Perineal Care Female – CNA State Board Exam Skill

Generally our students do very well with peri-care. If they do forget something it is normally they’ll expose more than the perineum so when you’re uncovering her to do peri-care just expose what you need to work on so definitely make that little window. The other thing that will be pretty much an automatic flunk is if you fail to wash your hands with soap and water so you cannot sanitize at the end of the skill if you do sanitize you will not pass. Hi Mrs. Perry, I’m Leigh Anne your CNA today and I’m here to do peri-care i’m going to get my supplies sanitized and I’ll be right there going to make sure to cover all surfaces rub them together until they’re completely dry I’m going to go ahead and grab my supplies two towels six washcloths the waterproof pad one towel is for the barrier let me go ahead and grab my gloves and I’m going to grab my bucket for my water I want to make sure to get comfortably warm water might want to test the water with your wrist just to make sure it’s not too warm I’m going to go ahead and make sure that my brakes are locked I’m going to raise the bed too comfortable working height and I’m going to go ahead and pull the curtain he would pull it all the way around but for today’s purposes we’ll just leave it open okay may have the absorber please I’ll go ahead and put my gloves on all right Mrs. Perry I’m going to go ahead and turn you over and put a waterproof pad under you going to raise your knee the colored side goes down what you’re going to turn toward me and I’m just going to pull the pad through it’s basically just protecting the bed all right for the skill you’re definitely going to use soap and water there’s no pretending to do peri-care so I’m just going to expose the perineum only and you can do this we’re just making a little window go ahead and make mine it put some soap on my washcloth make sure to get soap in all areas that you’ll be washing with an alternative way to do the washing if you don’t want to use the mitt is to use the washcloth just leave it folded and put it in a little triangle with the flaps like that I’m going to get it wet going to make sure to get soap on the multiple layers ok so now I can wash with this one this one and this one all with the same washcloth and then if you wanted you could continue to go on with more layers if you needed to but for state board you don’t need to do that. Ok Mrs. Perry I’m going to go ahead and separate your labia I’m going to wash the I’ve got three areas of the washcloth here I’ve got the middle and the two sides and those are the sides i’m going to use so separate the labia i’m going to go down one side front to back down the other side front to back and then down the middle front to back it’s her front to back goes in the linen and again make your mitt I’m going to get one to rinse separate the labia I’m going to go down the side front to back side front to back middle front to back we’re going to pat her dry down the side side and middle front to back cover you up and now i’m going to make sure my observer is still there i’m going to turn you on your side okay and I get another washcloth get soap alright so i’m going to go ahead and wash her from her front to her back i’m going to do the middle side side go ahead and rinse middle side inside and one more to dry middle side inside alright I’m going to go ahead and remove my gloves at this time and then I’m sure not to contaminate my hands I’m go ahead and roll and remove this waterproof pad try to keep her covered as much as possible I’m just touching the outside of the pan so not to contaminate my hands okay let’s go get you back in bed straight she needs to be in a comfortable position alright all right Mrs. Perry we’re all done with peri-care I’m going to go ahead and lower your bed all right I’m going to get rid of my supplies going to take my water to the sink gonna rinse it I’m gonna dry it I’m going to return on my items to storage the rest of my linen in the dirty hamper okay Mrs. Perry here’s your call light and your water if there’s anything else I can get you just let me know I’m going to open the curtain. Thank You, observer ok I need to wash my hands this is one of the two skills which you must wash your hands at the end up so I’m going to go ahead and turn my water on make sure not to get it to pot so make sure to get your hands wet first why your soap and make sure to cover all surfaces interlock your fingers fingers gonna get your fingertips and your wrist I’m going to make sure to wash your hands for 20 seconds at any point it you don’t want to contaminate anything you don’t want to touch the faucet the sink you can touch nothing you’re going to rinse with your fingerprint fingertips pointing down I’m going to leave the water running letting wand your paper towel you’re going to dry your hands with this many paper towels is it takes to get them dry you’re going to take another paper now you’re going to turn your faucet off make sure not to touch the faucet with anything but the paper towel and it’s going to put this right in the trash and now I’ve completed peri-care

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  1. she did so much stuff wrong in the state of texas we let the patient test the water, we dont remove our gloves until the bucket is in the dirty area. we always wear gloves. if I did what she just did I'd fail for sure! but I guess each different

  2. test the water 105-109°, be friendly when moving patient, unwear gloves when finished disposing soiled items, avoid reaching use proper mechanics,

  3. My only concern is how she sanitized her hands and THEN used them to check the bed brakes (where many people use their feet/shoes) and also touched the controls for raising/lowering the bed (controls that visitors who didn't sanitize or wash hands would be likely to use). Seems she should have washed or re-sanitized her hands at least after checking the brakes, if not after raising the bed.

  4. In my class we are taught to have a barrier for the sink and test the water while it's coming out of the tap cuz we can't put our hands in the water

    And the cleaning part there's definitely a better way to do that but it's way to complicated to type

  5. She did not put another new pad after she changed the dirty one and when doing this skill use to gloves on each hand,…

  6. the nurse did not raise the bed rail prior to turning the resident over to her side…in a real clinical exam one would fail the exam for sure.

  7. those commenting her mistakes, yes in an actual facility you wouldn't do certain things this way but this is just to show the state you know the basics. you are testing in a clean environment . that is a mannequin I'm sure she's been wiped clean plenty it's for our education purposes.
    this is what we have to do to pass don't over think it…

  8. aren't you supposed to dispose of bodily wastes in the toilet? rinse put in toilet. you would fail the state boards if you dispose of that in the sink.

  9. I've worked at a handicap society for the last year and a half. I must say while the behaviors can become very tiring on a hard day.. I still enjoy peri-care. Something about it makes me feel complete. But I do few things differently than shown here. I wash the inner thighs, especially on our residents who urinate on themselves often. I go all over the vagina too. Not just the inside. Too much washing inside the vagina can cause dryness and irritation. Just my opinion though. I do leave my gloves on until I've removed all dirty water and linens etc. I am not mechanical with my speech. The residents become much more at ease and compliant (when working with mentally handicapped persons).. when I'm more friendly and funny. I also add diaper rash medicine to those who are looking little red in their creases. We recently stopped using baby powder because it gets in the air and honestly can make anyone cough. It also has a bad smell after it's been soaked in urine overnight. If a resident is overweight and showing much redness under the belly fold.. I wash and dry thoroughly.. add some diaper rash medicine.. then actually fold a clean pillowcase and tuck it under the belly fold for the night. It helps the red irritated skin dry and soothe overnight. In showers I follow a similar way. We write a body check out even if no marks, bruises or redness was noted. Like I said before, behaviors at a handicap society can be little nerve wrecking lol.. but I do enjoy peri-care 🙂

  10. I love these videos, but after sanitizing her hands, she touched the faucet (always considered contaminated), then put her hand in the water that she was using to wash the client, therefore contaminating that as well. I know they are meant for learning tools, but it's hard not to notice or focus on things like that, especially when you're preparing for the board exam and know that you need to avoid doing such things.

  11. why did she take off the gloves so soon. Shouldnt it be after you finish washing the basin and throwing away the linens….. and she should of pulled privacy curtains right after she introduced herself.

  12. I think it is better to wash hands before doing the procedures rather than using a hand sanitizer. Also it is more preferable to ask the patient if the water temperature is okay with her or not. Lastly, is it okay not to use a bed pan and is it okay not to remove any jewelry in your body like the ring that she had before putting gloves and doing the procedures?

  13. keep in mind that this is the Arizona method. what you learned in your class may or may not be slightly different according to the state you're testing in.

  14. I think there are lots of mistakes in this video. I wouldn't turn on the faucet with my bare hands. Before the test, she made it clear that you have to wash your hands and not to sanitize it. But she did the opposite. Another thing is that she removed her gloves before disposing her linens. Shouldn't that be the last thing to do before covering the resident properly.

    Just saying. I guess so many people may get confused with this video. Can it be updated please?

  15. Is there a way closed captions could be put on this video? I'm hard of hearing and can't read the cna's lips as she's walking around turning her face lol

  16. Are you supposed to explain everything to the patient? Or can you just do everything without talking?

  17. she didnt put a clean barrier under her after she was done performing the pericare precedure. she was also supposed to wash her hands before starting. ive been cna clasa for one day and i can already point out her mistakes 😐

  18. Please do not let water continuously running while you do not need the water.  Please conserve water.  The wasting of water in the video is a very bad public education.

  19. Great demonstration, thank you. I actually am getting ready to provide home care for an elderly MS patient in wheelchair where I will help her with toileting and showering. I haven't ever done the first task. I have helped clients to and from, on and off of the toilet and in and out of shower, but never quite as detailed care as I'm going to have to provide starting next week. Any tips or videos specifically on how to wipe a patient after they've sat on the toilet? They do have a bidet which I plan to use, but I'm a little nervous about doing the wiping and drying correctly and thoroughly without being inappropriate in any way. Thank you.

  20. I feel the nurse whould do through cleaning of her hand before her procedure , instead she is more throughly clean after her procedure

  21. OMG, u shd never use soap on delicate private parts and never RUB, only sponge! And just another rub-down with rinse cloth will not get ALL the soap off the skin. Ouuuch, poor Ms Perry! She's going to have one chapped vagi! Please, NO soap and NO RUB!

  22. I wish most of these facilities would stop being so cheap and get wipes I stead of these recycled,hard nasty towels to clean people with. No wonder theres always skin rashes and infections going on.

  23. Wait you didn't keep your gloves on the entire time? Maybe I'm wrong , but isn't that pad consider contaminated?

  24. Wash your hands for 29 seconds…use paper towel to dry…use another towel to turn water off…AND OPEN THE SKANKY GERM INFESTED DOOR HANDLE TO LEAVE!


  26. she wet her hands, pumped the soap, washed… dried, used a paper towel to turn off faucet. but the soap was touched w hands that had been doing things w no gloves on. wouldn’t the pump mechanism b contaminated!

  27. She should have keep the gloves on when removing the bed pads I would have gloves on from beginning til ending while dealing with patient

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