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  1. Bhai ye mitti aap use karte ho ye kaun si hai maine sculpters ko dekha hai gray colour ki use karte hue kahan milti hai pls bataye kahan se milegi pls

  2. Very nice demo. Tnanks. Followers may understand the subtle points, If you can add audio descriptions, as well. Impotance of step by step thickening of pop (while pouring) may not be able to notice by many. Original clay works are nice as well. Me, (being a practitioner) may be of some help to you in adding the audio description to this lovely demo. Thank you once again for uploading.

  3. हेलो सर आपने जो अभी चाय बनाई है ऐसी आप मुझे बनाकर दे सकते हो क्या जो मैं चाहूं वह मूर्ति पर आप डाई बनाकर मुझे दे सकते हो क्या क्या मैं आपको वहां मिलने आऊं आप मुझे एड्रेस दीजिए

  4. Really nice and informative video….But, I tried 2-3 times, as beginner I always face problem to demold the original idol from the cast in spite of using lubricant, like oil..Can you please suggest how to overcome this problem. ..Another thing, can you please suggest any number of an Artist, from whom I can learn or make mold with…thanks again for the video

  5. Hi Puskar, plaster mix karnese pahale kya daala tha paani me? (ek gray colour ke puche me se daala tha kuch, what was it?)

  6. Very Good job puskar kasmacar do u mix water with clay or scayola and then just let it dry about one day or how long ?

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  9. Very nice demo. Can you kindly tell me the green power and white powder names. Thank you

  10. Pushkar bhaiya ek baat batayen pls ki pop daalne k baad kaise mitti se pop mold ko alag karte hai wo tarika batane ki kripa karen

  11. Bhaiya syenthetic pop k liye main kya karu kahan milega kya aap mujhe dila denge pls kuch pata nahi mil raha kuch raasta bataye

  12. Hello , Puskar sir i respected the art i need a one help from your side i want make clay ganesha . i can understand wher is the buy of moulds i want guide me thank you .9558649169

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  14. Very nice video. I make similar molds for making multiple foundry patterns or for holding parts while machining them. Relaxing music too.

  15. So much for the molding of a head, you need to be sued for faults advertisement. I was excited to see how you made a bust if someone's head, so I can learn. But
    Noooooo it had to be mold of a Budda. Thanks a lot for nothing.

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  17. Вы что издеваетесь? Так медленно и музыка усыпляющая!

  18. would have been good if you had instructions to the materials used and instructions of how to do this disappointed big time 🙁

  19. Hi have you got any contact details of mould manufactures. Most of the no in your provided link are not in use and some are not selling the moulds

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