How to Sew Handmade Purses : How to Pick a Handmade Purse Style

Hi, I’m Melina Piroso and welcome to Expert
Village. Today I’m going to show you how to make a cute little bag of regular everyday
fabrics. I have a few samples of bags that I have made from everyday fabrics that I have
laying around my house. This bag right here was made from a old sweater. Y you can see
this is the front sweater part. I have added some Velcro to make a pocket. I have added
some designs. I have made the strip from a old pair of jeans. The lining is made out
of old tee shirts that I have dyed. Then you have this bag right that was made out of old
pajama bottoms and drew a little drawing and put it on a transfer. Then I put it on here
and I made a little patch. Then the same thing I did with this one it kind of gave a interesting
shape and I made these straps out of sweater fabric. This one also this was some fabric
that I bought at thrift store. So I’m going to show you how to make simple little bag
out of regular everyday fabric. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and you don’t
have to be super crafty. All you really need are 4 pieces of fabric one long strip for
the strap and thread.

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  1. I know and you have to find the next bloody vid and your searching through and you get something compleately diffrent it wouldnt hurt to make playlists would it?!

  2. i cant see nothing b/c the words are blocking…dont make a vid if your not really trying to let ppl see whats being done

  3. @cheeky080monkey I totally agree! One maybe two minutes max, it's just silly. I don't wanna go through 10 videos just to finish what I wanted to watch.

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