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  1. Hello dear Sadia,
    I appreciate your efforts to spread awareness about healthy food and nutrition. However, I am a bit disappointed with this video!

    I am also a wellness enthusiast and have been learning about naturopathy & Ayurveda from years. As per my Knowledge and experience I would like to share the following:

    1. Storing cut/chopped foods and purées in fridge/freezer & cooking any food on high flame literally snatches away all the nutritional value!

    Youtubers like you must consider long term health and promote healthy habits. I believe one should give sufficient time in cooking & eat freshly cooked food (no cold storage stuff) if one wants to get rid of doctors and diseases like acidity, obesity, joint pains, infertility in early age! Lazy people spend less time in kitchen and sadly then they have to spend more time in hospitals!

    2. Using non-sticks, aluminium (utensils & foils), plastic, & ceramic cookware are dangerous! Even microwaves, ovens and inductions are… but we should try to avoid the harmful things as much as we can! I would appreciate if you make a video on abandoning all these and switching to natural ways of cooking using organic cookware like earthen, brass, copper, glass.

    3. Tears while cutting onions are healthy! We should not escape from them! Infact many organic eye drops are mads using onion juice, Rose water, glycerin.

    4. Tip for peeling garlic quickly & easily- dip in water and you’ll not feel sticky!

    5. It is a good idea for all those who cook to dip hands in warm water having lemon juice, Rose water and coconut oil, to get rid of all smells!😊

    I hope you will consider these facts and make more healthy videos. Sorry if you feel my comment is long but I really felt it was important to share it with you, as I deeply care for long term health and wellness for all of us!

    Happy world health day 2019.

    Cheers, love & blessings!
    ~ Jyotika

  2. I have a tip for YOU. To get rid of the garlic smell on your fingers, simply rub the wide side of the stainless steel knife, rinse with cool water and the smell is gone. No need to buy one of those expensive stainless steel pieces they sell in kitchen stores either. They're no different than the steel of a stainless knife. That's what I use every single day. Easy peasy.

  3. What do you say about food for a blood type? I blot a lot and I was told that as a blood group AB, I shouldn’t eat Avocados and bananas?

  4. @Sadia: Hey girl. For the garlic peeling…just take a long glass jar. Throw the separated garlic pods inside. Shake that jar like you mean it. It loosens the skin and makes the peeling really easier.

  5. Just found your channel love it right up my street. Can I ask how long you can keep the peeled garlic in the fridge for? I buy frozen already chopped garlic which I use when I’m sort on time but like to idea of pre peeling fresh garlic. Thanks

  6. Hummus : You are THE Smartest human alive for making your own hummus and making that food processor your best friend. ?Have you ever thought about using black beans to make your hummus to avoid that high omega 6 content in the chickpeas?

  7. I'm sorry if this sounds disrespectful, but this girl is so beautiful that I could not even pay attention to what she said.

  8. put garlick cloves in a glass jar and screw the lid on… shake violently for 30 seconds, voila. thank me later.

  9. Include sprouting ( lentils , chickpeas ) ! It’s so easy . I just started learning . Saving all your videos , btw .

  10. Honestly, I’m just amazed by how articulate you are. I want to learn more about that than the nutrition..any practice tips?

  11. Hi Sadia! At 3:46 there are those sort of small breads/ soft crackers, and uve seen them in so many of your videos, but cant find anything like them!? What are they called or where you purchase them? Thanks!💛

  12. Glad to see this is what a vegan dietician does because it is exactly what I do every weekend. It makes my life so much easier and healthier to do my food prep on my day off.

  13. For garlic smell on hands, when washing hands, rub with soap and a stainless steel spoon or other stainless steel implement. The steel takes away the garlic smell.

  14. Trying to catch up on your YouTube presentations. What is best fresh cooked ( how do I do that.) or canned chicken peas?

  15. How long do you think the onion, quinoa or lentils could be stored in the fridge before they go bad?

  16. So inspired by your videos…. I am just on the start of healthy life style. Found your channel is like miracle. You have everything here. So usefull.

  17. If you rub your fingers on the sink after you cut garlic the smell will go away. Rub your fingers on stainless steel.thank me later lol

  18. You are Awesome! I love you and your videos. Very informative, healthy, and fun. Keep up the great work! Also, I have found that when I keep my mouth completely closed while cutting/chopping onions I do not cry and it is not be nearly as bad as when I am talking. Please try it and see if it makes a difference in your experience. Love ya!!!😘😇💝

  19. Loving the music in your videos..so soothing. New subbie binge watching all of your videos. THEY ARE ALL SO GOOD!

  20. I felt when you said cutting onions makes you cry! Onions in the processor to cut!!! 😭😭😭 why didn't I think of that before!!!!

  21. Thanks Sadia, really so sweet to see you. I want to know how you make granola. I don't see the video link below.

  22. Store bought hummus is Horrible compared to what you can easily make at home. I eat it almost every day too
    Another great Video

  23. Hello!! I am thinking of doing meal preps at home on weekends then bring them to my dorm however I don't have fridge in my dorm. Will they spoil?

  24. First.. Hot food in direct plastic container… Congress u r one step closer to unfit n harmful life.. Second don't eat 2 3 days previous cooked food.. It's toxic to u.. Better cook when you want it… For minimising the time cut vegetable at night for breakfast. And wake like half hour early to manage time.. Half hour is enough to make 2 3 people meal.. If it's usual. N not fancy..

  25. You might have done that in another video, but I`d love to see you turning those into actual meals. It would really help a beginner in meal preping like myself.

  26. So, have you ever thought about doing your own set of meditation videos?! ☺️ Your voice is so soothing and makes me want to cook all of the things!!!
    Thanks for so much kitchen and lifestyle inspiration 💛

  27. If you smash garlic and add rock salt and half amount of oil , it will be in your freezer for 6 mouths.
    It's the best cooking hack I've ever used 💯🔥

  28. Garlic tip….. Pill them as many as you can, put in a glass jar and full with olive oil….. Now you get pilled garlic when you need and garlic oil for flavor and not smell!!!!! Last up to 6 months

  29. This Video was so helpful I was looking for these kind of vegan meal preping videos where you only prepare certain ingredients and not whole meals, cause it´s kinda boring for me to know what I am gonna be eating the whole week 🙈 thank you very much ☺️ But I have a question: Did you cooked the lentils before you putted them in the fridge or did you put there only the soaked ones to make them cooking faster?

  30. Hi, dear Sadia. First of all, thank you for what you're doing! :3 I'd like to ask, maybe I've missed this information, how long, for example, garlic or vegetables or humus can be fresh? I don't know why but my products end very fast in fridge or out of it. Thank you or others repliers in advice!

  31. It will be great if you can mention which ones we have to keep in fridge and which one in freezer.

    Thanks for sharing the tips.

  32. Hello Sadia. I love your channel!! I have a food intolerance to bananas, avocado, and mushrooms which makes being a vegan tougher. Could you give me ideas to substitute these foods in say smoothies and overnight oats?

  33. Where do you find your whole grain breads and crackers? I've checked my healthfood stores including Whole Foods and have not seen anything. I try not to eat a lot of carbs but if I could find some really healthy breads and crackers I would enjoy them on occasion. thanks

  34. Love the east going attitude and loved your video on how to take the diet matter easy on urself but ear healthy often. It's a reminder to be nice to urself. Thank you so much. Ur videos are easy on my chest cuz as a mum of four I tend to be be to hard on myself. Not enjoying life but restricting all the time. But Ur videos remind me to be easy on myself and things will happen eventually. Thanks again.

  35. Hi Sadia, Thank you for your videos but isn't it bad to store food in the fridge and better to prepare fresh food every time?

  36. Hi Sadia.
    I'm from India.
    Ayurvedic principles tell us that we should always eat freshly cooked food…especially within 3 hours of the cooking time. Now that's not possible for a working woman where we carry our tiffins and work for long hours.
    So doesn't cooked food kept in the fridge loose its nutritional value.

  37. I just discovered your channel, I am not vegan nor trying to become one, But I appreciate your tips and videos like this. Also, you're gorgeous !

  38. Hey Sadia ^_^, I really like how informative the videos on Pick Up Limes are! I was wondering what does a vegan grocery list look like? I'm interested in ultimately going vegan but just don't know where to start. Are there any vegan recipe websites/cookbooks that you recommend trying for vegan newbies? Thanks a bunch!

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