Lateral: Game 1 with Kat Arney, Helen Arney, Simon Clark, and Sally Le Page

Which office item
is called ‘un trombone’ in French? The answer…
at the end of the show. Hello, and welcome to Lateral. This is a quiz all about thinking
outside the box and coming up with answers
that you may not expect. Playing today, first of all, we have… Well, do introduce yourselves. I’m Dr Kat Arney,
I’m a science writer and broadcaster. I’m Helen Arney, I’m her sister and I make songs and books,
and shows about science. And do you have a team name? It seems like
there’s an obvious choice here. Okay, we were going to go Team Arney, but thanks to some
unkind bullying at primary school, we’re going to be called Team Terminator,
to get our own back on them. -Excellent.
-And we will be back. I was going to go with the Arney Sisters,
but it sounds like a really twee folk band so team Terminator
is a good alternative to that. Anything you’re particularly strong on
or weak on here? -Physics.
-Biology. -Please no sport questions.
-No sport. I have no idea what’s coming up in this round. I can’t promise anything. -Can we have a question about the double luge?
-Any particular reason? It’s the only sport I know about. I’d say I’ll see what I can do but there’s
literally nothing I can do. Okay, playing against you today, we have… We’re Team Double Luge. I’m Simon Clark,
I’m a recovering PhD student. I am Sally Le Page, I am doing a
PhD in Evolutionary Biology at the moment. Are you actually Team Double Luge,
are we going to go with that? No. We are going to go for
a Coldplay classic and go for Viva La Vida, and hope that Simon
doesn’t get flashbacks to his viva. Alright,
I’ll probably shorten that to Team Viva because I’m not going to be able
to say all those syllables every time. Anything you’re hoping comes up today? I think between us, again,
we’ve got a physicist and a biologist so science would be good. Alright, well very best of luck
as we start Round One. Round One is called Deep Thought. There are six lateral thinking questions
in this round. You’re going to have sixty seconds
to answer a question. The earlier you buzz in, the more points
you get and if you don’t know it immediately, I’m going to give you a clue
after each fifteen seconds. It starts at worth four points;
after each clue, one of those points goes away. If you buzz in and get it right,
you get the points. If you buzz in and get it wrong,
it hands over to your opponents and the clock starts again. You all ready? No. -As we can be…
-Close enough. Team Terminator,
you’re getting the first question this round. Buzz in when you know the answer. Have a look at this. What do these two things
have in common? Okay, is that, it’s Helena Bonham Carter
and a shotgun, right. Shotgun wedding, wedding… Er, has she been in any films
that involve guns? She’s been in like
the one with the… -I can think Tim Burton, scary things.
-… the wardrobe. Tim Burton. Weird goth, Frankenstein, is that… The woman is Helena Bonham Carter. Okay, yeah. That’s the worst clue ever! -Okay.
-What kind of a clue is that? On the right, is that a gun?
Are we sure about that? -Another clue for me?
-Double-barrel… -Oh!
-Double-barrels. Is exactly right, for three points. Oh, I like what you did there. Helena Bonham Carter
has a double-barrelled name; the shotgun is double-barrelled. You left that high-five hanging
a long time there. -Just feel like…
-You can wait. -It’s okay.
-I’m still the favourite, you know. I’ve waited my whole life. You’ve suddenly slammed that
out of nowhere. It was bold, it worked. What did we get? Did we get… -You got three points.
-You get a gun. Team Viva, what item of clothing
is known in Japanese as a ‘Sebiro’? A Sebiro, okay. Items of clothing that it could be, like literally anything
in the human language, okay. Well, I’m guessing it’s something that isn’t; so it’s not a Japanese named
item of clothing, like a kimono type thing. -It’s the Japanese name
for another item of clothing. -Yeah.
-So that’s pretty wide open at the moment. -Do you know…
-It has a London connection. Has a London connection. Erm, are you from London? Oh, er, nylon has got a London connection,
New York-London. Do you want to… I don’t know. -Let’s wait for another one.
-It’s something to do with the sound of the word. Sebiro, so it’s onomatopoeic. It’s an item of clothing
that sounds like ‘Sebiro’. Sebiro, Sebiro. I don’t think if I say it over and over again,
it’ll be obvious. It has a connection to a specific street. This would be really helpful
if either of us lived in London. -It’s like a suit, or a jacket.
-Oh, erm… Go for it! -For one point.
-A jacket. -Specifically?
-A suit jacket, a tailored jacket. -Yes.
-Savile Row. Yes, it’s a Savile Row business suit. -I heard a gasp from over there.
-Yeah, we’ve got to do something. Yes, you’re absolutely right. Saville Row gets translated into Japanese
as Sebiro. Ah, okay. Team Terminator, this one’s for you. In 2012,
the Australian Broadcasting Company had to permanently remove one of the
episodes of Peppa Pig from its library because of one of the show’s characters. However,
the episode continues to run in the UK. What was the problem? -Oh, I remember, yeah…
-I know this. Because I was talking about it
with my husband last night, exactly this. It was about spiders and it was saying, “Don’t worry, everyone. Spiders are fine. “Spiders are our friends.
Love spiders, don’t kill them.” This is not a good plan
for your personal safety in Australia. They hide in the toilet and kill you. -Even I know this.
-Aaargh! You’re exactly right, that’s four points
straight off the bat, congratulations. I don’t know who Peppa Pig is
but I know about the toilet spiders. Team Viva, in some French villages, it’s traditional to call upon
the services of a ‘Quatorzième’ at a dinner party or restaurant meal. Though likely unknown to the group, it’s thought to be preferable
to feed a stranger than to leave it to luck. Why? ‘Quatorzième’ sounds like it’s got four
to do with it. Four, so fourth. Oh, no, fourteenth. -Fourteenth at a dinner.
-Oh, is this because it’s got a… Because you don’t want to have thirteen guests? A fear of the number thirteen
or associating it with being unlucky. Yes, you’re absolutely right,
they’re the fourteenth person at the table. To avoid having the number of thirteen
around the table, -that’s absolutely right for four points.
-Okay. This is a high scoring game,
this is going well. How many people do we have to pay
to get fourteen on our team? I mean, I’d say I accept bribes, but…
I do accept bribes. That’s absolutely true. The next two questions are on the buzzer
for both teams. So both of you, fingers on buzzers. In the 1910s, Brooklyn had streetcar trams
on the city’s roads, which proved to be an occupational hazard
for pedestrians of the city. It was such a feature of the city
that they named a sports team after those pedestrians… That was a buzz! You better have got this right. Is it the Dodgers, the LA Dodgers? It is, astonishingly for four points,
the Los Angeles Dodgers. What? That’s not even in Brooklyn. -I mean, Brooklyn…
-Team ‘Don’t Ask us Questions About Sport’. I don’t even know anything about sport. -Then the question goes on to say…
-Finish reading it out. They moved to the West Coast. You’re absolutely right, that is four points
for Team Terminator. -Congratulations.
-Ooh! Well, the Philadelphia Tutters are… Last question in this round
is on the buzzer, so if you’re ready… London’s Millennium Concert and the
wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana are just two of the major events that required
laying of cables over long distances through tiny underground tunnels. The engineers didn’t have poles that could push the wire through these long,
twisty tunnels. So what did they do instead? Used ferrets? -Is absolutely right, for four points.
-Yes! -No!
-Good grief! See, we can do it too! They do that for aeroplanes as well, when they want to feed wires into aeroplane
engines, they put a ferret through. Not only have you got the question right
for four points, you have also given the
background information that I have got on my card
for an extra point. -That’s not an extra point.
-Damn it! In what is frankly an
astonishingly high-scoring first round, -Team Terminator, you have eleven points.
-Whoa! Team Viva, you’re on nine. The second round
is called Second Thoughts. Teams, you’re going to see twelve numbers
on the board. Each of you is going to take turns to pick a
number and reveal the clue that is behind it. There is one thing that all those clues
point to, and I need you to tell me what it is and it’s got to be exactly what’s on there. There are plenty of things
that some of these clues could match with. It needs to be what’s true for all of them. No penalty for guessing wrong,
so take a guess even if you’re not sure – it might just be right. Team Terminator, you’re starting this round so pick a number off the board. -Eight.
-Number eight. Needs cement. -A building!
-Dentistry. I’m going to take your first answer
there on building. What kind of a dentist do you go to? I’m not going to ask;
we’re going to throw it over. -Pick a number.
-After you. One.
-Number one. Makes a picture or a pattern. -Makes a picture and needs cement.
-Masonry art. Is not what I have,
so we’re going to pass that back over. You pick a number this time, I didn’t do well.
-Six. Number six. -Glass or stone.
-Ooh, I think mosaic. Mosaic because you would have cement, you’d make a picture,
and could have glass or stone. -Need an answer.
-Mosaic! Is correct, for four points.
Absolutely right. You were very clear with masonry art, but if we have a look
at what else is on the board, there isn’t a browser called Masonry Art
and you don’t generally find one in paint. Team Viva, you kick off the next one. Pick a number off the board.
-Number ten. Number ten. Sam’s fire engine. Red. Lots of fire engines are, but no,
not what I’ve got on the card. So Team Terminator. -Let’s go three.
-Number three. Zeus. -Is it lightning?
-It’s not. I’m going to pass it back over for four points.
Pick a number. -Number eight, please.
-Number eight. Roman army symbol. Lightning bolt? No. No, I’m going to pass that back over,
so for four points, pick a number. -Five. Five is calling to me.
-Number five. The largest of eight. Octave? No. Octave is not what I’ve got,
so pass it back for three points. -Number two.
-Number two. A famous anticyclone. Famous… -Eagle!
-Eagle. I can sort of see why you’re going there
but it’s not what I’ve got. -Okay.
-Passing it back over, pick a number. -Eleven.
-Number eleven. One of the giants. So like thunder, tornado… I can’t think of any. -Eight sticks.
-Eight sticks? I’m saying eight sticks. I’m going to take your first answer
as I have to. -I’m saying something.
-It’s not eight sticks. For two points? -Number four, please.
-Number four. Strong magnetic field. Tesla, earth, iron core, iron… The planets… -Need an answer.
-Jupiter. Yes! Correct, for two points. -You are exactly…
-Impressive! -Where did that come from?
-The strong magnetic field. Jupiter has a really cool magnetic field
because it’s metallic hydrogen in its core. It’s the big red spot. The famous anticyclone
is the Great Red Spot, yes. And Zeus is Jupiter in a different… Fireman Sam’s fire engine is called Jupiter. Team Terminator, you’ve got
the first choice on the next board. Two boards left on this round
so pick a number. -Okay, four. Let’s go with number four.
-Number four. -You’re doing all the guesses.
-Funny. Take a shot. My sister, Kat. -It is not.
-Aww! It’s lovely, but not what I’ve got on the card. I’m the youngest,
I’m always trying to curry favour, always. Team Viva, pick a number. I’m going to keep the symmetry;
let’s go for nine. Number nine. Parts three and four have similar endings. One of the Shakespeares. -Henry VIII.
-Or it could be Star Wars. -You like Star Wars.
-Star Wars. No, not what I’ve got, so pick a number. -Six.
-Number six, okay. -Six.
-Number six. -Anapaestic.
-I’m sorry, but ‘Anapaestic’ sounds like something your doctor would say
if you’re pregnant. Can I get a guess, please? Back to the Future. Is not what I’ve got, so… -Keep the symmetry, number seven.
-Number seven. Thirteen feet in total. A very unusual football team. No, no, what’s the imperial measurement? Rod. Is not what I’ve got, so Team Terminator? -Eleven.
-Okay. Sometimes rude. Funny, sometimes rude, thirteen feet –
it is me, you know. It’s my sister, Kat. It still isn’t, so I’m going to take that as
your answer if you don’t give me anything else.
Pick a number. Number one, please. -Number one.
-Oh, we broke the symmetry. Introduces a person and place. By-line. By-line is not what I’ve got,
so for two points, Team Terminator. Let’s go for eight. -Number eight. Irish county.
-Oh god. -Okay, so you’ve got Galway.
-So you’ve got Wexford, Galway. -Kilpatrick. -Killarney!
-Kilarney. I hope that’s not an instruction, but no, it’s… -It’s not what I’ve got.
-It’s my sister, Kat. Handing it over. -Five, please.
-Number five, okay. Spike Milligan. Oh. Monty Python. Monty Python is not what I’ve got
so for one point, pick a number. -Three?
-Number three. Parts one, two and five
have similar endings. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Again, I can see where you’re going with that,
but… -It’s a quadrilogy, there’s four.
-It’s not what I’ve got, so… -Number twelve.
-Number twelve. ‘Book of Nonsense.’ Book of Mormon. Book of Mormon is not what I’ve got. -We’re still on one point, so…
-Okay, I know what it is now. Well, let’s have another clue though.
I mean, you know… -Number two.
-In case I’m completely wrong? Rhymes. -It’s Limerick.
-It is Limerick. -You’re absolutely right.
-Oh. So what does ‘Anapaestic’ mean? ‘Anapaestic’ is the
da-da-da-da, da-da-da-dum. -The meter of it.
-The meter of it. -Ah, okay.
-Feet are the counts of the rhyme scheme. If we’d got ‘There was’,
I think we would have had that. So that is one point still. -Last board in this round.
-Okay, they’re a point ahead. Team Viva, you need five points to tie. -It can be done.
-We’ve done it before. So pick a number. -Number six, please.
-Number six. University course. Physics. Physics is not what I’ve got,
so Team Terminator, pick a number. -Three.
-Number three. -It’s like the Mind Meld.
-Oh yeah. Created by an earl. Okay, so sandwich. -Ah, sandwich.
-We’ve… Sandwich is the right answer. -What?!
-For five points. How on earth is a university course
a sandwich? -A sandwich course.
-A sandwich course. Oh, I just thought you meant
it was like sports studies; you can now do like sandwich studies
or something. No, there’s a thing called a sandwich course. Also, all of those on the board but you… What’s a sandwich submarine? A submarine sandwich,
it’s what Subway sells. I didn’t know that’s what it was short for. That’s why it’s called Subway. Which means that
as we go into the final round, Team Terminator
have a ten point lead. -God.
-Ooh. -I feel…
-You can leave me hanging now. Yeah! Round three is Quick Thought. Each team has ninety seconds
of thinking time but because you’re in the lead,
you’ve got an extra five seconds for each of those points you have in hand. So that’s an extra fifty seconds, puts you
onto two minutes and twenty seconds. And your clock is going to start first
over there so as soon as you think you know the
answer, buzz in. If you’re right, your opponent’s clock
is going to start. If you’re wrong, you’ll lose ten seconds
and you’re going to get the next question. First team whose clock runs out
is going to lose so very best of luck to you both. It’s fine, we’re going to win this. -Psyche them out.
-Okay. Good luck, losers. We love you. -Team Viva.
-Yes. Fingers on the buzzers,
your time starts now. On which day of the calendar year
do the fewest people die? February 29th. -Is correct.
-Ooh, good one. -Ooh.
-2:20 on your clock. In 1939, who received an Oscar consisting of a full sized award
next to seven miniature ones? -So it must be
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. -Walt Disney?
-So it would be Walt Disney. -It was given for the… yes?
-Walt Disney. Walt Disney is correct. 1:26 on your clock. An organisation took out adverts
in Playbill saying -‘You’ve seen the play, now read the…’
-Church of Mormon. No, it’s Book of Mormon. I was going to ask about the Playbill
they were advertising in. – It is not the correct answer.
– Fifty-fifty. – So that’s ten seconds away…
– (Sorry.) – and the clock restarts for you. Which building, completed in 2013, was designed to have an
architectural height of 541.3 metres? -Wait, is it the Gherkin?
-No, it’s the Burj Khalifa. -Okay.
-The Burj Khalifa. Is not the right answer. That is 1776 feet. It was One World Trade Center
in New York. -That’s ten seconds away again.
-I’m not letting you buzz without confirming. -I’m going to sit on my hands.
-Christ. Clock restarts. Why do so many tourists take photos
outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art but don’t go in? -What’s on the outside?
-It’s where Rocky runs up the steps. -Because I’m sitting on my hands.
-Do you actually think that? -That’s where Rocky runs up the steps.
-The entrance is up high from the ground level. It’s where Rocky runs up the steps. -Yes, you’re absolutely right.
-What does that even mean? -What did I just say?
-They are the steps from Rocky. -You shouldn’t have sat on your hands that one.
-I don’t trust myself, Tom! Team Terminator,
two minutes nine seconds. Who is the subject of Alberto Korda’s
photograph with the English title, ‘Heroic Guerrilla Fighter’? Heroic Guerrilla Fighter? -Che Guevara?
-Is correct. 40.7 seconds. In which film is the Sonny and Cher song,
‘I Got You Babe’ heard ten times? -Groundhog Day.
-Groundhog Day is correct, yes. Two minutes and two seconds. What object has yellow opposite white,
green opposite blue and orange opposite red? Rubik’s cube. A Rubik’s cube is correct. -God, I nearly said Trivial Pursuit.
-37.6 seconds. Which instrument measures altitudes in
astronomy and navigation to a maximum arc of sixty degrees? Altitudes in astronomy? It’s not a theodolite. What… -Sextant?
-I don’t know… Let’s wait for… There’s 360 degrees in a full circle. I know that. Shall we try… sextant. Sextant is correct, yes. -You have ten seconds left on your clock…
-Jesus. …but you’ve stopped it. Team Terminator, 1:57. Which world famous landmark is known as
‘The Long Graveyard’? I don’t even want to say anything
because anything I say would be like… Plenty of time, take your time, guys. Many people died during its construction. -Oh.
-Oh, is it a canal… No, it’s a canal or a railway. The Suez Canal. Suez Canal. Is wrong. It’s the Great Wall of China. So that’s ten seconds away
and your clock restarts. Which chemical element is named after
the Greek word for ‘foreign’ or ‘stranger’? Oh, come on, I know this. You’ve got time, go through them all. Antimony, arsenic, aluminium, iridium,
hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen… It was discovered shortly after krypton
and neon. Nickel, neodymium, neptunium,
germanium, iron, americium, ruthenium, uranium, europium, zirconium… -This isn’t getting anywhere.
-No. So what’s stranger? It starts with an uncommon
letter of the alphabet. -Oh, xenon.
-Xenon. -Yes!
-Xenophobia, all words like that. You’re right. -10.7 seconds – it can be done.
-Buzz if you know it. Which general
wore his bicorn hat sideways because it didn’t restrict
his view of the battlefield? -Either Napoleon, or…
-Napoleon. Is correct. -Oh!
-Team Terminator, one minute and four. Which fictional land was inspired
by the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet? -Narnia?
-Is the wrong answer. -That’s ten seconds away.
-No, why would you say that? It was the Land of Oz. The bottom drawer was O to Z. 48.9 seconds, your clock restarts. Which two-digit number is considered
unlucky in Italy because ‘Vixi’ means ‘I have lived’
in Latin? -Oh, it must be five…
-Ooh. -So it’s five, one, ten…
-‘I have lived’ implies you’re dead. -Five.
-Five one ten one, so it’s… No, six eleven. -Seventeen?
-Seventeen is correct. It’s the sum of the letters. Can we have a nice quick question, please? 4.7 seconds. What is the main image
on the obverse of the new £1 coin? -The Queen.
-Is correct. The obverse is the side
with the Queen’s head. -Oh my God!
-It’s always the Queen’s head. It’s fine, human reaction time
is 0.1 seconds, we can do this. -Team Terminator, 32.4 seconds.
-Oh God! Which food items come in four official
shapes: the bell, ball, boot and bow-tie? -I need an answer now.
-Pasta. No, it’s Chicken McNuggets. -What?
-How is a ‘bow-tie’ a chicken nugget? 17.1 seconds. Which fashion house was named after the
type of tree that the founder used to walk past
on his way to school? Like… oak, lime… It’s a heritage British label. Bir… Burberry? -Mulberry!
-Is not the right answer. It’s mulberry! -We did it!
-With 1.1 seconds on your clock. -Oh my God! Congratulations, Team Viva,
you are straight through to the next round. Team Terminator, you are not out yet. We will see you again, -but you’ve a slightly longer route…
-And the fashion house? -It was…
-It was Mulberry. Mulberry and you knew it,
but I have to take the first answer. So thank you very much, both of you,
for playing. -Congratulations, we’ll see you…
-I want a lie down after that. …in an episode’s time. -We’ll see you soon as well.
-You’ve ruined next Christmas. We’ll see you next time, on Lateral. I’d say as a mother of a toddler, this is really disappointing
that I did not get the Fireman Sam. “Norman Price!
Get back here this minute!”

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