The Interceptor – New Gameplay & Abilities [ANTHEM]

As you just saw, the Interceptor is nimble AF. It has a TRIPLE jump, as well as a triple mid-air dodge, which can BOTH be used together. The Interceptor likes melee’ing. Quick strikes with small blades that do good damage…it’s essentially a robot-ninja-suit. quick aside – the Sniper Rifles in Anthem are awesome and feel satisfying. Seeking shuriken…I told you, Interceptors are Ninjas. The Interceptor Ultimate lets you use absurdly powerful melee strikes for a short time. You can literally just carve through even the toughest enemies in seconds. Because of the triple jump & the triple air-dodge, the Interceptor has absolutely NO problem getting out of tough situations. Acid spray attack – Acid debuffs enemies defenses and softens them up, as well as melts armor pretty decently. I love the Interceptor. Again, just cut through even the THICCEST boys with no problem with this Ultimate. Be sure to check out footage of the other Javelins! Links below.

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  1. Check out gameplay of the other 3 Javalin's!



    On this vid:

    Sorry upfront that there's no voiceover of me sharing my thoughts/talking over the gameplay. That'll come later – I'm traveling and don't have all my equipment with me. Once I'm settled and have a little more time, I'll give a more in-depth vid on each Javelin with my full thoughts. For now, just try to get a feel for each one and enjoy 🙂


    The Interceptor is a ton of fun – it's the fastest, most nimble, and acrobatic Javelin of the 4. Unlike the other Javelins, the Interceptor has a TRIPLE jump, and a mid-air dodge that can be chained together 3 TIMES for a triple-air dodge. It's painfully easy for the Interceptor to bounce out of combat to safety – happens in the blink of an eye. It's also a melee-friendly class. The Ultimate ability allows you to zip around slicing people with extremely powerful melee blade slices. Just because of how fast and fun the Interceptor is, it's currently tied for my favorite Javelin (along with the Storm).

    I'm also giving away VIP DEMO CODES for this game, renewable Friday!! Check Twitter for deets, 4 chances to win!!

  2. To much action, nothing really makes to much sence, got lost in explosions and jumps. And how exactly sniper rifle is supposed to feel awesome, its just a crosshair with nothing to it – no recoil, no nothing

  3. Not really my jam, but you made this look WAY cooler to play. Damn these videos came at just the right time. Well done.

  4. Ignore the people, do what you do with your channel, cover the games that you want. You're not forcing anybody to watch anything so don't worry about the dumb ones, they'll be like that with everyone. Love your channel, keep it up

  5. Tryna to be like you when it comes to playing Interceptor lol going forward tho could you turn on the game subtitles too?

  6. Do Javelins have different pieces of armor that all look different like in Destiny? Or can you only change the colour scheme/materials of them? On the Interceptor for example, can I get pointy wings on the back instead of round ones? Because so far I haven't seen anything different, they all look the same

  7. No low key toxic commentary… (don't act like no one knows that's the case) not sure what think. Anyway the interceptor is Valkyr with some new 1-3 abilites. The 4, or ULT, is a straight copy of val-kitty in Warframe. GG's LUL

  8. This game looks freaking awesome! But then that's it seems to offer.. So far from watching many youtubers play and talk about it, I still don't care about the story or why any of these objective should matter to me.

  9. I was going to pass on this one, but seeing the raw gameplay and the fact Im not spending a dime on it because my friend is buying it; I think will make me give it a try

  10. Am I wrong… but this looks a little too easy. I plan on purchasing when it drops but the AI lets you walk right past them and they do nothing at all. Visually it looks great the Interceptor will clearly be by Main.

  11. The starting javelin feels pretty turd. Storm and Interceptor look like a completely better experience. I hate this Ranger but I keep getting kicked from server and making no progress. I've spent at least 3 hours in loading screens and walking through the base and about 1 hour of actual gameplay. Going nutz ova here!! I like Anthem so far but it needs alot of tuning and also RAIDS ARE A MUST! Hopefully their is more to this game than just patrolling missions.

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