Throwing a Lidded Sugar Bowl on the Pottery Wheel : Throwing a Sugar Bowl Lid on the Pottery Wheel

So we’ve got our little, approximately half
pound lump of clay for the lid. We’re going to do the same thing for the centering where
our left hand is the stabilizer and our right hand is doing all the moving. You want to
make yourself a little contact lenses shape on the wheel. Now for the lid you want to
leave a little bit of extra thickness right here at the center because we’re going to
be throwing a knob directly onto the lid and we want it to be strong enough to support
that. I’ve got a little bit under a half an inch here. That seems about appropriate. So
I’m going to go ahead and start pulling out the lid. Again, make a small undercut with
your right thumb so that you have some clay to pinch. But this time the pinching and pulling
is going to be primarily outward because we want a fairly flat lid for this item. Now
that I’ve made my initial pull I’m just going to check. I need quite a bit more distance
there so I’m going to need to pull this significantly more out and it’s also going to pull a little
bit more down as I go. Get it nice and lubricated and then I’ll take my rib and I will compress
up and in. I’m doing that same pinching but I’m doing it between both hands instead of
just in my left hand now. So now that I’m stretched it out a little bit more I want
to check again and as I’d hoped I still need to stretch a little bit more and that’ll give
me some room to flatten this lid. I’m not going to do more pulling right now. I’m just
going to support from the bottom with my right hand and push down from the top with my left.
And flattening this is going to make it get a little bit wider without doing any more
pulling. So now we’ll check again. Just a teeny tiny bit more. So I’ll flatten it just
a little bit more. It’s better to have your lid be just a tiny bit too wide than it is
a tiny bit too small because you can always trim the edge of your lid smaller to fit back.
So that’s just about right. So now we’ll set this aside. We’ll let the lid and the pot
set up and then next we’ll trim the lid.

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