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  1. Thanks so much, I will definitely make these. All look yummy and although I'm not vegan we eat meat rarely and prefer veggie meals at least 4 times a week. My kids will love the variety… Thanks again xxx

  2. I made the thai noodle soup and OMG it was the most amazing thing I've ever made myself! My boyfriend loved it so much he ate three huge bowls haha. Thanks so much for our new go-to weekly recipe!

  3. Yeah, if i could find half of these ingredients i would eat like this, but only thing i can get is noodles, not even whole grain hahaah

  4. This looks amazing but no way is this 15min and I really don't have any of these ingredients 🙆‍♀️

  5. Instead of adding the specific spices to the tacos, would it work if I used the Mexican spice mix from the Lentil Taco Salad recipe?

  6. First time making taco recipe and it was really good! My mother who isnt even vegan even loved it. Cant wait to try the pasta one.

  7. Can I just say YOU HAVE THE BEST FOOD CHANNEL! your tone of voice pace and clarity is perfect. Thank you!
    Oh and I'm not vegan but the food is everything friendly!

  8. Wow ! Mind blown at how appetizing it is yet super duper healthy ❤️ glad to have subscribed

    Also thank you for the heads up on WIX !

  9. Excited to try the tempeh. Thanks for including pdfs of the recipes on your website, they're so helpful!

  10. Omg is that a lotus root chopstick stand??? SO CUTE! May I ask where you got it? Everything is so drool-worthy.. Yummm!

  11. I've recently started watching your Channel wow, you really are inspiring me in many ways, thank you! Is the table runner in this episode linen? Where could we buy this? Love from your home turf Canada❤

  12. This inspired me to get a Creuset casserole – can i ask what is the size you are using here? is it 22 or 24 cm? Great videos! I just subscribed!

  13. Greetings from Costa Rica. First at all thank you very much for sharing your recipes and knowledge, you are awesome and I am so in love with all your recipes, and I have a question. How do you keep your pans and pots so white and clean? I've try to keep mine that way but they still look like burn or old. It's not like I cook with a lot of oil, and I used all kind of not abrasive method to clean them up, but no luck, please show us how you do it. Thank you.

  14. My family and I made the pea and basil pesto pasta last night together, and it was a hit! Especially delighted that our 7 year old picky eater hummed while she chewed! <3 This recipe is going into rotation! Sadia, thanks for sharing your insights and recipes with us!

  15. Sadia, thank you for this channel. My dinners were often hummus and pita chip or eating out. Watching these videos I’ve found joy in the process of learning to cook and sharing my food with others. I’ve made many of your recipes, which are tasty and I thoroughly enjoy. Tonight was my first time making your crispy tofu curry and my tastebuds exploded-it was SO good. I am truly grateful to you for opening up a fun, whole to world of cooking at 38 years old. Thank you.

  16. Great video! I made the red curry recipe and I liked it a lot, the only comment I have is that the red bell pepper gives a kind of weird taste to it, of course it has to do with personal preferences.

  17. For once i have (almost) all of needed ingredients at home! I love these simple recipes so i don't need many complicated ingredients

  18. Food looks delicious! My question is when eating so natural how do you make sure nothing goes bad or goes to waste before you use it? Would love a video on some tips for food storage.

  19. Hi. I am from India. Your lifestyle , food are different from us still I try to catch as may things as possible from your videos . I Love Your Voice, I Love your Personality, I love your Positivity , Calmness, I Like You despite of these differences . Lots of love from India.

  20. I would try the burrito things first but I don't have all those ingredients. You have a lot of sort of unusual ingredients and it seems like it would be hard to stock your house with that stuff and keep it on hand. wish I could but I don't think I have the money or the time. still, love the recipes. thx

  21. Are your fresh herbs 🌿 planted in pots or sitting in water? I buy them to keep indoors and they never stay full and lush like when I first get them home. What am I doing wrong?

  22. Thanks for your videos I totally adore them! I live in a dorm in a new country for me so my food options are kind of limited but your videos keep me inspired to eat healthy and respectful of the planet, all that from my dorm! Haha

  23. Every time I go to the Pick Up Limes Blog, the page starts, then freezes and I don't see what I went there for in the first place. This has happened every time.

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