oh hey what’s going on guys let us see
you back here again yep you got me I’m here at another abandoned project Zorgo
safehouse this time dates for a little payback I’m getting sick of project zorgo
messing the Chad wild clay and vy qwaint cool so I’ve got a little surprise for
them come here let me show you did you see what they did at pz 4 the other day it’s time project zorgo gets a taste of
their own medicine well look who we have here
so project zorgo we’ll go walks to bring worms to the table
I’ll say two words and oh please you snakes oh hey there little guy are you ready to mess with some zorgos this is I do regret these guys are
you’re scared of snakes so this is just gonna be perfect this is little sneaky
what you so cute look at your friend who all you’re just so adorable don’t worry
guys they’re only slightly venomous ain’t that right little buddy that’s
right there but that’s not all guys I’ve got a lot more to show you check this
out you guys like worms they have little claws and they have
little things at the end of their nose look at this it’s a word that dishes
advice it’s amazing do we get a deal with you little guys oh
yeah I just dropped one okay let’s put you back but the fun is just getting
started these guys are gonna cry
I’ve got the largest world’s is in the world largest Madagascan hissing cockroaches before will get the size of this puppy oh my god this puppy should
be wearing a collar it’s amazing this got some weight to it he’s about as much
as a Snickers bar if you ask me look at this dude
you’re gonna have some fun today guys oh this yep don’t worry about that
that’s just in case you know just in case but this is the magic that’s gonna
make it all happen the pause remote now not just any possible this is my
prototype 75% of the time it works every time Oh what the money well let’s just
say that I’m gonna save this for a rainy day
I just withdrawal this from pz 1 bank account but I don’t know what to do
with it speaking up I see a lot of new faces
here if he new here make sure you give us a big like or thumbs down if your with project zorgo I’m pretty sure you guys have seen before actually my invention what you do
is you pointed it whatever goon you want you can pause them and then we can prank
them let’s do it great I can’t believe it nobody’s thought of this before and
puts do this guys go ahead and give me a thumbs up if you’re ready to get this
show on the road and let’s see what security system they’ve got going on oh
my gosh it’s unlocked this is to anybody it smells like farts in here maybe I can
use this remote to pause the smell worse wait I hear something I hear a Zorgo goon
over here let’s go get this guy sounds like he’s over here in the
hallway so far I don’t see anybody else all right
sounds like it’s coming from over here yep follow me you know I didn’t even ask
you guys do you like pranks Oh what we have here another wanted answer
I wonder what the reward is for my capture now 25 million dollars holy cow
that’s a whole lot of cheddar would you guys agree give me a like if you think
that I’m a good guy now project zorgo Most Wanted I’m flattered
wait I hear something sounds like he’s inside of the bathroom here I’ve got an
idea what if we get some of our creepy crawly bitey friends and slide him
underneath that door he won’t know what hit him I’m sliding underneath the door
I don’t even have to use the pause remote these guys move fast you call
these guys super worms for a reason I can feel them crawling around on my
fingers already let’s just hope the smell of this boot doesn’t knock these
guys out of the tracks I need a little buddies you ready to mess with some
zorgo goons ahead little guys you’re free you’re free don’t be shy oh my gosh
guys this is hilarious I was not expecting that reaction oh my
gosh what do you think I sent you another one
we should give this video a big thumbs up if you’re ready for more oh I think I
your next victim let’s go get forget the goods sounds like he’s coming from this
way it’s the coast clear guys this way
sounds like he’s in the other room I open the
fridge now I’m looking for protein because I’m going to be the biggest
strongest zorgo this protein drink is going to make me huge
to get jacked sour goat’s milks the only way to go
that’s good stuff right there be protein for muscle recovery just wait until zorgo
beach day everyone’s going to say look at hot he wants a protein-packed protein drink
I got something for him cockroaches that’s audience fifty grams
of protein all right for sure we’re gonna need the pause remote for this one
so he just pulling that this guy push pause and then let’s alter his protein
drink do this c’mere little fellas let me talk to ya for a second now I know it seems like we’ve come to the end of the
road but you’re ready to serve a greater purpose now who each okay Empire I want
you to comment down below when I should go okay like you said I should go and
start using the blender that’s a good idea that’s just too easy you know now little
fella don’t be sad you’re going to a better place now your little wiry
antennas can get stuck inside of a zorgo goons teeth you know in some
countries these are considered a delicacy you could decide this one I
could feed a village give this video a big like if you want me to proceed or a
thumbs down if your with zorgo oh I don’t know guys do you think threes too much I
mean for real you could the size these roaches I’ve seen Chihuahuas smaller
than these guys I wonder if it’s gonna change the flavor of shoes do you think
he’s get it tasted I mean I don’t know what they taste like but oh my gosh
that’s a lot of mics looks like we’re doing it guys all right
this is so disgusting yet so satisfying for some reason all
right no turning back now guys I can’t believe
we’re actually doing this piece is gonna be so gross you know why they call them
hissing cockroaches listen don’t quote me on this but it’s
the only insect that talks hope do that we’re gonna make plenty hope this one
again I’ll make sure you guys be here guys there’s no it’s just strawberry
banana it does look strong y’see crunchy lits called exoskeleton buddy how about a big like for success now we’ve got one more surprise
little is back history so I can speak around him okay let me grab my suitcase
let’s go on to the next goon all right looks like the coast is clear
I see a bunch of likes good job little buddy let’s get this ooh
kissing the pause remote and let’s get out of this safe house
just to get us be quite confusing sure you subscribe for more videos don’t
forget this weekend got some big stuff coming guys with care for these two bad
boys they did a good job today don’t worry no roaches were harmed in
making this film give us a thumbs up you liked it make sure I’m mr. hacker thank
you for watching see on the flip side


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  3. Plz 4 not from chad from hacker girl she is trapped from hackers in a safe house and she needs your help

  4. Wow Mr. Hacker UR Super Brave Always Remember Project Zorgo Is Always Farting in 0.1 seconds Project Zorgo Is Going To Space without Space Suit

  5. I love your videos and I subscribed and turn on the notification bell. You prank project zorgo so hard they have to ๐Ÿ˜ญ cry

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