Meet Visually Impaired Painter Richard Harlow

I’m Richard Harlow. I am a vision impaired artist. A lot of my work is very vibrant in colour. I like being able to actually incorporate different textures So having water feel like water and glossy Making you feel the ripples in the waves. All those sort of smaller details that are lost if you’re blind. To be able to paint and do photography and do these other things, I have to have the image really close or blown up for me to be able to see it. In 2010 over about a six-month time period When I was going to Emily Carr University in Vancouver I started having my right eye start getting a little blurry in the very center They found out that I have Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy. It affects about one in 50,000 people. I work with different gel mediums. All of my work is in acrylic. But I I mix the paints into the acrylics and mix sometimes actual objects into the acrylic. Most people don’t realize that blind people can do art, even. Most people don’t realize that galleries are not accessible to people with disabilities I’m someone who is breaking the rule of “don’t touch the art in the gallery”.

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