31 Replies to “Lumberjack Plaid Polymer Clay Cane – Rustic Christmas Decor”

  1. This is such a great cane, really fun! I'm surprised at the 50/50 mix – I would have thought the black would be too overpowering. It isn't though, it looks perfect. xx

  2. Hi Cindy, I was wondering if you have a video on clay appliqué or embroidery technique. I did a search but couldn't find it. The pieces on them are so delicate. There is a lot of information to know for baking and making sure the embroidered clay pieces do not fall off. They are gorgeous and my favorite thing to do but very hard to get the pattern even among other things.

  3. This reminds me of the playdo maker I had when I was a child! I loved that thing! How fun this looks! Is it hard on the hans?

  4. Thanks Cindy, great tutorial xxx it's popular here in England but I'm not sure what it's called, probably tartan. Thank you both for all the videos this year, I've learnt loads. Happy Christmas to you and yours

  5. kindly tell me how much long should i bake a clay which is non branded & ppl say it as thailand polymer clay… please help me

  6. just saying, your new hair suits you. you look more youthful with that hairstyle 🙂 love the tutorial btw, thank you!

  7. OMG that sweater cane!!! When I saw your bracelet I wondered if that was one of your creations, I love it!!! Going to check that out next, your videos are awesome!

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