Inside Ford’s Clay Modelling Studio

Creating A Ford
Clay Model It all starts with a scale model. The designer gives us a sketch of his design. And then we start working with a scale model and building the design into this model. A scale model is just a smaller
version of a full sized car. Scale modelling is important
for our design development because you can do really big
changes in a very short time. So it’s a very important thing to see
the main design theme, which the designer wants
to have on the model. During the development of the design we have eight weeks for scale models and then we get to a big full sized car. When we get the model it’s just a cube of clay. We have to shape it and we have to make sure that we get to a realistic model. An exterior modeller has to move much more clay because the surfaces are much bigger. In the beginning you have to work very fast because it’s very rough. But in the end you have to take time. To build a perfect surface. To make a clay model look more realistic we put foil on in different colours. What we do is we prepare the surface and after this we take the foil put it in water and when it is wet we can apply it to the surface. And with a slicker we can take
the trapped water underneath out. It looks like a painted car. The final stage of the clay modelling process is to laser scan the entire car. Every part of the clay model is scanned and digitised so that every member of the team is working
with the latest evolution of the design. When I see the results I think you can create with your own hands this beautiful result. And then you have a new car. And I think that is amazing.

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  1. woow! Magnifique how transforme a sketch or a full of emotion and feel to a real product , a real cars <3 love that word , dream one day to do the same , just one day thanks for sharing @ford 

  2. What tricks do these guys use to have the clay model perfectly symmetrical? I always assumed they only do one half of the car.

  3. This seems a bit dated to me. I like it, but surely this could all be done far more efficiently by going straight to CAD?

  4. I am sure Ford's Clay milling department is over the moon with this video. 
    As a 5-axis Machine operator who specializes in clay milling at JLR, i would be pretty damn pissed if we made a video like this – completely forgetting about a skilled man's department to big up another

  5. A lot of design discussions and improvements can occur while making a clay model. Clay modeling is not just making up the shape of a car. Great video anyways.

  6. Give me a break. All the cars today look the same. Why you need all this trouble with the clay? Just take the cars of three competitors, do an average and then introduce a few very slight variations done digitally by a computer. The remaining clay donate it to nurseries or kindergartens in the area. The kids will be happy. Call the near Starbucks persuade them to hire these artists as baristas.

  7. People compare it to 3D printing but it's actually the other way round : you work in the physical world, and then digitize it.
    Clay enables several people to stand around a model and see requested changes being made.

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