see it They may not approve but they all let Tracy and Ava make a dream getaway before alerting the staff What they say next Texas by surprise They’ve agreed to pay for the painting we decide to tell them it’s my work I’m the artist what happened here giant Kenyatta’s She was an actress, yes You were going to buy it, well, we really we we come here everyday It really is like them $300 If you really feel it’s better And By the way, we made sure everyone who came to our paintings rescue. Very good Ava took one Yes, of course free of charge, thank you Ava has learned of valuable lessons leave those markers at home thanx 4 watching z0mg liek da vid plzzz

100 Replies to “Young girl damages paintings for sale with markers l What Would You Do”

  1. Ahem if a child draws on a ugly painting that costs 300$ the parent does NOT have to pay. Its the person the hung it up. Protect it with glass you [BLEEP] IDIOTS.

  2. One should not bring a child in an art museum!

    These pieces are created with bloods and tears, hours and days are spent.

    And then a child just ruins it

    Absolutely horrible

  3. Me. Seeing the little girl drawing on the paintings.

    Little girl. Why , is not looking pretty.

    Me. No Its horrible.

    Little girl. Starts crying.

  4. "Young girl damages paintings for sale with markers. l What Would You Do"

    I'd punt that little shite not gonna lie.

  5. Materialistic works can be looked if its destroyed but immoral behavior leaves a long life impression on someone's mind.

  6. That last ladies who was willing to take responsibility for it o.O ! wow they did not want to upset the kid by scolding her, they tried to get the kid off gently and willing to pay for it o.O massive respect

  7. Little kid: "That's pretty" Peoples' mind: Let's wait a little longer for her to draw on the painting before we yell at her.


  9. So were not gonna talk about the fact that paintings like that are being sold for hundreds. I smell money laundering

  10. Bro its fine, artists just splash paint onto a carvas and they sell for over $100 you can literally rent out a room and get your friends to help you make random paint and try to sell it for atleast $500. You can make like $3000 in less than a week.

  11. The on going problem in our nation is the youth,but we can't throw all the blame on them,our government is at fault as well when they started interfering with parents rights to discipline their children, TO SPARE THE ROD IS TO SPOIL THE CHILD, AND THERE'S A SHIT LOAD OF SPOILED SELF ENTITLED LIBTARDS OUT THERE BECAUSE THEY'VE NEVER HAD THEIR ASSES LIT UP AND NEVER BEEN TOLD NO !!!!!!!!!!

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