The Rook | ‘Abilities’ Exclusive Premiere Clip | STARZ

Welcome. In here you’ll find
all your personal documents. Spare keys to the car
and home and enough provisions to hold up
for a few days if you need to. It’s soundproof and has
Tor-encrypted internet access. You work for a government agency
called the Checquy. Checquy. We’re a secret wing of
British Intelligence that recruit people
with certain abilities. You are one of these people with the potential to be
a deadly weapon. By definition that puts
you in danger.

4 Replies to “The Rook | ‘Abilities’ Exclusive Premiere Clip | STARZ”

  1. Wow this show is SHIT. It is like a SyFy movie made for Netflix, it is so full of femin(fac)ist bitchthink, unrelatable zero-dimensional "characters", actors so bad that it is like they are from Twilight Central Casting. Plus, plot holes *galore*, holy FUCK was the writer on meth or something?!

    Fuck this pile of insipid microencephalic crap, it is a waste of…everything. And unlike that new Star Trek RIP-off "STD", this show doesn't even have the dubious "benefit" of making me shit my brains out from boredom 10 minutes in…because "The Rook" is SO BADLY MADE that it doesn't even rise to the level of "boring"!

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