Onion Story || ఓ ఉల్లిపాయ కథ || Ancient Story.(Amma Kadhalu)

AN ONION STORY Once upon a time in a village, There was An Onion A Potato and A Tomato Used to be very friendly These 3 Vegetables united, Took bath in a River To devote Lord Shiva, they started going to Shiva Temple In middle of the route while crossing the Road A bullock cart which came very fast on that way Dashed onto Tomato In That Instant situation the Tomato fell under the wheel of bullock cart And got smashed On seeing that Scene the Onion and Potato Couldn’t control their Sadness and Mourned After some time ,on controlling their sadness and started their jouney again And walking step by step overley While going that way, a Big stone started rolling from the Mountain And fell on the Potato leaving it smashed After seeing that, the Onion Mourned lonely It reached the Temple crying And Crashed down Watching the Shivalinga alone in the Temple After Coupledays Lord shiva Appeared “Onion, Oh Onion get up, why are you crying a lot? What is the Reason of your Mourn ?” asked by Lord Shiva “Hara Hara Mahadeva Shambho Shankara” Greeted Him very respectfully “Lord, My Best friends Tomato and Potato Lost their lives In front of my eyes When Tomato died Me and Potato cried together, And when Potato died i Cried alone myself Lord, My concern is after I die there is no one to mourn or Cry a drop of tear for me Lord shiva showed mercy and understood the problem of the Onion And said “ Oh dear Onion, Dont Worry that there is no one to Cry and drop tears for you Whoever Cuts you for cooking and become cause of your death They will Drop tears for you and Cry This is the gift i am giving to you” This is the Story behind why we get tears when we cut an Onion

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  1. Naku malli naa childhood memories gurtvachii thanks alot guys Mee hard work… Graphics loo kannapadatundhi …😍😍 Hope elantivi inkaaaa Chala manchi videos cheyandhiii we all will. Support u

  2. E story maa nanna garu naa chinnathanam lo chepparu naa chinnapati rojulu gurthu chesaru thank you so much for this video 👌🙏💐👏

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