This ancient rock is changing our theory on the origin of life | Tara Djokic

The Earth is 4.6 billion years old, but a human lifetime often lasts
for less than 100 years. So why care about
the history of our planet when the distant past seems
so inconsequential to everyday life? You see, as far as we can tell, Earth is the only planet
in our solar system known to have sparked life, and the only system able to provide
life support for human beings. So why Earth? We know Earth is unique
for having plate tectonics, liquid water on its surface and an oxygen-rich atmosphere. But this has not always been the case, and we know this because ancient rocks
have recorded the pivotal moments in Earth’s planetary evolution. And one of the best places
to observe those ancient rocks is in the Pilbara of Western Australia. The rocks here are 3.5 billion years old, and they contain some of the oldest
evidence for life on the planet. Now, often when we think of early life, we might imagine a stegosaurus or maybe a fish crawling onto land. But the early life that I’m talking about is simple microscopic life, like bacteria. And their fossils are often preserved
as layered rock structures, called stromatolites. This simple form of life
is almost all we see in the fossil record for the first three billion years
of life on Earth. Our species can only be traced
back in the fossil record to a few hundred thousand years ago. We know from the fossil record, bacteria life had grabbed
a strong foothold by about 3.5 to four billion years ago. The rocks older than this
have been either destroyed or highly deformed
through plate tectonics. So what remains a missing
piece of the puzzle is exactly when and how
life on Earth began. Here again is that ancient
volcanic landscape in the Pilbara. Little did I know that our research here
would provide another clue to that origin-of-life puzzle. It was on my first field trip here, toward the end of a full,
long week mapping project, that I came across something
rather special. Now, what probably looks like
a bunch of wrinkly old rocks are actually stromatolites. And at the center of this mound
was a small, peculiar rock about the size of a child’s hand. It took six months before we inspected
this rock under a microscope, when one of my mentors
at the time, Malcolm Walter, suggested the rock resembled geyserite. Geyserite is a rock type that only forms in and around the edges
of hot spring pools. Now, in order for you to understand
the significance of geyserite, I need to take you back
a couple of centuries. In 1871, in a letter
to his friend Joseph Hooker, Charles Darwin suggested: “What if life started
in some warm little pond with all sort of chemicals still ready to undergo
more complex changes?” Well, we know of warm little ponds.
We call them “hot springs.” In these environments, you have hot water dissolving minerals
from the underlying rocks. This solution mixes with organic compounds and results in a kind of chemical factory, which researchers have shown
can manufacture simple cellular structures that are the first steps toward life. But 100 years after Darwin’s letter, deep-sea hydrothermal vents, or hot vents,
were discovered in the ocean. And these are also chemical factories. This one is located along
the Tonga volcanic arc, 1,100 meters below sea level
in the Pacific Ocean. The black smoke that you see billowing
out of these chimneylike structures is also mineral-rich fluid, which is being fed off by bacteria. And since the discovery
of these deep-sea vents, the favored scenario for an origin of life
has been in the ocean. And this is for good reason: deep-sea vents are well-known
in the ancient rock record, and it’s thought that the early Earth
had a global ocean and very little land surface. So the probability that deep-sea vents
were abundant on the very early Earth fits well with an origin of life in the ocean. However … our research in the Pilbara
provides and supports an alternative perspective. After three years, finally, we were
able to show that, in fact, our little rock was geyserite. So this conclusion suggested
not only did hot springs exist in our 3.5 billion-year-old
volcano in the Pilbara, but it pushed back evidence for life
living on land in hot springs in the geological record of Earth by three billion years. And so, from a geological perspective, Darwin’s warm little pond
is a reasonable origin-of-life candidate. Of course, it’s still debatable
how life began on Earth, and it probably always will be. But it is clear that it’s flourished; it has diversified, and it has become ever more complex. Eventually, it reached
the age of the human, a species that has begun
to question its own existence and the existence of life elsewhere: Is there a cosmic community
waiting to connect with us, or are we all there is? A clue to this puzzle again
comes from the ancient rock record. At about 2.5 billion years ago, there is evidence that bacteria
had begun to produce oxygen, kind of like plants do today. Geologists refer to
the period that followed as the Great Oxidation Event. It is implied from rocks
called banded iron formations, many of which can be observed as
hundreds-of-meter-thick packages of rock which are exposed in gorges that carve their way through
the Karijini National Park in Western Australia. The arrival of free oxygen allowed
two major changes to occur on our planet. First, it allowed complex life to evolve. You see, life needs oxygen
to get big and complex. And it produced the ozone layer,
which protects modern life from the harmful effects
of the sun’s UVB radiation. So in an ironic twist, microbial life
made way for complex life, and in essence, relinquished
its three-billion-year reign over the planet. Today, we humans dig up
fossilized complex life and burn it for fuel. This practice pumps vast amounts
of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and like our microbial predecessors, we have begun to make
substantial changes to our planet. And the effects of those
are encompassed by global warming. Unfortunately, the ironic twist here
could see the demise of humanity. And so maybe the reason
we aren’t connecting with life elsewhere, intelligent life elsewhere, is that once it evolves, it extinguishes itself quickly. If the rocks could talk, I suspect they might say this: life on Earth is precious. It is the product of
four or so billion years of a delicate and complex co-evolution between life and Earth, of which humans only represent
the very last speck of time. You can use this information
as a guide or a forecast — or an explanation as to why it seems
so lonely in this part of the galaxy. But use it to gain some perspective about the legacy that you
want to leave behind on the planet that you call home. Thank you. (Applause)

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  1. She had till she brought up the globalist’s shake down that is “global warming.” Shame. To be fair, she is a female and it’s mostly an emotional position to take. Lol

  2. God created all things (Genesis 1). When he created it, it was made mature. Therefore, the earth made mature would appear older then it was.

    Non-life, no-knowledge, no-creative power or ability could not create life, knowledge, creative power, ability, or will. It all had to come from an intelligent mind, with power, knowledge, omniscient. This all points to the God who made us, the God of the biblical records. This story makes sense of reality. Not the story and presuppositions that this woman is stating.

  3. After being reluctant to watch TED-Talks, I recently discovered that I was right in the first place. Most of the time their selling proposition is exaggeration of evidence and a modern presentation. But the topics and presentation quality are more or less arbitrary.

  4. So many questions: why is all life based on 4 nucleotides when there are over 100? Why aren't there new forms of life being created again and again? Why is there no evidence of any non-DNA life in history, or carbon-based? Why would sexual reproduction evolve? Why do several species of crabs survive with poor survival adaptations? Speculation, like in this video, is fine, but anyone can speculate. Real facts, real study is worthy of a TED talk, not random speculation. Random speculation got us dark matter and dark energy, and now those ideas are losing steam of course.

  5. This is all true. You just have to ignore biochemistry, mathematics, physics, philosophy, logic, and genetics, just to name a few. Oh, and talk slow and with confidence then dumb people will eat all this crap like sweet cakes. Awesome!

  6. 4:08 "The results in a kind of chemical factory which researchers have shown can manufacture simple cellular structures"

    I thought it's proven that to create a functional short amino acid the ratio is 1 over 10 to the 77th power, which is a kind of miracle by it self rather than a chance, although if I put this aside I always think that it could not be started by one luckly cell or bacteria, it have to be something significant that spark and start a kind of mass life at once.

  7. The earth is the 4.6 million years old
    Republicans: theirs no proof
    However the bible says…
    Me: 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  8. Friends, there is a voice in your mind that resists the notion that this all just happened by chance. We all have heard it. We all have seen it. We all are without excuse. God is there. In honest humility, seek him out.

  9. At 0:48 she states that we know Earth is unique for having plate tectonics, oxygen and liquid water….that seems a bit premature to say that we know Earth is the only planet (which we find around the galaxy largely by observing dimming of stars as they pass) in the galaxy with plate tectonics.

  10. To skip the ForePlay to the Essence of Rock That was Found to change everythin… fforward to this: Aint such moment in this movie

  11. Or there was a worldwide flood 4 500 years ago and it sorted lifeforms into stratified layers by mudflow, in a single event of Stratification by Layering, where a sedimentary layer covers the world.

  12. 3.5 billion year old rocks? Call me skeptical. The continents are eroding coast to coast at the rate of nearly a foot per year, in both directions. The ocean is relentless, even without global warming raising sea levels.

  13. Wow. That was stupid. I don't think she explained in any way how this rock has changed origin of life theory. Scientists in the origin of life field have no clue how it came to be. The more they learn about the complexity of even single cell life the further they get from an answer.

  14. Earth is alive and provided us with its God every 2160 years. Leo made the pyramids 12000ish years ago and took people(Adam and Eve) and advanced them in his realm. Cancer made the floods to cleanse the earth. Gemini is more popularly known during the Sumerian time as Enki and Enlil. Then Abraham is guided by Taurus, Moses talks with Aries on Mt. Sinai. Then last in our great year God was Pisces who was Jesus. The problem is our ancestors killed him and for the last 2000 years we have had no real ruler to guide us.

    The question is at the age of Aquarius, will God come again, or has humanity ended the cycle when they murdered our God.

  15. I don't think this lady really knows what she's talking about. Theories, assumptionsAnd, and made up stories. Are not the realms of science. No slime no hot pond is no stagnant water produced any cellular activity. DNA and RNA cannot come byEvolutionary process. This is all highly speculative. If she only went into the pill bra In Australia for four weeks. And change the opinions of geologists. It really doesn't say much about the geologists. This video clip that I put on hereWill show you the absolute impossibility of what she is talking about         Pajaro Dunes California in 1993

    Intelligent design theory, Biochemistry

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  16. The origin of life looking at a rock lol
    Yeah well, using my telescope i see luminaries far off in the distance, i see nebulae, i look around my home i see all sorts of creatures, trees, i see the moon and the sun, i breathe, i can learn things, i can speak multiple languages, i can create things, imagine things and think about things.
    But you know what differentiate me from even the most clever in the room ?
    Faith. Not blind faith, but faith based on so many examples that it becomes funny to miss the point that everything has been made perfect for our presence in this world, and there is no doubt, nor any hazard anymore. There are too many things for you to miss it, its one of the principals of life, its called creation. For a thing to exist it has to be made or created.

    Things written milleniums ago came to pass, and they were not a « maybe », they even contained science on the highest level.

    The origin of life as a whole show an unconceivable amount of work from a highly intelligent being or mind, thats what has always been, thats what is, and thats what will ever be.
    Why not aliens ? Why not multiple entities ?
    Because so far in the history of mankind, there has always been but only one source claiming to be the one who created all there is, with demonstrable facts.
    Does God teaches one how to make a rock, a tree, a star or anything He created ? No. And why would you even considerate knowing how life came to be ? It feels like the devil wants to know badly how to make it for himself or something. Im talking about ego most and foremost.

    This speech literally has no point. How can you consider being clever using a microscope to make any assumptions about life ? Maybe use your eyes, see the bigger picture in front of them and you will understand what the point is.
    If these so called scientists really want to know the truth, why do they only rely on their small and narrow minded brains to explain life ? Maybe look at different sources ?
    Thinking that there is no God becomes such an absurd statement for one who knows He is.

    Life is a mystery, it forever will be so because there is no straight answer to it, it’s something unconceivable for the human brain to process, but we have been gifted with something that’s called the mind, and the ability to think and see the whole picture, and in the same time, through faith and hope, to acknowledge the Creator, whom we call many names around the world and through hundreds of languages : God the Father, 上帝, Dieu, Yah etc.
    Yes, this God, this absurd thinking that a single higher minded and of endless wisdom is at the origin of everything we can see, touch, hear, feel, smell and experience, is actually the Life itself.
    How did life came into being ? Find the answer in the words of who claims to have done everything from the stars to the land and the bottom of the ocean. And what does He say He is ? If God is life, and God is eternal, then you know life never started but always has been and will forever be.

    The only thing that prevents you from acknowledging Him is just your own ego.

    God is the only truth there is, besides Him there is nothing nor any hope nor intelligence nor wisdom nor love.
    It’s in front of everybody’s faces.

    Oh and guess what ? The God even sent Himself down here. Check the news of what happened 2000 years ago,
    Jesus Christ.

    What or who’s going to save the world ?
    Guess who…

    How ?
    See this is, is ego. As if you felt responsible for the destruction so you need to know how.

    But God has proven to so many the miracle of life, that to Him nothing is impossible.

    Faith and hope in the Lord, Creator of Life is indeed all you will ever have.

    Like many, i find this world amazing, from the diversity of creatures to the beautiful scenery and the people, that’s the things i cherish most, but to one person’s perspective you can only do so much.
    Deep inside all of us we all know this isnt our final destination, but that the next one is our real home, with Him in His sanctuary, free of disease, free of war, free of hurts, and free of death.

    As above so below…. if that doesnt mean that whatever good we can find down here we will also find in Heaven, and even more, then what is ?

  17. Ya well some Dude in a Wheelchair said the Universe can and will Create Itself From NOTHING!Now that's Something!Kinda like Magic!Smart People can be SOoooo Dumb!

  18. what if them mountains were still under water 3 billion years ago? or are the scientists sure that,that piece of the earth has always been out of the water?

  19. Very interesting presentation! I enjoyed it a lot and it helps open our perspectives on how life has emerged and its adaptations.

  20. Almost 10 minutes of talking to say nothing substantial, just to push this propaganda down our throats some more.
    Global warming is made up, to make us less resistant to globalism, because "we need global government, to tackle global problems…"

  21. Oh my god, this is dull! What'shername just made me lose all interest in the origins of life. I'd read Genesis again just for something more entertaining.

  22. This lady is well spoken and easy to understand. But BS is Be no matter how pretty the cart sounds. There is zero evidence no life produced life. Period

  23. Good information.. just needed a bit more character.. less monotone and a bit more passion and excitement in her voice would've been perfect

  24. This seems like climate activism disguised as science. As far as I know there is no real scientific consensus of global warming and CO2 being the culprit.

  25. Really? Climate change is going to kill us before nukes or some other invention of war or AI? Get real. So, the oceans are going to rise and swallow every last person on the highest mountain? Fanatic.

  26. It is very likely that in a few years, SCIENCE would be the only religion practiced across the globe; I feel it'll create more harmony and empathy in our world. 🙂

  27. I don't want to believe this theory she is saying for 3 billion years we were microbial forms the originator of time won't wait for so long .rather proof show that adam and Noah came after not so long after the creation of universe now people will ask me what is rhe proof of god the proof is that you know that time will run for eternity and you will die you know that you don't want to die forever but it must be a supernatural cause or life and consciousness himself who will give you life after death that consciousness is god and smart dumb people will still deny this eternal cycle of life and death .

  28. We haven’t evolved from monkeys and came down from trees. We were intelligently designed by something else superior to us.

  29. One strange thing is the amount of water that appears on earth. Originally there was no water, and even if there were falldown/comets/ice..the amount is just huge. The impacts are one thing, and why , but traces are hard to find from collisions. It is possible that life did not start here, on a microscopic level as we dont know how the enormous amount of water came here. ( earth originally was a burning sphere and then suddenly in earths history, water appears from nowhere).

  30. Of course your theory is changing (as usual). That's because evolution/big bang theory is a moving target, while creationism is a consistent solid rock. Quit being brainwashed and get with the program, people!

  31. She’s full of crap! We’re a young earth! Flat and defiantly Not a spinning blue ball! NASA and they’re deceived liars have been manipulating our reality for decades, their scientism is nonsense!

  32. If a thermal vent or hot spring can make life then why can’t smart man? They always say they have but fail to admit that they used a part or pieces of life already. If ur so smart really create life on the cellular level without any previous living parts at all. Not even frame work or code just the raw elements.

  33. I could sit and listen to her describe her ideas and theories for hours. Very powerful language to describe the bigger picture….. or what we can imagine.

  34. White people wear dresses only before 800 years only .first you search your generation when you wear dress ,cooking etc ok .Ancient Asian are dumbing but your generation just few hundreds years join the decent human beings ,you are try to dominate the world and snub Asians .

  35. Global warming was not MAN made and we are actually heading into a global cooling…… check out Adapt 2030 and do your own Research as well

  36. Carbon dioxide does NOT CAUSE CLIMATE CHANGE. STOP THIS BULLSHIT. Climate change is a natural process caused by a multitude of factors, none of which includes carbon dioxide, which is a necessary plant food. I am sick to death of rubbish like this polluting peoples' minds with corrupt misinformation.

  37. That was brilliant💎…ive been rock and mineral hounding for almost a year and ive added all of the rocks and crystals ive found to my landscape at home..i will pick some from time to time to tumble and others i give to neighbors and share what Gaia has formed over the centuries..all of these specimens are millions of years old and each rock has a story to tell..i do believe this..great talk and very well put together🤓

  38. It is a shame that she is not really well versed in ancient atmospheres.

    back in days of the dinosaurs, CO2 levels were in the thousands of PPM, plants, that use COS as food, grew to huge proportions and fed the huge animals.
    now that plants are starved for CO2, they grow slowly and barely feed the human population.
    maybe Man is restoring the atmospheres to it's pre-cambrian days and we will see the planet flourish, creating a much simpler and easier life for mankind.
    She also did not mention that we are living in an Ice Age, we have not come out of the current ice age into a warm period.
    I wonder what will happen to life on the planet what we see, yet another cycle from ice age to warm period ?

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