Wacom Cintiq 22 Review + Painting Test!

Thank you buddy. Hey guys how’s it
going, hope you guys are doing great. We have a really special video today. Early
this year Wacom gave me the Cintiq 16 to play with, review, and I painted my new
character Sloan on it and today, what do we have here. Wow Milo, look at that
Wacom gave me their new Cintiq 22 that just came out. I heard there’s a whole
bunch of new features and I can’t wait to review it, tell you guys what I think,
and then we’ll make an art piece. I got another package. Milo,
another Cintiq 22. Oh my god. Well make sure you guys stick to the very end of
the video because we are giving away a brand new Cintiq 22 with a special Ross
Draws package. This is my biggest giveaway yet and I’m super excited. Let’s
get into it. Were do I start? Maybe this way. Oh
what’s inside here. Yeah, so right when you open it you guys have this box, this
happy box, and let’s see what this happy box contains. Oh
wires, a happy box full of wires, fantastic. This thing is pretty big so
I’m gonna try a different camera angle real quick, so hang tight. We’ll try this
camera angle out. We have our very happy box of wires. With the pen. This is my pen
holder. Someone got this for me at AX, I forgot who but um I’ll probably
find out their name later and add it on the video. But thank you so much for
giving me this crab Wacom pen holder, it is my favorite thing ever right now. Check that out. You did not just hear that. It’s okay. Whoa, very nice. Yeah, I’m actually really
surprised how simple and streamlined they made the unboxing. They just have a
box of wires and they have the Cintiq. Yeah it has it’s own adjustable stand which I
actually really love. I like it when things are built in all ready to go
instead of you having to buy a separate stand.
I believe the Cintiq retails for 1195 And Wacom is doing a super special
promotion where they’re giving all my fans and subscribers a special Ross Draws
package that includes my new book, Bloom. I’ll tell you more about this promotion
at the end of video. I’m gonna hook this up, we’re gonna get ready to draw, and
I’ll check back soon. I just hooked up the Cintiq to my computer. This new
Ross Draws sticker. I don’t really like wires that much so if they ever make a
wireless Cintiq I would probably get that in a heartbeat. That’d be very
possible one day. I really appreciate that it has this kind of a
knot right here for you to put your wires in and then you can kind of hide
it like that. Let me turn it on. BAM. Aw snap. Also I cleaned up my desktop,
that was a huge improvement from last time. I’m trying a new New Years resolution to
stay organized so pretty good. Actually lies, there’s a new feature that hides
all your icons. So here’s the piece that we’ll be working on today. It’s a paint
sketch right now. I thought it’s fitting since my new Bloom book is all paint
sketches, we’ll be working on this today and we’ll be making it awesome. I’m gonna drag
this to my other screen. 22 Cintiq is one step higher from the 16 I recently
reviewed this year and notice there are no Express keys. And I don’t mind that at
all, and to be honest I don’t even use express keys, I just like using the
keyboard. You do need a laptop or computer to operate it, it won’t paint by itself, it’s
not a mobile computer. And I remember last time my favorite feature was this
little pen knob thing. Watch. Check it out. This blows my mind every time. Put your
pen in here. So it’s a little knob for your pen. But we have Mr. Krabs.
Yeah, so I’d rather give Mr. Krabs my pen. like that. [Laughter]
The number one thing I look for is the delay or the parallax and I heard this
one has a reduced parallax so let’s try it out. It’s got a lot better,
wow. I mean there’s like a very very very miniscule delay, but every single tablet
has that. This is a new Wacom Pro pen too. It has 8192 levels of pressure. Also
has a scratch resistant anti-glare film. It comes with the Cintiq. I remember back
in the day my very first Cintiq, I had the option of getting the anti-glare, or
the normal, and I chose the normal because it was cheaper. It’s really nice
to know that Wacom has included it now so I don’t have to choose between two
versions. With that being said I’m just gonna dig in, you know, get lost in the painting
and I’ll check back soon Hey guys, welcome back. Here is the
progress of the piece so far. I’m actually really liking it and I always love
to kind of get in and kind of paint all the details, you know. It’s super fun. I
feel like they put in a lot of effort and thought into making it the right
size for you to have a really nice drawing experience. So I’m just going to
jump back in and I’ll check back soon I really like how it’s turning out so
far. I’m probably gonna finish it on my own time, but I think the ultimate,
ultimate test for any tablet is how well it can color. We’re gonna do some
color dodge on this, so Mr. Krabman Guess what time it is.It’s color dodge time. It’s color dodge time. Aw man here we go, here we go. Butterfly attack. All right Mr.Krabman, it’s your turn. With the pen. Hey guys, welcome back. I hope you enjoyed
the episode. Mr. Krabs and I had a lot of fun. Really enjoyed my drawing experience
with the 22. I think more so than 16 because there’s a lot more room, you can
move your arm, you know, bigger gesture, and I think my favorite thing is it’s so
streamlined. It’s just a screen that you can draw on. Nothing more, nothing less.
This one is like 22 inches and it’s 1199 so if you’re looking for an entry level
bigger Cintiq, this is the one to buy. If you choose to get one of these Cintiqs,
either the 16 or the 22, Wacom is giving all my fans and subscribers a special
Ross Draws package. Yes, it’s a limited quantity of 200 but I’ll show you what’s in
here. You get this sticker and you get my brand new book Bloom. All of these are signed.
It’s a collection of my paint sketches. I’m super happy of how this one turned out. A
mystery print. There’s a small mystery print in all these packages, so you guys
are getting different ones. More details in my description below. Make sure you
click my link so you can get this awesome combo deal. And of course, I’m giving away
a brand new Wacom Cintiq 22 with the Ross Draws package. And there’s two rules. Follow Wacom on Twitter and number two answer the question of the video. If you
could have anything hold your pen, what would it be? Maybe uh maybe Mr. Krabs. No, this is mine. Maybe it’s Milo. Yeah, let me know inthe comments below and we’ll choose a super lucky subscriber to win the Cintiq. I hope you guys enjoyed the
review. I’m looking forward to sending you guys some of these books. Don’t forget to
subscribe, and remember, every day is a color dodge day.

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  1. *EDIT: 🎉Winner has been chosen @camicadf. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your Cintiq with Milo's Signature on it! 🎉

    HEY GUYS!! Hope you enjoy the new piece and wishing you all luck for the giveaway. Milo and I will draw on the box and make it special! 🐾✍🏻

    🌸If you’re looking to grab one anyway, Wacom is giving my fans a special RossDraws book bundle with every Cintiq purchase! (Limited quantity of 200)

    💠 Cintiq 22 Rossdraws Bundle!

    💠 Cintiq 16 Rossdraws Bundle!

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  6. If i could have anything hold my pen, i would want it to a super duper cool dragon. I would insert the pen where the mouth is to make it seem like a fire! 🔥🐉

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  27. Hi Ross, I'd like to ask : your offer is only available in the US. Could you discuss with Wacom so that the offer is also available in Europe ? my wife would love to have the freebies and it's one of the reasons why she's considering purchasing the Wacom Cintiq 22. If you ever see this message and choose to be kind enough to do so, she'd be really happy : )

  28. Just bought mine….and came across your video and channel right after I got my confirmation email. Is it too late to get your Ross Draws Package?? 😉
    …also subbed

  29. I hope to win a new graphic tablet on the next giveaway. My tablet is getting on age (it's a old Wacom Bamboo), and I recently bought a new game console and reserving my money for gifts for family.

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