PAINTING A CLAY DRAGON WITH ACRYLICS 🐉🎨| St George and the Dragon Mixed Media Art Doll

– Greetings and welcome
to The Dream Syndicate, today we’re going
to be painting a clay dragon, with acrylics. (spooky music) Here’s our dragon head,
all ready to be painted. When I’m painting my
sculptures, I like to give a base undertone of a
color that’s related to the main color I’m using. So I’m going to be painting
this over with green so I thought the blue would
be a nice relative color. In a moment I’ll show you
the color palette that I used to make this
piece, but first I’m going to show you some of
the historical art that I was using to
reference the dragon, so there’s this history
of using greens, oranges, and yellows to make
dragons from medieval art, as you can see in the St.
George and the Dragon paintings. If you look at this five,
five red creature with flying you can see how the St.
George and the Dragon art informed it and I sort of
borrowed the neck fills as well. This is the palette
I’m going to use to paint the dragon head. Titanium white, Yellow Ochre,
Chromium Oxide Green, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue, and Phthalo Green. From these five colors,
I make six variation to work off of as
my base colors. Now I’m going to go and
cover the whole head with this green color that I
made, that I want to sort of coat the whole sculpture,
I’m not being particularly delicate about anything
except for the eyes, that’s something that
since they are a resin, I don’t want to cover those
over with an acrylic paint which is also plastic
so it would be kind of hard to
get off ultimately. And now I’m going to
coat his underbelly, it’s going to be under his
neck and under his mouth with a sort of pale
putty yellow color. (orchestral music) I’ve also applied
some of that yellow underbelly color
to around the eye. In the same way we
covered the head with that shade of green, we’re also
going to do the same with the claws, the clawed
hand, so we’re going to get in between the crevices, and
then to create some variation paint some blue around
these finger tips here. Next we’ll paint the claws
with this off white shade, so that’s Titanium White with
a little hint of Yellow Ochre. (orchestral music) If you’re enjoying
what you’re watching, don’t forget to subscribe
and hit the bell icon. Now is one of the rare
parts of the painting the sculpted head that
really makes me anxious, and that’s when I
get around the eyes, so I’m doing the
under eyelid here, I already did a blue
overtone for the over eyelid, and now I’m just going
back to the horn which is far and less
anxiety inducing. And then fill in that
back spike there. (orchestral music) Okay, back to the tense
moments here, so we’re trying to get as close as
we can to filling the eye, totally right against
the edge of that, without painting over it, but as
much as you try, you’re always going to get a
little bit of paint on that, and we’ll do what we can to
work around that a little later. As you’ll see here, there’s
a little bit of a mess I left myself to straighten up. What’s the best fix? Water of course, so luckily
that pink paint is still a little damp so I can rub
that across the resin eye and try to wear that away,
and its a little gross. The only way to paint that
pink inside the dragons nose is to shove a brush
in there and go to town. For the eyelids, the inside
of the nose and the mouth, I actually added Alizarin
Crimson to the color palette and its mostly that, Titanium
White, and Yellow Ochre. Now I’m going about trying to
clean up any stray paint marks I made, so that red for the
mouth, I’m just cleaning up with a darker green
that’s going on the lips, and some of that stray paint
is still on the eye so I’m trying to get that away,
scrape that away, even with an X-Acto now that it’s dry and pick it up with a Q-tip. And now I’m just doing some
last finishing details, I wanted a more
contrast on the eye, so I’m going to make a
darker blue shade over the upper eyelid, and that’ll do
it, this dragon heads all done. Thanks for watching, if you
want to join me in making the imaginary a reality
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