Types of Annoying Friends | #FriendshipGoals #bhadipa

-Bro! -Yes? -Your shades are cool, let me see! -I just bought it. -It looks great! Come on, I’ll return it in a couple days, promise! -Just two days. -Yes, yes. -Don’t forget! -Of course not, promise is a promise! Two days that never get over. Hey! Hey, you thief! Oi! -It’s me, dude. -What are you doing here? -Borrowing the washing machine. -Washing machine? Come on! I’ll return it in a couple days. Help me. -Promise is a promise. -Oi! -Come on. -Diwali is over, why are you cleaning the fan? -You mad, bro? -I have to borrow this. -The fan? Come on! I’ll return it in a couple days. -But… -Promise is a promise. Give me a hand. Not like this. From the side. Hey, what’s this? What are you doing? You’ve left nothing. Emptied the house. Take this as well, take my clothes. Strip everything! -Nothing else is left. -Bro, your door is so cool! It’s my promise! I’ll return it in two days. Just two! -Leave the door at least! -Just two days. Where’s the party? Oh my God! Mindblowing! So? Did your dad buy it? Unlike you, I earn for myself. I bought it. Amazing! That calls for a party! -What happened? You’re late today. -Bad traffic. Amazing! That calls for a party! -Behind you. Watch it! -So, what are you up to? Give some space. Hit it, hit it, hit it. Yes!! Winner winner, chicken dinner! Amazing! That calls for a party! Order whatever you want- food, drinks…! It’s on your bro! -Why will my brother pay for this? -Dumbhead, it’s on me. I’m your bro. You keep asking for a party… Here it is. Amazing! That calls for a party! Shut it. Sit down! All you know is asking for a party! I don’t have any change! -Here. -No, I had breakfast. You don’t have cash or what? No matter, bro. It’s on me. One more, please. Listen, I don’t have any change on me. Can you pay? I’ll pay you back later. Nice! 290 plus tip Rs. 10. That’s 100 per head. Pay up. -Chetan… -Hm? Oh, I forgot my wallet. Can you pay? I’ll pay you back later. -Sir, here’s the agreement. -Uh, when will we get possession? -Tomorrow, immediately. -Wow! -Wow, that’s great! -Quicky down payment, slicky possession! -Of course. -I think I’ll buy one too. -What about the money? I forgot to get my petty chequebook, man! Can you pay? I’ll pay you back later. What? I’m good with either. -Trupti, I’m starving. -Hmm. Here. This is enough for me. What do you want? Go out or order in? I’m good with either. I’m okay with going out, I’m okay with ordering in. -I don’t mind anything. Anything is cool. -Let’s order, shall we? -Are you placing the order? -Yes, what shall I order? I told you, I’m good with anything. I like Chinese, I’m okay with Mexican. I always like Indian. I don’t mind Wadapav… or even Gulabjam. I’m okay with anything. -Order what you want. -Pizza! -Ordered pizza? -Yes. -I’m okay with Chinese. -Okay then, Chinese. No, no, no. I’m okay with anything, actually. Anything. -I’m okay with anything. -Okay. Let’s order ‘anything’! You know, I’m actually not hungry. I’ll just watch TV. Or shall we go out for a bite? I feel like I want to eat, but I don’t know. Am I hungry for a full meal or just for some snacks… I don’t know. I am confused. I can’t figure out. The Gymming Bro -Papya, hi! -Argh, triceps! -So soon? -Start gymming, then you’ll know. -Why you sitting like this? -Nothing, didn’t get enough sleep. Can’t sleep at night, can’t wake up in the morning. -Don’t know what to do. -Start gymming, then you’ll know. What happened? Going to join a gym? -This is the office. -Nice! -We’ll have a chandelier here. -Great! -An abstract painting there. -Cool! I can’t figure out what to put here, though. I’ll tell you… A mini gym! -It’ll look great. -Okay. I’ll put a mini gym everywhere, yes? I’ll put gym on bread and have it for breakfast! Okay? Policies everywhere! -Shriram! -Tell me, what are you selling today? No, I stopped doing all that. You know what happened the other day- our neighbour was pretending to sleep with peanuts in his nose- to scare the kids in the neighbourhood. -He suffocated and died in sleep! -How come? Anything can happen! That’s why our company came up with a policy. If any family member dies by any cause, you get your money back. With interest! -Wow! -And that’s why, Shriram, I want you to be the first owner of this policy. -My friend. -Oh, okay! -But there’s a condition. -What is it? That everyone in the family has to die at the same time. How can everyone in the family die together? At the same time? What are you saying?! Of course they can. They do! The other day, another uncle of mine went to the rail track in the morning to commit suicide. And his entire family went after to stop him. But the train was late. Uncle decided to shuffle some cards. He started shuffling. The train arrived. -The family got shuffled instead! -What!? I am the best. New Year’s party last year was such a blast! -You had fun? -We were literally rolling in alcohol. I don’t remember anything from half an hour before midnight. Cause everything went dark for you after that! But what a party it was! Oh please, that’s nothing. I have had real parties. -Forget that, let’s plan the off-site thing. -Yeah. Let’s go to my room, turn off the lights and go to sleep. Come on Papya, let’s go to Matheran. It’s nice and cold. Let’s go to Goa! I came from Goa. Tarkarli. Tarkarli is the best- the pomfret you get there… Oh, this is nothing. I’d have suggested a better place than this. -Suggest then. -No, you guys will get confused. She is so annoying! Keeps going blah-blah-blah. -Such a snob. -Must be staying alone with her cats. She has no friends. -So full of herself! -Oh please! This is nothing. I’d have complained so much better. Why? Why is this ‘nothing’? Why is this ‘nothing’? You may be complaining better than us, but how is this nothing? What is so great about your complaining that we can’t do? Tell us! -Say it. -Oh please! This is nothing. I’d have yelled much better than this. Do tell us in the comments how you liked this video. Tag your annoying friends in the comments. -BhaDiPa has launched new hoodies. -If you’re chilly, chill in the hoodie. And also subscribe to Bha2Pa and Vishay Khol with BhaDiPa. Oh please, this is nothing. I’d have subscribed better than this. Let’s leave… They’re all gone. Follow me on Instagram, @actortrupti. -No, wait. -Follow me. -Sushant underscore ghadge… -Follow me…

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  1. तुमची मित्रमंडळी कोणत्या Annoying गोष्टी करतात? आम्हाला comment मध्ये सांगा.

  2. 440 volt shock…

    "ह्या!" हे तर काहीच नाही
    Timing जबरदस्त आहे

  3. Konala konala mahit ahe ki thumbnail change zhala
    Like karyachi garaj nahi
    Karychi asel tar video la kara

  4. किती महाग वस्तू आहेत, लोकांना वेड्यात काढायचं बंद करा

  5. ह्या!! हे तर काहीच नाही याचा पेक्षा भारी मी annoy केल असत 😂😂

  6. ह्या हे तर काहीच नाही ….. या पेक्षा चांगला विडियो बनवला असता……..:) 😉

  7. Please ha video bakawas aahe please bhadipa keep your standards up…. i am ok with you giving chance to these new comedians but you should keep tab on content…. such kind of videos many people make but this time you have actually missed the beat… please keep up give us good content

  8. Huh..he tar kahich nai hejya peksha changla video me banaula asta🥴😂😂 (nevermind just jokingg)😬😛😂 Loveee ya guys keep it up

  9. हॅ…
    हे तर काहीच नाही.

    याच्यापेक्षा भारी व्हिडियो मी बनवला असता!
    Really like this video
    Mastt kaam karaty भाडिपा👌

  10. फक्त हे तर काहीच नाही हाच पंच चांगला होता बाकी एकदमच mediocre

  11. Hey….hey tr kaich nai…mi tr evdha mar khalla hota ki gharchyanna gaand kuth n tond kuth kalat navhat…mla baghitlyavr….

  12. पालक : मुला तू किती वर्षा चा आहेस ?
    मुलगा : १५

    पालक: ह्या हे काहिच नाही !! मी जेव्हा तुझ्या एवढा होतो तेव्हा १७ वर्षा चा होतो

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