Invisible Slime + Other See-Through Hacks | LIFE HACKS FOR KIDS

♪ If you’ve got nothing to do ♪ ♪ Well I’ve got a couple
of tricks for you ♪ ♪ So take a look at these vids ♪ ♪ ’cause it’s
Lifehacks for kids ♪ – Hi, I’m Gillian,
and today I clearly want to make it
clear to all of you that I love clear
things, so that’s why I’m here in my
now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t amazing see-through hacks. When something is clear,
it’s harder to see, so if you’ve been caught
playing with slime when you’re supposed
to be doing homework or paying attention in
class, my see-through slime, AKA Slime on the Sly,
is perfect for you. For this hack, you’ll need
clear glue, baking soda, a bowl, a spoon, contact
lens solution, and water. First, heat up a cup of
water in the microwave for about one minute. Ask a parent for help. Add a third of a cup of
baking soda into your water and use your spoon to mix it
until its completely dissolved. Now that it’s dissolved,
set it aside to cool. Pour a third of a cup of
clear glue into a jar. Add a spoonful of
room temperature water into your glue and stir. Add three big squirts of
contact lens solution. Stir it up, this will
be slime in no time. Pour your glue mixture
into your baking soda and water mixture, now stir
’til you see your slime. Pour out your extra water and take your slime out of the bowl. I see you. I want to hear it crack. Now store your slime in a
clear jar and you’re set. This slime has got me
so excited for all the see-through possibilities
that I might need something to calm me down, which is why this
next hack is perfect. Here’s how to hack
Calm in a Jar. For this hack you’ll
need clear shampoo, glitter, and water in a jar. First, fill up
your jar with water until it’s almost to the top. Fill the jar with clear shampoo until the liquid is
about right here. Now add glitter, and
you can use any color or any type you want, but
I’m using clear glitter. Once your glitter is
in, put on the lid. Now take the jar
and give it a shake. Ohh, it’s so pretty. Keep watching until all
the glitter has settled. My last hack is something
that will help you see your busy schedule
in a clear new way. Here’s how to make my
Crystal Clear Calendar. For this hack you’ll need
an old picture frame, a permanent marker,
a ruler, a glue gun, a dry erase marker,
string, and a calendar. Take out any pictures
from your old frame, and put them aside. Use your hot glue
gun to glue the glass to the frame at the back
so it doesn’t fall out. I see you. Use your calendar as a
template and trace it on the backside of your frame. Use your ruler to help
keep your lines straight. Now that I’m done using the
permanent marker on the back, I’m going to use my dry
erase marker on the front. This way, I can change
my calendar every month. Cut a piece of string about a full arm’s length long,
and tie it to your frame. Cut off the extra
string on the ends. So now you will clearly
know where you need to be with this Crystal
Clear Calendar. And it looks like I’m
in the right place. These see-through hacks
are clearly the best.

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