Kathleen Tesar on the Well-Rounded Artist | Juilliard Snapshot

[upbeat jazz music]
♫ ♫ ♫ Talk about a well-rounded artist and in some ways I don’t think you really can be a well-rounded artist, because you have the thing in your life that’s like this big and…and then you have the rest of you. But the artists that I personally admire our ones who actually might read books on subjects that aren’t their art, or they might like to look at visual art, even though there art might be spoken art. So it’s the things that bring you depth, so I don’t know if I would say a well-rounded artist is a good thing, I’d say a deep artist is a good thing. Someone who has these insights into life and this willingness to embrace, or at least dip a toe in the water of something that’s not familiar–whether it’s being on tour in a foreign country and trying the food or trying some repertoire that you wouldn’t normally do. These things are the things that keep us alive and that require a little bit of bravery along the way. [upbeat jazz music]
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