Joseph Zbukvic, Herman Pekel and Alvaro Castagnet paint a watercolour street scene simultaneously

G’day viewers, my name is Graeme Stevenson and I’d like to invite you to come on a journey of creativity and learning and adventure through the series series Colour In Your Life. There’s an artist in every family throughout the world and lots of times there’s an artist deep down inside all of us as well So grab your kids, your brothers, your sisters, your aunties, your aunties, uncles and mums and dads, and come and see how some of the best artists in Australia do what they do. (Music Plays) Ok guys welcome back to colour in your life, this without a doubt is going to be of the most exciting days we’ve ever had.
I’m standing in Jo Zubviks studio in Fitzroy with his good friends Alvaro Castagnet and Herman Pekel and this is going to be an exciting day because for the first time and you’ve already put it and its gone sort of viral, but for the first time they’re going to do
a painting, all three of them together. Now normally the guys would do this on a two off situation, but you’re doing this today with all three of you, so it’s a first time. How do you feel about it? AAHHH we’ll find out. Ok, but it a lot of fun, these guys aren’t just great
friends they’re also the greatest Master Water colour Artists in the world, so what they’re going to produce today is absolutely
going to be mind boggling for us, but I think we really need to get straight into this and I think we can
probably do some talking as we go along Ahh and its obviously a big piece and its going
to take them a while to do so who’s first up. Herman’s going first, talking and bantering This is going to be a lot of fun let me tell you, so let’s get into it Herman what are you doing? Actually this was supposed to be serious,
but I’ve decided we’re just going to have fun and that’s the way it’s going to be alright Herman’s the first one to start Herman starts the sky we’ll step back and let him get into it we’ll see how he does alright look I believe in not cleaning the palette.
This palette has been dirty for two years, it’s never had a wash, so what I do is I actually
clean the Palette on my painting so if it’s just, look at this, look at the beautiful colour,
Look at that. I reckon the colours you leave on your Palette turn out
to be the best Greys you ever mix, so you never.
so if it’s just, look at this, look at the beautiful colour,
Look at that. I reckon the colours you leave on your Palette turn out
to be the best Greys you ever mix, so you never. Joseph, just get on with painting the sky,
that’s enough( Laughter) here we go look at that, throw it on a bit and they’re into it Herman, just throw it on I don’t know what’s going to happen a swear to God it will have to be cooler than that I don’t have any Green left on my palette hang on put a bit of blue I tell you what we need we need a sponge work our way across, what we are planning is,
AHHMM , dark there light there ARGHHH Ah look it doesn’t matter, Ah look at this AHH I told you not to put any stuff sown there I spent hours on this drawing and look what you’ve done to it so we just work across Oh he’s wrecked it keep this very pale STOP DRIBBLING ON THE PAINTING!! Everyone laughs he likes to keep his whites there stop dribbling would you yes Joe loves this UM yean because I get to do all the dribbles keep it very pale we don’t won’t to do much here,
but we can actually go a bit darker there yes this could be much bluer So Alvaro you’re just sort of trying to work out
where you’re going to go with this hey yes and just leave them alone but the people should be understanding what
a master he is at painting the sky, look at this, flat brush, he works very quickly
and he end up with a terrific sky Hey so I mean how does each of you know what to do? we don’t, we don’t have any idea we just do it. That that should be bluer oh hang on mate I’ll wack a bit of green there so really at the moment guys you’re just whacking
all of the background colours in aren’t you. Let me tell you this is the easiest step This is the easiest step we just put in colour and that’s why we are not fighting he’s lying, it’s really hard to do this I’m glad it’s this size anyway.
I can’t imagine you painting on 2 x 2 board and also we work very synchronizing this is actually a very relaxing stage,
it’s just basically we’re using cordial, different coloured cordials, just pale, whatever. so is that how you describe it to your students A cup of tea coffee but its what’s going to permeate through
the painting and come out after wards I don’t know about the Chinese writing
on there what do you think. The Chinese writing Ahh. it should be flattened out, that blue is no good so how often should you be using that spray bottle Herman? oh generally when it starts to dry and you’re not happy with an
area, you never let it dry, you keep spraying until your happy. never say die until its dry. but you don’t think sometimes it might get muddy at all. generally, AHH I’ll let Joe answer that. Ahh it won’t as long as it’s got plenty of water on it,
as soon as it dry’s and goes past a certain point, then yes, you’re buggered, it’s over. but this is a pretty rare occasion cause I know that you’re going back overseas Alvaro .
then yes, you’re buggered, it’s over. but this is a pretty rare occasion cause I know that you’re going back overseas Alvaro . and then all three of these gentlemen literally travel the world teaching people in exotic locations all over the Planet.
Your off to New Zealand next aren’t you Alvaro yes but I’m going to Cuba, Havana ,
Havana, Si ,Si, in a few weeks time. so we have this foreground white. alright Joe so you’re working on the steeples. yes this is probably the first finished bit this’ll not be
changed I don’t think, unless Herman gets to it. UMM stick a flag up there some where well there he goes now this is going to be a finished product and I’m just being
fairly careful with that, but all along I’m worried what they’re doing. there are some pretty dynamic colours starting
to get thrown around as well yes Beautiful very dynamic colours so I noticed in all of the work you guys do is that
you really rely on the subtlety of just not covering the paint all over. the white comes through Bits of white paper are crucial, crucial it makes it a water colour. well as you can see viewers this is not our normal show by any means but it’s a privilege to stand here and watch what
these gentlemen do without a doubt. when it comes to colour in the first wash you
can do anything, it doesn’t matter what you leave is the whites white, you know, I thought I’d
have nothing to do so I thought I’d splash a bit of colour on there. so he’s just going to sort of manoeuvre in there There we go Herman and I have done these before; Alvaro is a
new comer to this game, doing the triple act I guess I think that’s so special about what we’re actually doing
now because it’s just, and it may never be done again either. more than likely not, but I am saying to him
just let the painting direct us, cause he was worried about what are we going to say and do, whatever, I think the thing is the painting just simply
takes over and then you’re fine. I’m sorry for the production team that we have to work so fast,
but it’s the only we way can do this is to actually do it really quickly. so we’re going to put another wash here. yes over the top your time will come when we do the really
dark stuff; alright this is just the beginning but it’s just really interesting to see the juxtapose, you know
obviously three different styles all trying to work on the one piece. well the painting will take over; you’ll find that the painting will
just simply take over. Who did that, who did that? AHH mate. that’s that’s great, no no look, that’s great that’s great no too much of it, he always does that, then I have to re do it this is a fairly iconic scene in Melbourne where about’s is it? oh well we going too, we decided to pic something fairly generic, that you know was a subject that everyone,
you know, that everyone has painted, AHH its actually in Flynn, no Swanson street
looking up to flinders street station and yes it is very much an iconic place, you’ve got Saint Pauls
in the back ground, the station in there so. Fantastic what if we just take a minute away and we contemplate it. yes I’m sort of done here finish this, this should be really soft yeah I mean how often, particularly with water colours
do you step back and have a look at what you are doing? AHH you actually, you should be doing that all the time. yeah I’ll start doing this building, you do that
building, or Joe, what do you want to do Joe? you do that section AHH I think I’ve been working on this section for too long,
I don’t want this to look just like me, I should go over there and you should go here. do you want me this.? yeah you do that, and the light goes there let me do the darks in here the eye pad, I’ve got to find the umm ,
I’ve lost the light________ are there it is now you see now that’s another thing you’re actually using in Ipad
there Herman to help you with your work. which I think is pretty cool yes we’ve moved on with the times yeah well I used to be computer illiterate until about a
few months ago and now it’s the best thing I’ve ever had I’m doing the Collins street lights, the ones that are all around Melbourne
and I can actually focus in really closely and get the detail. that’s Fantastic yes it’s the best thing ever its technology combined with tradition right there yes I’ve got some where here thousands of slides,
which is how I started , this is good leave this. um started with slides, first with terrible little Polaroid photographs,
then slides and now I just use the ipad, so all the slides are just sitting there and the beauty about that is you can take
that anywhere with you to. Yep, yep, anywhere, teach with it,
you can have thousands of photos Ohh thats nice I like that and close in and also the funny thing is we don’t need, really Ahh, extremely sharp photos,
sometimes a certain degree of valuatey is good for us. oohhh look at that, beautiful colours, love the colours and
you can tell there’s a great deal of homogeneity hear. homogeneity homogeneity, yes yes because the colour
scheme is working really well for us here. yes it’s fantastic it’s amazing we are just acting like its being intuitive I feel the urge for going strong somewhere here,
but doesn’t matter look, look at this. I haven’t finished any of this Ok , this is top over here Like I said this has never been done before that looks great look at that great colours, a lot of the time it’s what you leave
out of water colour isn’t it. Absolutely Totally see with water colours you’re always under pressure,
always under pressure, because with all other mediums you can take your time,
but everything here is a matter of seconds. well look the painting is acquiring a greater shape now the only problem
we are having now is that both sides of the big painting we are doing is that they have similar values and similar
strategy as far as brush working and the approach to it, so what Herman and Joseph are doing is creating a dichotomy
between the focal point that is obviously the Flinders street station verses the right hand side where Joseph is working
here even though he is dropping more pigment into it. He tried to diminish that area compared to the other one, the other
one where we put the darkest darks. Look at the building that Herman just did, you see Umm, so we need to create the dynamic,
the polarity that in Art is a necessity, it’s that contradiction. so we are going darker there on the focal point a little lighter here and the next thing, we are
pulling the painting together. The nest thing we are going to do is the big shadows and
then the cars casting shadows within the shadows as well and all the figures Joseph is going to do all the figures he,
has very good at it, so that’s what we are doing now. Ok Joe well where are you going to take it from here Well we’ve discussed it a little bit and we
feel the need to unify the painting now, so some of it will have to be softened, like these buildings here,
some of it will have to be strengthened and of course the next move is detail, so we’re just discussing
where to put the figures and so forth, but themain objective of doing a piece like this is to unify it
so you don’t have this many small paintings together or at least not two or three, it has to work as
a unit all over, so probably the next half an hour and an hour will be spent pulling this together
as one piece, because there’s the three of us we’ve been working on the different sections a lot so now
it’s time to look at it together as one piece sounds fabulous, let’s get the other crew in there Those buildings are just a little bit to strong and compete
to much with what’s really the interesting part which is this church and the street, so Herman is now softening
that up a little bit, to to give this uniform look with your eye, which will just travel through the picture without being stopped by
these monolithic things up there. Herman knows what he’s doing. no I don’t, no I don’t Herman is the best designer of paintings ever,
maybe we can talk about the three kind of Positives that we bring into this Alvaro is obviously the stroke man the
strength is just incredible, that’s meant to be bloody yellow no I’m going to go into yellow in a minute why are you making it Red . here we go, here we go Herman is the best designer of paintings I know,
there is no one in the world that can put a painting together and make it work the way he can.
His design is impeccable I have yes come in with the detail and finesse.
I can do some little thing sand very fine refined bits that most people sort of tend to neglect.
Ahh it’s just a little thing of mine, that’s all. so without further ado lets finish this no no I promise. where is the bloody yellow bantering about the paintings I have no idea what he is doing, he’s he’s ruined this it’s like a chicken house sometimes no No let me do it where’s the yellow Herman do something I like the way you’ve softened off those buildings Herman yes it’s just a bit of, almost like milk basically, just milk so you’re just going over the top with a bit of white are you? bit of white but it’s just almost milk. Turner used to do it
in his paintings, but he didn’t use milk he used tea. alright speaking of, there’s three of us here so I’m going to start painting us. The three Amigos The three Amigos and there its finished, good, alright everyone laughing at the images Gees this paper is lovely to work on. it is, it’s nice. it’s Archers rough, so it’s beautiful stuff to work on 300 hundred GSM, is that right? it’s probably a bit heavier because it comes in a roll so you’re just sort of dropping little bits of colour in here and there. Yeah but it’s the yellow over there that is quite strong and the cab,
and then here there is none, so it just needs a little bit of yellow in there mate that is about as good as you can get, this is as good as you get Joe what do you think of this, if we spray this and get a few runs, chalky stuff yes do, that do that. I’d like to see a few runs, and I don’t even mind if they
run down over the bumper bar, look at that, no that’s good no that’s good, that’s good you can spray underneath, so if you get any runs
they’ll just disappear. Sorry mate, just here. the cars just had an accident. it’ll just run off and you can mop it up so Herman you just stuck your thumb print on that there,
what’s the story with that oh the reason is I put it on its a little bit to strong
and what you can do is you can make a mark like this and see you just get your
thumb and you can soften down one side of it Ok OK, makes sense absolutely there’s so much happening in this painting so what we’re
going to do is make these three figures that little bit stronger cause their just blending in with the back ground, so I’ve got a very strong dark here and we’re making
Alvaro nice and strong, look at him, give him a tie well hes really out on the town yeah really make him strong what we can also do is make the lights on their shoulder smaller,
smaller and cut in exactly, exactly, I can do that for you Herman he can do that and that way you can get a lovely strength in there Water colours
are not what you put in but what you leave out thats it look at that beautiful I think you were talking before. He was talking
before about pulling the painting together that thing is important that we put a line,
I tell you who is very good at it, Herman well I’ve just got the special Alvaro brush;
it’s got Alvaro Castagnet written on it, designed by Alvaro, for Alvaro to use by me.
So what do you want mate. Where do you want it I thought I think up there one just there and the other one smooth up towards
the stair case. AHH look at that. ahh look at that where do you want me here a smoother line like this going in on top and then let it fade away. yeah that’s it , it’s done Ok guys, what an amazing day, Fantastic gentlemen
I cannot thank you enough, Joe, Alvaro, and Herman. Three great master water colour Artists of the world
and that’s the first time that they have ever been together in a trio to paint such an amazing piece of work,
I mean that was just a mind boggling day, but thank you so much for having us in your studio Joe,
it’s been an absolute pleasure, It’s always a delight to see these guys, they’re absolute gentlemen,
they really are the pinnacle of what water colour Art represents in this world and thank you so much for doing this for us as well. Once again I’d like to thank Luke senior from Seniors
Arts and also Daniel smith, if it wasn’t for those gentlemen and their companies to get
together with these guys, it would be just impossible to do, so we have a world to thank them for doing that as well.
You can come and see us in Colour in your life as I have said before at Colour in your life dot com dot au.
We’re obviously putting up the boys addresses as well so you can go in and see them.
I can guarantee you that this show will get millions of hits without a doubt,
but it’s been great, thank you so much, we going to head off back up North again,
but remember as I always say, make sure you put some Colour in your life.
Thank you very much guys and bye, see you guys, bye bye

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  4. Bonjour from France.
    I can't find the words to express… Just want to say i would like to be the cat in this studio ! aha aha ! This is the most amazing, the most joyful video about aquarelle that i saw since i watch videos on this topic everyday. Thank you for this great idea. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for inspirate us

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