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  1. With a thousand cases in a world of 7 billion… overreacting isn't the appropriate statement. Acting like a liberal soyboy Democrat is more descriptive

  2. CHINA; it is state mandated and a crime not to wear a mask in public!
    AMERICA: you’re a racist bigot if you wear a mask period!

  3. I don't think the world's overreacting China's the only one that's taken the appropriate measures they're washing down their cities and their money also last night on the news don't know if it's true or not but I China new source says that the coronavirus has mutated into a second strain we'll have to wait a couple of days and see if this is true or not can't trust the media but I don't think the world is overreacting I think you're trying to be safe cuz we don't know nothing really about this virus they still can't say how long it last on surfaces or if it's airborne

  4. We’ve been watching hell on earth for 6 weeks. Very limited testing in US currently. Anyone who has been paying very close attention won’t be out & about unless they cannot avoid doing so.

  5. didnt we all mock china until now for them down playing, covering up, denying the effects of virus???? why are we doing the same thing????? are we going to nail down our homes in the name of quarantine next week ????? wake up all you pompous idiots !!!!!!!! china, korea, italy, iran, germany etc etc…… if more than 5 examples are not enough to learn , you will never learn !!!!

  6. Or maybe the water and toilet paper and pain reliever companies own the media and tell them what and when to say it.

  7. I would like to know why you don't airway friend Chuck isn't in jail for threatening to supreme Court judges he also gave him a timeline of when it was going to happen in November that seems like a threat to meyou really need their this on your program and let him let the Senate know what the American people really think he needs to be held accountable for his actions and not just censoring thrown out of the Senate is more like

  8. Trump and his administration have been so inept with this coronavirus epidemic. The media should do MORE to point out Trump's willful ignorance and incompetence.

  9. I don't blame people for being somewhat prepared. It's kind of like carrying a firearm. Better to have it and not need it… than to need it and not have it. You'd be a fool to trust the media.

  10. While you're doing all that, take time and look at footage from other countries where folks are literally falling out in the streets and of China welding people in their apartments and the mass incinerators they brought in. And so many more.

    Oh… Be sure and take deep breaths and shake everyone's hands and go home and kiss your wife and children.

    Folks wouldn't be left up to their imaginations based upon foreign footage if the government would quit lying and downplaying it. It is what it is and we don't need people like you worrying about the economy more than the people. So… I don't rightly give two shits what you do. You do you, and we'll do us. Good luck. At this point it's all we have for our hard earned tax money being wasted on CDC.

  11. I actually think this could NOT have happened at a better time. Some Americans needed a kick in the pants to start taking care of themselves! There is nothing wrong with having extra food and water on hand in case of the NEXT BIG SCARE. Or the disruption that MIGHT occur. Anyone saying anything less is setting up Americans to be taken over by any forces trying to eradicate or threaten us. Oh and don't forget the ammo!

  12. It's happening in the UK too.. stores shelves are completely empty.. my own family is also playing into it and has ordered 3 months of food and drink only yesterday..

    For me honestly, I can't see into the future.. none of us can and it's always better to be safer than sorry in the long run.. but the fear of catching it has made people go on a mass shopping spree globally, not bad for the markets I'd say.. providing you can meet the consumer demand.

  13. Isn’t it funny that they overreact with the coronavirus? They don’t want to be near or by anybody who is infected by “anybody” who has it. Here’s the funny part. They don’t know who is infected. Yet, they’re being prepared for it. Now, why can’t they treat the same situation with the illegal aliens & with the open free borders??? They want them in basically. Why would you let sickly or violent murderous criminals come into our country???

  14. Maybe people are overreacting because they realize it’s a bioweapon and it keeps mutating and they realize that the stores will run out of food and other provisions because we rely on China so much. That’s logical!

  15. This type of news really needs to be band off anywhere. Here is why. When the CIA stops spraying viruses across our country, then it can be put back on the air. They only want facts. The fact is the CIA sprays viruses across our country on a 24 hour bases. So if the truth of the CIA doing it is not out then it just a very big waste of time telling only lies. Facts are facts.

  16. If you label EVERYTHING attributed to be Coronavirus, yeah, it DOES seem bad. The CIA already knows this. Along with media, this is their panic operation.

  17. The map of the outbreak matches the sustainable development plan map perfectly. That should tell you something.



  19. Just watched the news earlier. A woman says don't buy masks or hoard supplies, then the same woman comes on and says a gap employee contracted the virus and they are recommending that everyone stay home. So which is it? Are they just waiting till it's out of control till they say prepare, or do they just want to prevent panic? They say don't trust anything on the internet unless it's from cdc or the who. Ok, I've seen video footage of store shelves cleaned out and even worse videos of what's going on china…not many people trust the news anymore, nor do they trust beurocrat organizations within our government or foreign governments.

  20. And some people are under reacting to something that does need to be taken seriously. Its spreading quite fast around the country to say it's all hype is irresponsibly. Before I get flamed I am a huge fan of Steve Hilton just to lyk. I just dont think this should be downplayed just as much as its being hyped.
    Trump's apparently at fault again the left says but had china you know told the world back in early December when they knew and then not cover it up, maybe the world would be very different regarding Chinavirus currently.

  21. Toilet paper's absorb more moisture and a damp the area. Butt diapers can be stayed dry for minimum 6hrs AMD based on I take to out coming.

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  23. You guys do what you want, I am not traveling and I am stocking up. Not because I think there are going to be shortages, I just don't want to go to the store later, when there are tonnes of sick people.

  24. reason for Coronavirus Ports are empty. Jobs are coming back. China doesn't like it. Stock market it's going up and down. Coronavirus is a hoax. We're going to be fine. Jobs are rising. China doesn't want jobs to come back NAFTA deal.

  25. reason for Coronavirus Ports are empty. Jobs are coming back. China doesn't like it. Stock market it's going up and down. Coronavirus is a hoax. We're going to be fine.

  26. We have only done a couple thousand tests. While other countries are testing hundreds of thousands of people.
    We really have no idea how bad this is.

  27. Yes please go out and hug as many people as possible. This is the perfect tone for Darwinism to take effect.

  28. What the hell are you talking about? The best thing we can do to protect ourselves is to do exactly that! The exact opposite of what the "authorities" say we should be doing. You must not be paying attention to anything. Go back to your tanning booth and million dollar condo right next to your overpriced WholeFoods.

  29. I bought extra supplies a week ago because this always happens when there's a health or supply shortage scare. Right now we have both. I'm not panicking, I'm just making sure my family has what they need until things get back to normal.

  30. 12,000 Influenza deaths in USA From
    OCT 2019-FEB-2020 But No Mention, No Panic from MSDNC. Also 2004-SARS
    Is it just Coincidental that each outbreak happened during an election cycle?
    Follow the money. These people
    (Soros/Dem/News Media) are Sick Twisted Power hunger demons.

  31. Not overreacting… it’s the lack of proreactivity instead of Pro-Activity from the health authorities and government

  32. There is no virus it is a Hoax created by the Media, or democrats or the air, whatever dr. trump say's it is because he knows and trust coronavirus to not infect America. lol NOT!

  33. From what i saw yesterday . Most are fighting the Virus by going to Disney World . The Parks are packed .

  34. The media has been profiting from this fear porn forever and now they realize that they went too far. They actually scared a bunch of people who believe their nonsense.

  35. US Gov: Don't Panic!
    US citizens: Are you manufacturing masks yet?
    US Gov: No, but we should have some tests after you know your infected.

  36. Seriously, Europeans and Americans get scared of everything and start overreacting like drama queens like it would be end of the world.

    Much more higher number of people die in India and Africa due to dieseases (usually due to lack of waste management and pollution control) and they don't get sacred and life just keeps on moving.

    Which you can see, all around the world everyone are losing it but in India people are not giving a shoot about it as they know its just a flu.

  37. People everywhere, all the store shelves are fully stocked, hand sanitizer and TP in abundance!😅😂🤣😆

  38. This guy is a fckn idiot. When was the last time that you saw medical staff wear hazmat suits to treat seasonal flu patients?? This thing is highly infectious and kills quickly. Hand washing and wiping surfaces wont save you. China contained it with fast and aggressive measures. The USA already has a 6% fatality rate. Do the math.

  39. the usa is the only industrialised country that does not have policy or laws to cover sick days, trump will not change that.

  40. I think it's less about getting the virus and more about knowing human behavior. Go ahead. Be the family that waits until shelves are empty to grab what you need a couple days at a time. Your town may never get a single case or it might go nuts…and people know that, either way, the shelves will get low. Telling people its dumb to prepare is…dumb. I like you, Steve , but scolding people for stocking up is nearsighted.

  41. moron ….20% hospitalization rate on a seriously contagious disease …..he wants us to wait until there is absolute proof of a pandemic ….sadly that would mean its too late for you …my city has 100,000 population ….that's a potential 20,000 hospitalizations ….better get ready for a lock down now as the authorities will never let this virus spread unchecked

  42. To bad people have to wait to be told by the government when it is ok to stock up on toilet paper. Poor fool.

  43. Steve if you or family members gets the Corona virus you will be under quarantine in your home. You'll be needed a lot of extra things since you wont be able to leave.

  44. You could always use your socks and wash them like we used to do shitty diapers I don’t see the big deal. But today I seen a guy buying five large boxes of toilet paper hilarious. By the way 12 rolls is a year supply for me.

  45. In Canada we have 1/5th of the cases and our health minister told people to have a couple weeks of supplies on hand.

    Don’t let the media shame you into not taking care of yourself and your family.

    If the power turns off and you can’t use the plumbing, you need a gallon of water per adult per day. How many days would your family last?

  46. Fox News will be blamed by the families of the tens of thousands of victims this virus will claim in the coming 16 months

  47. I don’t believe people are overreacting to vivid-19 at all. There is a spirit of awareness and preparedness. I went to CVS pharmacy and apparently they were out of hand sanitizer. I had only one little bottle last week and I’m perfectly understanding the extra caution people have now especially with kids at schools. All what I did I purchased one bottle of alcohol to clean my hands. People still send their kids to schools and go to work. Markets are still open with plenty of food even if people make their stocks for a possibility of a larger outbreak. I like that. People taking more precautions means lower risks of contamination. This should be encouraged by the authorities. This will lower the pressure on the hospitals and will make the crisis something that the country can cope with.
    Eat healthy, sleep well, and keep hands clean. Good luck everyone.

  48. Dr.s are concerned so be concerned. he is NOT CONCERNED , SO BE AFRAID!🇺🇸🔵🇺🇸🔵🇺🇸🔵🇺🇸

  49. Defend and protect America from the democrat-china' covid-19 biological weapon. Please stop all air and sea travel. Close all borders.

  50. I can report that Oxnard WalMart is Entirely Normal. Chatsworth 99 cent store now has Hand Sanitizer & a Poster.
    Still no face masks anywhere.

  51. trumpy says no virus, no worries., no problems….he wants all republicans to continue to go to his rallies and hug each other

  52. Am I watching the BBC?, why are these socialist for the U.K coming over here and telling me about by own country, these two should be sent back to where they came from!

  53. Who are these limeys? What are these idiots doing in our country? I worked with some of these people a few years back. From what I could see they didn’t know how to shower, much less wash their hands

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