Primitive Technology, Clay Pottery & Fire Blower

clay clay and mud use stick to help mixing throw away small stone and unwanted make it to 1 piece to prevent from breaking dig a hole inside use water to make surface look smoothy done another one make bowl tree leaves decoration cup kettle dry it for one day arrange it nicely in kiln/furnace make fire tree bark pull out center part make it X shape break edge into 4 share this helps to blow more fire and save your energy fire inside the kiln take out after cool down one break

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  1. you did not allow them enough drying time before you fire them, also you need to fire them longer and let them cool down before handling.

  2. Good effort, but you need a longer, much hotter fire (pots should glow). They should also be completely dry before firing or you risk breakages! Ones that break are useful though, crush them up and put a small amount in your next pots, it improves their quality especially when dealing with heat and means less breakage during firing and less cracks when drying (crushed up ceramic you add to your own mix is called 'grog'). You'll know if they are fired properly if they make a ringing almost bell like sound when tapped or gently rubbed against one another.

  3. to help keep your furncae from cracking… use stones only and no more wood in your furnace walls… this heats up and burns away over time… best bet is to keep a small fire going and allow the clay to harden some so you can add aditional layers which you use stones at each layer for strength… the crack begins where you stopped using stones as the filler… also next time let the pottery dry before fireing it… you also want to let them get red hot to complete the process… great work man.. look forward to seeing what else you do.

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