Top 10 Hated Musical Artists

they’re successful envied and hated welcome to and today we’re counting down the top 10 most hated musical artists [Music] just for the record we’re not saying we hate these artists but in some cases we can understand why people do number 10 Kesha this high school dropout turned popstar has had multiple top-ten hits work in so while there’s clearly an audience for her dance hip-hop and electronic music there are many who discredit her as a talentless party girl how do you put the glitter on how do you apply it when I first started I was actually I was just I was just young and naive and I used to bathe myself in beer and then roll around in it and then I I start getting a skin rash fish was most often targeted for her overly simple lyrics heavily auto-tune music and talk style wrapped locals describing herself as garbage chic and using a dollar sign in her stage name only makes matters worse number 9 Lil Wayne Wow Weezy has been trashed for his overuse of auto-tune rapping about nonsense we’re using lyrical content and for having an unappealing read annoying voice even where but he’s a Grammy winning multi-platinum certified rapper so somebody’s listening [Music] what most people don’t like is the special treatment after multiple arrests Lil Wayne served eight months of a one-year jail sentence he’s also been involved with his share of copyright infringement lawsuits and hip hop feuds young bunny thieves still you love in the league number eight john mayer let’s give credit where credit is due john mayer is one hell of a guitarist and his songwriting ain’t too shabby either his Grammys prove it some might think his musics too sappy but it isn’t why people think he’s a douchebag with a capital D it’ll change your life you’re a shallow man we’ve learned that about you know aside from his conceited demeanor and lothario reputation his TMI playboy articles seal the deal mayor came off as a racist and asexual oversharer sexually it was crazy that’s all I’ll say it was like napalm sexual napalm number seven Kanye West judging by his millions and sales and Grammy wins most people have nothing against his music but it’s a different story when it comes to West’s arrogant personality that would apprentice Detroit this lack of a filter and tendency to act without thinking after accusing the president of racism on live TV George Bush doesn’t care about black people he appeared as Jesus on Rolling Stone but what he’s most remembered and hated for is stealing Taylor Swift’s thunder at MTV’s VMAs Taylor I’m really happy for you I’m let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time number six Nicki Minaj she may be a mega successful recording artist but Nicki Minaj is far from being music’s most liked personality somebody please dudes up back coupes up and Chuck the rapper initially made waves for her wild outfits larger-than-life image and rapping abilities but she’s been criticized for her high-pitched voice and copping Lil Kim’s black Barbie style it was my sound I brought that to the table her time as an American Idol judge has deepened the hate and spawned a huge social media backlash you gotta get back in if you’re doing a duet do what duet number five Courtney Love she’s one of the last people you’d ever call well-adjusted true her husband committed suicide but Courtney Love was already known for her on stage screaming fits and drug binges with hole by then asshole and I’m gonna have you removed if you keep throwing that up I’m not hurt I should live with this shit this ghost is kid everyday throwing that up it’s stupid and rude and I’ve gotta beat them how do you do it again after conspiracy theorists blamed her for Kurt’s death luck became even more of a train wreck throwing things at celebrities stripping in public fighting with former Nirvana members and blasting people online it’s also hi Courtney that’s Courtney everybody’s favorite come on up shimmy let it come on come on Courtney but her estrangement with daughter Frances Bean was probably worst of all [Music] [Applause] number four insane clown posse there are many reasons why horror core isn’t mainstream and insane clown posse is probably one of them people is here as the boogeyman while they’ve got gold and platinum certified albums and extremely devoted followers ICPs also been dubbed the world’s most hated band we are here to bless all the listeners and all the new listeners with the presence of our voices it doesn’t help that they’re crazy shows and supernatural and horror infused lyrics may have inspired Juggalos to commit crimes that have gotten them branded as a loosely organized hybrid gang by the FBI also their fans are called Juggalos you do you approve of the Juggalos like mugging people killing people what not absolutely but we endorse it that’s right love a good mugging number three Justin Bieber this small-town Canadian boy went from internet sensation to chart-topper and most followed Twitter celebrity but with all that success came a whole lot of haters while some people bash his teen pop many are jealous of his fame still others point to a swagger coach fabricated street image I got money in my hands that I really liked a breast and his Beliebers outrageous antics adding fuel to the fire are several paparazzi incidents and an unfortunate comment about a famous Holocaust victim here’s what he wrote and I quote truly inspiring to be able to come here and was a great girl hopefully she would have been a belieber number 2 Nickelback Nickelback is often the punching bag of critics who claim their musics crass crude and formulaic with lines like [Music] it’s not hard to see why but someday somehow the band’s arrogance and lack of originality have worked in their favor they’re one of the best-selling acts of the early millennium number one Chris Brown I don’t know ma’am nurse I don’t know the say while his alleged beating of on-again off-again girlfriend Rihanna is inexcusable and ample justification for his inclusion in this list it’s his subsequent actions that cemented his place in the most hated Hall of Fame have you all seen each other been around each other I mean I mean not really I mean it’s not really a big deal to me now as far as that situation I think I’m past that in my life and I think today is the album day so that’s what I’m focus on sorry everybody go get that out once hailed is the next Michael Jackson Browne tainted his reputation with numerous altercations and a tattoo that looked suspiciously like a battered woman kemal Chris Brown you know better than this don’t feel too bad for Chris though he still got five top ten albums and probably more to come you agree with our list which musical artist do you love to hate what I’m really happy for you I’m let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time be sure to subscribe to for more entertaining top tens [Music]

100 Replies to “Top 10 Hated Musical Artists”

  1. Top 10 buttrock bands:
    10. Puddle of Mudd
    9. Theory Of A Deadman
    8. Creed
    7. Limp Bizkit
    6. Theory Of A Deadman
    5. Buckcherry
    4. Hinder
    3. Avenged Sevenfold
    2. Buckcherry
    1. Nickelback

  2. BTS should be on the list because I’ve seen haters of them on the internet (I’m not a BTS hater, I’m a fan lol)

  3. It's 2019 and Chris Brown has a long list of horrible shit he's done and the piece of shit has learned nothing. Go to hell Chris Brown.

  4. Good list. I hate every single douche on your top 10. But I would trade Nickelback for Gene Simmons. I hate that pig fuck more


  6. courtney love should be #1,if she's Found gilty, well she will be the most hated. sad.because im her firstlove. ..very sad.

  7. You disappointed me Mojo
    Whiny Bieber deserved 1st place

    Justin Bieber ,Nicki Minaj, Taylor swift
    are CANCER for the Music Industry .

  8. I wish Justin Bieber died the day Michael Jackson then Michael Jackson dying on that day.
    If Justin Bieber died,HOPE HE GOES TO HELL

  9. I'm still not understanding why bieber is hated for saying he hoped Anne Frank would like his music.. why is that so offensive

  10. These comments…just let people listen to what they want! Nobody gives a fuck if you like this artist or not, you don’t have to ruin it for the people who like this artist

  11. In my home area,
    If someone wants to provoke anybody…
    He/She says "You are Nicky Minaj"!!!
    That sucks a lot..

  12. I might need to bleach both my eyes and ears in order to clean my eyes from the image which is Justin Bieber.

  13. Yeah I definitely agree with Courtney Love being hated. I blame her for Kurt’s death too. She’s a deranged bimbo.

  14. This list should be updated to include lil pump. God I hate his Gucci gang “song”. Be very afraid for today’s kids

  15. There's no higher amount of narcissism when you say that you hope a particular person in history, especially one who never asked for fame, would be a fan of yours.

  16. Ok, #1 deserved it but it's a hard choice between 2 and 3 and they could switch places easily. Then again both people during the closing credits could just as easily been part of this list as well.

  17. Shallow seems popular and for real in fake ass plastic Hollywood California and I agree that politicians don't care about the public that supports them I ain't fooling with this I'm telling everyone how it is for real it's out there in front of you see it

  18. I don't even get why people hate Kesha so damn much. She's fucking awesome and my favourite animal

  19. Of everyone on this list the only ones i really hate is Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber and Kanye West especially cause them 3 in particular have overheated egos and just unlikable personalities.

  20. This was near the top of list when you search up "Pitbull." YouTube must hate that bald asshole quite a bit, considering he wasn't even on this list.

  21. I actually can't stand when people call Chris brown a women beater he beat rihanna ONE time and he's called a women beater but the celebrities that have done the same exact thing multiple times dont get called anything.

    Show that same hate for the other celebs cause Chris brown is not the only one that has abused his girlfriend some of these celebrities are abusive boyfriends/girlfriends and not one fan would ever find out or ever believe it.

  22. John Mayer never fucking did anything wrong!! His "conceited demeanor" is all part of his persona and it got nothing on Christiano Ronaldo, Kanye West,Kim K and Justin Bieber

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