Making Crystal By Hand in Ireland | My Shopify Business Story

I always had this idea
that I would like to work for myself and be more
creative in what I did, rather than just producing
designs that were created
by somebody else. The biggest decision
I had to make at that time, was to leave
a very well-paid job and set out on my own –
which was, probably way back at that time,
unheard of, of the people that would have
left Waterford Crystal. The history of glass goes back
centuries really in Waterford. It just seems that
the people in this area took to crystal design
and making, with their ease. There’s something beautiful
about crystal – the way it catches its light –
and every design that you put on a piece
of crystal reacts differently. But I think that
when you’re holding a piece of crystal in your hand
– and you get that feel. That you can feel that design,
that it’s not mass-produced. You can feel the sharpness
of the cuts and that somebody
has painstakingly spent a lot of time creating
that object. It’s not just a product. It has a story attached to it. They’re all based on our
landscape, our history and our culture. It’s been an interesting journey
since I left Waterford Crystal. I suppose a lot has happened
since then. Technology has changed a lot. People’s perception of crystal
has changed as well. Younger people now, we’re trying
to make it exciting for them, that they will own crystal
again. But I’ve been doing this
for over 40 years now. So that’s a lot of experience
in crystal design and crystal cutting. I’m still learning every day,
new ways to do things. I’m probably at my happiest when I’m working on the wheel
with just a piece of crystal. I don’t consider
what I do as a job. I don’t look at the clock, wondering is it five o’clock
and time to go home. But every time
that I do something here, and somebody sees
what I do, it’s keeping
the art and craft alive. If you have something
that you believe in, and that you’re able to do, you
should always follow your dream. Most people that work
for themselves don’t think of retiring. While I continue to enjoy
what I do, I will keep doing it. I’ll probably be taken
out of here legs first.

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