The Subtle Art of Emography

– [Narrator] The subtlety of art depends on the artist’s ability to deliver their message in a single brushstroke. With 50 years of experience
studying and practicing traditional Korean calligraphy, artist Huh Hwe-Tae has
subtlety transformed Hangul into a universal language
by blending emotion and calligraphy into a new
art form called Emography. (speaking foreign language) – [Narrator] In 2005, Master
Huh created Emography. He begins his process by
finding inspiration in nature and also in the subtleties
of Korean culture. Master Huh envisions which
characters he’ll use to tell his story and channels his
emotions into his brush. (drumming music) Master Huh uses hanji ranging in size, often over six feet in length. Using his enormous horse hair brush, Master Huh quickly moves
from one side to the other creating a giant picture comprised of lines both big and small. The messages Master Huh
creates are designed to read as Korean letters, but
subtly appear as images that can be universally understood
outside of Korean culture. In this piece, Master Huh
writes the Korean word for seed. Looking deeper at the piece, the letters subtly transform into a landscape with trees and plants. Each of Master Huh’s works
combines letters and imagery that represent beauty,
Korean and Western traditions and the power of nature. Without speaking, Master
Huh is able to communicate these experiences to his audiences as a sensual and emotional form of art. (speaking foreign language)

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  1. what's great is the bulkiness of the brush doesnt look satisfying to paint with. but he manages to create artworks

  2. It's fine to not like something at face value, but it's another thing entirely to completely reject something and attack it at its core without having an actual understanding of what the activity is about. No one can gain a complete understanding of emography after watching a three minute video about it.

    But I guess we only need to be accepting and understanding of things that society tells us we need to be of….

  3. I don't really see what is new… this technique has been studied for centuries in Japan and some European artists used it too after 30 years of practice. Why is that so revolutionary?

  4. I like how people can be so uninformed that they think this is a waste. I wish I could read this, it's already beautifully minimalistic art (and, like it or not, large-scale calligraphy has a very long history in the East, so he's not ruining anything, it's a subtle variation on tradition)
    When it comes to calligraphy, I think Asia just beats the West. I mean all we can aspire to is a better typeface while for them, a word's appearance is not only more compact, but also fluid. I suppose if you don't know any of those languages, making such an idiotic statement is pretty easy.

  5. I thought this was satire. No wonder they take such a long time to reveal what he's written, It looks terrible.

  6. 1:30 "But subtly appear as images that can be universally understood outside of Korean culture." Me: YES! SHOW ME THIS MASTERPIECE! STOP TEASING, SHOW ME SHOW ME SHOW ME- 1:40 "The Korean word for 'seed'. Looking deeper at the piece, the letters subtly transform into a landscape with trees and plants." Me: Wait… what? I… what? How… how do you… what..? You see a landscape in that? You see trees? I see a Rorschach test. I see a phoenix with a phallus for a head and a Trump-style wig flying from the right with a human face above its left wing and two flames on the left. If you showed me this image and asked me to describe it, I would NEVER call it a landscape, nor would I guess it is the Korean word for "seed". Do you know what "universally understood" means? I don't think those words mean what you think they mean.

  7. This taught me that how people can express their emotions in their own, various ways. Even a way I could not imagine. A line. A. Single. brushing.

  8. I'm not sure which video is more pretentious, this one or George Clooneys coffee commercial for nespresso.

  9. so it's sumi-e, but bigger & Korean. Using a horsehair brush to create bs. thanks for interrupting my other video for this crap GBS.

  10. Rather presumptous to claim to be a founder considering Sumi-e and Japanese + Chinese caligraphy have been doing this for ages already ? The only real difference is that he's using Korean for this instead of the upper two.

  11. jfc this master calligrapher is a fucking genius and i cannot believe some people have written rude comments. simply doing calligraphy (for Asian languages) is hard; I've tried to learn, but it takes practice and patience to get the writing done correctly. him being able to do this on huge pieces of paper and a heavy brush is amazing and adding the fact that he is trying to express emotions or scenery through words is just beautiful.

  12. All I see-
    99% of comments talking about how people shouldn't be hating on this
    .5% people saying they thought it was cool
    .5% people hating it

  13. emography in the Korean language may be new, and a new descriptive word to describe the art form. BUT it's been in existence for dynasties and is a part of Chinese culture.

  14. the comment section

    60%: making fun of the word 'emo' in 'emography'
    25%: complaints about the people making fun of emography
    10%: 'i don't understand'
    5%: actual comments about liking or disliking the video

  15. he translates mcr lyrics to write & emo fringe hairs are woven into his brush. every day he asks for the blessings of pete wentz & mourns the loss of the many emo things that have gone since the days of emo, such as ryan ross. he also practices the daily ritual where at nine in the afternoon he must fall out of the chair while listening to the black parade. this helps in enhance his paintings which he must do in a black mcr hoodie and skinny jeans and eyeliner. he also mixes eyeliner into his ink because makeup is great for a guy. because it makes a guy look beautiful. and a lot of times, a guy is not beautiful. and he wants to change that. he wants to make sure that everyone knows that guys are beautiful.

  16. As a student of Chinese calligraphy for roughly 20 years, I must say "emography" is not a new form of art. (I'm not Chinese)
    Chinese calligraphers have written very expressive words, phrases, paragraphs in extra large, medium, small, and tiny formats throughout the over 3000 years of the Chinese calligraphy evolution/history.

    If you pay a visit to the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan, you'll see numerous amazing calligraphy written by the masters throughout the expansive history of Chinese calligraphy. And many of them are marked and collected by the nobles and emperors with the stamping of their personal seals on the work. And the more highly regarded artworks are not judged by their "polished perfection in line strokes", but rather by how emotionally involved (genuine emotion) and expressive the work is. The inked strokes that appear on paper (form) is a result of genuine expressive emotions. i.e. some of the work is an essay that criticizes the country's politics and written under tremendous frustration while the calligrapher is tortured and imprisoned by the government, some other work are written when the artist was drunk and describes the beautiful sceneries he was immersed in.. and those emotions show through the words by the speed they were written, the ink/water and dry/wet ratio, the number of letters written per dab of ink, the type of brush and ink, the choice of paper, the long years of calligraphy influence from other masters, and the artists' state of mind etc. Calligraphy has always been a means to communicate thoughts and emotions.

    The wisdom of calligraphy is like that of various forms of martial arts and Chinese/Japanese art, they aim to train your mind and your souls, and the forms and artifacts are merely a genuine and candid result of the process, and because it's so driven by the state of the mind, the results would be different every time based on various factors mentioned above. (one of the most famous calligraphers of all time, Wang Xi Zhi, had never written any word the same way twice in any of his calligraphy pieces throughout his life time) And the variations in the end results allow the artist to examine his/her state of mind/creativity that came through the artist during the process.
    Early trainings are based on numerous rules and the pursuit for perfection; later trainings are about breaking the rules and finding your own path that is unique and embodies the artist's personal point of view.

  17. I think my little brother is a prodigy because last time he fucking draw/write all over the wall and i don't know why mom mad and disapproved of his work.

  18. I'm not racist but this is very stupid I Kno I sound like I'm hating I Kno wat art is n 2 me this is dumb

  19. guys stop, it is a form of art that is highly honored in Asian countries. Not just china and korea, even middle asians have this sort of “calligraphy” with their language too. It is to express emotion in a line

  20. Think of it as sort of graffiti, the way you write the characters (letters). Plus, some calligraphy are so cool especially if you understand the written word. Let's say the word written is "Love" and the guy wrote the characters in a way that looks like two couples kissing. It's really hard to explain since calligraphy works best in characters (pictographs like the written Chinese/Japanese scripts) rather than letters (letters combine to make a word. Meanwhile each character is a word [or more words, depending on where it's placed] in of itself).

  21. You cant just take something that already exists and give it a stupid new name and act like you discovered it….. Oh wait.

  22. Quite frankly, what I have just witnessed, was and is pure garbage.
    It will take more than a few choice words to convince me that you could see a landscape let alone a word lol.

  23. Seeing the thumbnail.. I thought it was a sculpture… But its an amazing type of art that i fell in love as a kid because i love it visually

  24. Does he know about Air Ink?
    That would only Enhance his art.
    Combining his traditional style with modern black ink made of Co2 emissions.

  25. "He writes the Korean word for Seed , looking deeper at the piece, the letters suddenly transform into a landscape with trees and plants" artists are fucking retarded

  26. The art we see and the other witch may not be seen it is a use of art a feel you must feel like your in it but not to much look at the lines

  27. Practices an ancient but common form of art from China; gives it an edgy name; calls himself the creator of a new art form; sounds like the way to go.
    I usually enjoy your videos but I'm r disappointed at this one.
    I'm Chinese and growing up I watched my grandpa do the same thing, yet he's not the first one nor will be the last one doing it. This is ridiculous

  28. Emography must be really hard to understand. Master Hugh spends so much time, and puts his soul into each piece. I respect and appreciate him and his work.

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