Painting a Staircase | Benjamin Moore

When painting a staircase, working from the
top down is key, and just as with any other painting project, preparation is really important.
Now because staircases get so much traffic, you need to vacuum and remove all the dirt
and dust first. This way the paint will adhere much better. Now dust and clean the hand railing
and balusters as well. Use a fine grit sand paper to smooth the wood surfaces for painting. Clean the surface with a cloth after you finish
sanding; you may even need to vacuum the stairs once again. Now if you plan to add varnish
to the hand rail, do this step first before painting so that you don’t risk getting
varnish on your newly painted stairs. It’s a good idea to paint the balusters, the post,
and the hand rail before you paint the stairs. Now when you start painting, go from the top
of the staircase right down to the bottom, and paint one step at a time so you don’t
end up stepping on wet paint.

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