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  2. Great shooting. If I could offer any advice as a fellows archer I would say to stay away from sky drawing your bow. Use the push pull method of pushing the hand with the bow out and pull the string hand so that you can stay on target instead of having to fall in target

  3. Hi , if you want something for survival to put food in your body on a daily basis a bow is not the best thing to use . Look into the new modern air rifles . You can buy 500 pellets for around 5 dollars . If you want to eat meat 3 times a day for the next 50 years all you need is a air gun and some pellets . most peppers stock up on pellets once a month or so . To be able to shoot 10 shots a day because your going to miss a few times you will need 365 tins of 500 pellets . 365 tins of 500 pellets = 182,500 pellets That is enough to last you 50 years with 10 shots a day every day for 50 years . At a cost of 1,825 dollars total you can eat fresh meat for 50 years . You can't beat that price anywhere . With the 22 caliber air rifle and a good scope and some practice you can take animals from very small all the way to small deer . The list of animals is great and you don't have to be close to the animals . Once you set up your scope you can take squirrels and rabbit size animals out to 100 or more yards with deadly accuracy . You can't do that with a bow . In survival mode a small chipmunk or a bird in the trees could keep you alive . The smaller animals are hard to get with a bow but easy with a air gun . buying a few extra springs or gas rams pistons and a few extra seals will keep your gun shooting for the rest of your life . The new drop in gas rams are the easiest to replace but with some practice a spring is very easy to change also . I have a RWA model 45 rifle that has had the same spring in it since it was new in 1987 and it's still working great . So thats 31 years with the original spring so maintenance is very low . You can get a good gas ram or spring powered air rifle that is all most silent because most have a silencer built onto the barrel and with speeds of over 900 fps for less than 200.00 dollars . In a survival mode a bow would be good for bigger animals like deer , bear or elk but another hunts for food I would use the airgun first . You can also get a bigger caliber airgun like a 50 caliber to take down big bear,deer and elk wither by loading it with a 50 caliber bullet or a arrow . Watch this video . https://youtu.be/bUsgCG9j42M also watch what you can do with a air gun for fishing . type this into youtube . airgun fishing part_3 (11 down)

  4. Hi Lily!
    About bows and arrows, is there a best and worst type of wood to use if the hunter needs to make one bow and arrows in the woods?

  5. I love your videos. I'm a beginner and I always wanted to learn archery. A good of mine bought me a recurve bow, as well as a compound bow (for the weight) and nothing, beats the original bow (recurve). Thank you for your detailed videos.

  6. Grüße aus Österreich 🙂 in welchem Waldgebiet bist du denn hier unterwegs? Er sieht wirklich toll flach und weitläufig aus (komme es Tirol, Berge usw 😉 ).

  7. Great video kinda inspired me to shoot but I have a question which might be kinda strange but "can you shoot without glasses?"

  8. Could you construct your own stand (with natural materials) for your target block? Great work BTW. I enjoy watching your videos and learning from you.

  9. omg the sound at 4:40 is so cool from the arrow leaving the bow, that bow makes some amazing shoot sounds

  10. If your arrow is firing to the right, move your sight a couple of clicks to the right, same if firing low or high, until your bullseye every shot at 25 yards (75 / 80) or so feet

  11. Hawkeye, meet your replacement. Trust me, Barton. We've been looking for any reason to get rid of you.

  12. I'm New to archery and I just love the way you draw the bow from above, I'm gonna have to try that myself. Thanks for the lesson Lilly.

  13. I enjoy your videos. If you've never shot a compound bow before, you're doing a damn good job with it I think! I have a compound and a recurve. Love them both.

  14. A good tip is to only use one bow instead of many different. That will make your "muscle-memory" and "Sight-picture" better. And also put a little "dot" on your target so you can focus on something small when you practice (Aim small, Hit small) 🙂

  15. Hey Lilly honestly seeing you making me want one know my girlfriend don’t like me to own a gun but I think will be good to own what do you think @survival Lilly

  16. Anybody knows what string she uses? Im interessted in buying that recurve bow, but according to the reviews the string that comes along is questionable. 🙂

  17. I purchased a Mandarin Duck bow which was used on your channel and is still looking for the arrows for it locally while trying to get the bow string on the bow. It have a 50 pound pull on it and I am going to use it for practice unless there is a need to hunt with it. I like the way you use your bow and how it is setup.

  18. you are super hot. god knows if i was in your city we would probably be married by now. thank you for an amazing video hotstuff.

  19. +Survival Lilly I’m left eye dominant but right handed when shooting a bow and arrow. But my dad says i’m ambidextrous. With baseball i turn to the left side and hold the bat with my right hand down the bottom of the bat and my left hand up the top of the bat, this feels most comfortable. With table tennis i am right handed, I also kick a football or soccer with my right. Sooo… baseball is the only one that’s different… Can you tell me if left EYE dominant people who hold the bow in their right hand have trouble shooting ? Do i need an ambidextrous bow ?

  20. The bow costs more than a meal for my family. So I guess she's killing only vegan mushrooms for dinner. Can we stop this nonsense?

  21. Hey Lilly. I love your videos! I have a question though. Iv watched all your bow and arrow videos alot and they have helped massively thanks! But in this video your quiver makes more noise than bow. Is there any way you have a idea to make your quiver more stealthy for moving around so your arrows make less noise? Thank you 🙂

  22. I used to be anti compound bows for hunting and especially for survival. My thoughts on that have changed. Reasoning:

    You can adjust the weight to reflect what you are hunting.
    Due to it's technical nature it's WAY more accurate with less practice
    With it's materials, it will outlast a wood bow in worse conditions.
    You listed some valid cons, but I think in a survival situation i'd rather start with a compound bow. Bowhunters take them on several weeklong hunting excursions every year. Also, there are hunters who have had the same compound for 20 years and it still works.

    Self bows, recurves, trad bows are more finicky with temperature and moisture. The Compound doesn't really have those issues.

    Always use the bow you have though. If you have a traditional or a compound, practice with it in all kinds of conditions.

    Great video.


  24. I find that having sights, weights and that is just cheating. I do so much better with a sight, and that’s because it’s giving me a “calculated” point to look at

  25. I appreciate that she shows both her good shots and her mistakes. Becoming good doesn’t happen overnight it takes practice.

  26. Where do you get the jacket that you are wearing is it from Amazon or eBay ? USA Tennessee prep or smoky mountains Tennessee.

  27. I am a beginner just acquired my first bow, and was channel surfing across your channel subscribe I must great technical audio,speech pattern,dead on. Thx.

  28. My bow selection is very much like yours. The 20# is fabulous for relaxing shooting or working on form/accuracy. My Samicks are also fun, but stronger and a bit more tiring. The compound is usually the last bow I shoot, because my accuracy soars even at twice the distance I'd been shooting with my recurves, leaving me with a great feeling of "success". 😉 I would extremely highly recommend this combo for serious beginner/intermediates. Also, arrows with the proper spine rating for the poundage of bow you're shooting. This will improve your accuracy a surprising amount, and you may need the help of a pro archery shop to help you with this (it's confusing, IMHO). The thing about the compound bow is that you have to know exactly how to adjust your sights, and select your front sight aiming point in the case of variable target distance. Fortunately, many years of experience with firearms has made me extremely familiar with sight adjustment, and this was very helpful in dialing in my compound bow.

  29. about 7 months ago i watched your videos first time…now i own two recurve bows and i always have perfect groupings , thank you i should of taken up archery time ago

  30. Does it matter if the feathers are real or not? I'm a beginner and I use plastic feathers because the expert told me I don't really need real feathers right now. But I notice that my arrows go pretty bad and I think that's because the plastic hits my bow too hard which causes it to shoot unstable. How much of a difference does it make to use real feathers?

  31. You are good on recurve, but you r totally got no idea how to shoot compound. Recurve is like machine gun for group and close targets, compound is sniper. They are very different. Check out some YouTube, your posture are wrong and u need to know how to aim sight. Keep going

  32. I checked to see the price of a Falco twin recurve now and it said 175 pounds I’m American so I think it’s like 173 or so but yikes but great vid

  33. I like the fact you show your mistakes while shooting. Most people who make these videos don't. It's nice to see long bows and recurves in action. Love the scenery. Thanks for the video Lilly.

  34. You need to do some strength training. I can see your arms shaking while holding the bow. Really disrupts your focus and aim.

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