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  1. For those who have been asking, the bento boxes are from Monbento (I have not been sponsored by them to make these videos). You can find the bento boxes here: http://amzn.to/2vTgRbV ❤

  2. i would just like to ask you guys when do you all prepare lunch? i find it hard to find the right time to prepare so in the end i ended up air frying potato wedges in the morning then rushing off to school

  3. Wait, are you living in the Netherlands? This makes me so happy, then these ingredients are most likely in Germany and I won't have to hard search.

  4. Love this channel I always find some recipes for my lunches! #lifesaver you always have easy recipes that most people have!

  5. Im constantly impressed and stunned by every single video i watch on this channel. Im currently changing my life style and im 70-80% vegan for many reasons but sadly it's very hard finding vegan substitutes any where near me or suitable for my budget but im genuinely so happy i found you and your chanel that is definitely helping me stay on track and feed myself with very natural and cost friendly ingredients that are actually available! im very grateful, thank you.

  6. Try red kidney beans with thick gravy served with rice. It is one of the most famous and delicious of dishes cooked in all Northern Indian households. You can check the recipe on the internet. I think it would be economical.
    Thanks for treating animals with compassion and love.

  7. I'm not vegan, but I rarely eat meat (and absolutely no dairy ever) because I don't really like the taste. These recipes are my cup of tea. So excited to try them out next week!

  8. My inner weeaboo is dying because she’s referring to the lunch box, with no actual Japanese things in it, as a bento.

  9. I'm not vegan nor vegetarian, but I decided to do a little challenge for myself. At college I'll try to do one week a month vegan. I can't do much more because of health issues, but I think it's a great start to cut down my inpact on the environment ^^

  10. the prep seems easy but if youre in school youre most likley to be broke and alsot of these ingredients are fairly expensive.

  11. hey your moving shots looked really shaky, a top is to use a stabilizer within your video editing tool or find a physical tool for your camera 🙂

  12. i’ve seen and had whole grain wraps in many different supermarkets in the netherlands so i promise you they’re out there! not sure if they’re vegan but i’m guessing they would be

  13. Hello from Scotland. Just recently found your channel. I think your videos and recipe ideas are fabulous. Thanks for your warmth, creativity and inspiration!

  14. For me there is one major problem with this type of videos. Everytime someone presents a meal in Monbento, the meal is actually bigger than the container. I bought one because of these videos and you know what? I can't put any normal sandwich inside, the container is just too flat so I can't close it. I really don't recomend Monbento, looks nice but it's not practical at all. Huge as an object, small space inside. I suggest to show meals inside real size containers :<

  15. I'm actually super excited to try these out. they sound really yummy and not hard to make at all, thanks for the inspo! (I'm not vegan but I freaking love eating vegan food^^)

  16. these are horrible… it's just different combinations of raw vegetables, almost nothing is even truly cooked. Boring basic white girl food.

  17. Hi, sorry for a stupid question… But how do these bentos close?? On the image, I can clearly see a sandwich or a burrito sticking out very far. Does the lid provide more space, or..?? Sorry again if I'm being an idiot and not understanding smth xDD

  18. Depending on where you are in the NL, you could try and go to a Jumbo megastore. The bigger AH stores also usually carry whole wheat wraps. I live in Breda and I usually get them from the nearby AH. Good luck finding them!

  19. Found your channel today and love it. Your presentation skills are amazing and your videos are very calming. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  20. Please share gluten free meal plan. I gave up on gluten. These ideas won't work for me. Please enlighten me on gluten free meal plan

  21. Everything looks SOOOO delicious, but please, pleaseee get in the habit of tucking in your fingers when cutting! You don't wanna lose a finger or slice it open!

  22. Thank you for your beautiful videos, the thoughts and education. On Saturday or Sunday mornings I make myself a cup of coffee or tea and watch your videos and fill up some inspiration.

  23. I don’t get it. How can you eat so much food and both be so skinny. Looks like tons of calories. Do you exercise too.

  24. Thank you!!! You are such an inspiration my kids watched this video and they all said they would love those lunches!!! Again thank you and keep up the good work I love you and your style!!

  25. all of these dishes look so delicious! but I feel like I would have a hard time digesting them :/ raw onion, lentils, a lot of raw veggies ….

  26. i always love your video not just yummy but healthy and you know how to make all your meal look stunning and make me always hungry thank and keep up you awesome work

  27. may I suggest not cooking your red bell pepper as they are high in vitamin C which is lost when exposed to heat. btw love ideas :))

  28. Low key just a vegetarian with a supportive mum not so much of a supportive dad. It's okay my mum does my lunch. Also chill I'm young so I'm not childish (12)

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