The Making of Gingham and Chambray Bedding | Pottery Barn Kids

artisans has been weaving textiles in Portugal since
the middle ages near Portal in the village of Guimaraes the Lameirinho family has been continuing this tradition over 60 years what began as a small family enterprise has grown to international renowned for their quality textiles which is why we chose them to create are own Gingham
and Chambray bedding. High quality sheeting requires a combination of
technology and the human touch. At Lameirinho weaving is an art form. A passion shared by all those who touch the cotton threads. Many of the weavers and technicians have been with
the company for more than thirty years and will pass on their expertise to the younger generations. Each sheet begins with thick spools of durable long staple cotton fiber The threads are dyed before they are woven. A process known as yarn dye Producing a rich even color that is rigorously tested for accuracy this creates a fabric that won’t fade or lose its intensity after just a few washes. The color threads are then woven together with crisp white to create our signature gingham pattern. 200 threads are woven into every square inch of fabric in a tight square percale weave The cotton is so soft and thick our 200 thread count sheeting is smoother and heavier than higher count sheets made else where. the woven fabric is tested to be sure that it exceeds our high standards loose threads are singed away a process that softens the surface and binds the cotton for greater durability. A thorough wash guarantees minimal shrinkage and our easy care finish makes it easy to go from dryer to the bed without ironing. The fabric is cut and sewn with care

with crisp straight edges and generous sizing. we work hard to be sure that only the best sheets
are labeled with the Pottery Barn Kids Logo so you can be assured that they’ll look fantastic on your child’s bed for years to come. Our Gingham and Chambray sheeting is beautiful durable and made with care from our family to yours

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