How to paint over wallpaper

In this video we’re going to paint over
some wallpaper using a couple of different products. The first product is
Zinsser 1-2-3 and the second product is Zinsser Wallpaper Cover-Up. Zinsser Wallpaper Cover-Up has been specifically designed for this purpose and is the
preferred product, it is also cheaper than the Zinsser 123. If the
wallpaper is in a kitchen like in this first example you’re going to have to
clean it first. In this video I used a sugar soap and water. If you do use sugar
soap you must ensure that you clean off any residue of the sugar soap as this
can interfere with the adhesion of the paint later on. We now need to inspect the wallpaper,
look for any bits that are not stuck down properly, if you find any then it’s a
good idea to stick them back using some border adhesive. It’s a good idea to caulk any gaps using
decorators caulk before we go any further. If any of the wallpaper is mouldy it is
going to need treating using a suitable anti mould solution. It’s critical that
the Zinsser 123 is mixed thoroughly one of the easiest ways to do
this is with the drill and the mixer paddle. Once it has been mixed thoroughly
I’m transferring some into the Worcester Pelican which is great when you need to
use a brush and the small roller at the same time. Once the wallpaper is
completely dry you can then proceed with the primer I’m starting off by cutting
in at the edges using the brush before applying the Zinsser 123 using
a four inch roller. Obviously for larger jobs you can use a larger roller but this
kitchen is only small and so a 4 inch roller is adequate. Ensure the
primer is rolled out and ensure you get good coverage with no runs.
The beauty of the Zinsser 123 is that it is quick to dry and can
normally be painted over in a couple of hours. I am now going to speed things up a
little to make the video as short as possible. Now the primer has dried I’m applying two coats of Zinsser perma white this is the ideal paint for use in kitchens and
bathrooms as it is mould and mildew resistant. Again I’m using the brush to cut in at
the edges then the 4 inch roller to roll out the brush marks. In the second property my mate Paul is
painting over some vinyl wallpaper and some blown vinyl. This property has
been renovated a good 12 months after the kitchen in the first example this
time we are using Zinsser wallpaper coverup. This is a superb product for
painting over wallpaper as it covers really well and ensures that the paper
does not bubble when being painted. Wallpaper coverup was used in at least 3
rooms in this property and the results were fantastic.
I’m now going to speed the video up in places to keep the video as short as
possible. You need to ensure that the wallpaper is clean and dry and then
nothing can interfere with adhesion. If any wallpaper is loose it’s a good idea
to fix it down as shown earlier in this video. You can apply the Zinsser Coverup using a short pile roller or a brush. Obviously you can use a larger roller than the one
in this video as it will speed up the job considerably. The wallpaper coverup can
be painted over after about 8 hours but it’s best to leave it till the next day
if possible. Now the coverup has dried and it’s time to
apply the top coat of paint in this video we’re using a magnolia emulsion
which is being cut in at the edges using a brush and then applied using a
roller and extension pole. After the emulsion is dry another coat will be applied to guarantee an even coverage. So in this video I gave you
two examples of how you can paint over wallpaper it is important to use the
correct primer because if you don’t prime it correctly
you can make a lot of work for yourself. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching
this video if you have and you haven’t done so already please subscribe to the

76 Replies to “How to paint over wallpaper”

  1. I’ve finally found time to edit this video from a couple of jobs done in 2016. I have to admit that I don’t like narrating over videos because it is so time consuming. This video probably took a couple of days to edit!

    It’s a lovely sunny day here today, I hope everyone has a great Sunday 😉

  2. Great video bloke! How does the wall paper cover up paint differ from regular wall paint?
    Ps. The audio on the video seemed to be of lesser quality than your usual tutorials.

  3. Thanks for the time and effort in edition and doing the actual job, I was told many moons ago by a very old decorator to never paint over old wallpaper but the results was very surprising. Have a nice weekend fella.

  4. painting over wallapaper, it should be in the same category as pebbledash your house, wallpaper over tile, and tile over wallpaper, and render your brick house, ……DONT DO IT! lol

  5. Thanks Chez! I'll definitely be looking into this come Spring time to cover up the pink wallpaper in the bedroom left from the previous owners!

  6. Makes a right mess removing painted wallpaper, who’d have thought it would be possible to make stripping wallpaper more annoying!

    That said, this is a relatively quick and simple way to change the look of a room.

  7. Being a decorator myself I would never recommend painting over wallpaper in the kitchen as it will never last, firstly get it stripped then if possible paint on the walls, secondly your not using a 4" brush its a 3" at max, thirdly why are you using safety glasses to paint? And fourthly it doesn't matter how small a kitchen or bathroom is always always always use a full size roller not a mini roller as you will always see the paint lines. BTW im a fan UH but this video should be how not to do it.

  8. Top vid again sir. I used the zinseer primer in my bathroom on bare plaster that I sanded . I know its probly not gold idea to do this but the paint has been INCREDIBLE, no difference from day I did it over 12 months ago. High steam and moisture room so if it can nandle this then it can handle anything. Its pricey but after first experience its SSSSOOOO worth it.
    Where can you get them small jugs you used for the small roller? Look very handy

  9. What the hell is sugarsalt on water ??

    I notice that when you are done with the primer that there is still the wallpaper pattern showing through. Is that OK? I would think another coat of primer would be called for, but then again you first coat of paint seems to cover it up well. What is the rule on that?

    Nice video, as usual.

  10. Lovely bright but very cold day down here in the Midlands, you’ve got to stop showing me useful tools to buy as you are costing me a small fortune. Dewalt light arrived on Friday and is fab. Pelican – off to have a look 🙂 Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing. Regards. Mike

  11. Good product for sprucing up a property your going to sell (so you won't be the one trying to strip painted wallpaper at some point in the future). Having been asked to paint over some really dirty wallpaper once to help someone out and being given cheap paint to do it with I can testify that unless you want to have to paint it completely, 3 times,(!) a product like this is worth getting.

  12. Top stuff that paint, recently did my daughters kitchen in the stuff…to be honest i couldn't be arsed to strip the paper back. Again great video fella, keep em coming

  13. Great video as usual. As an amateur, I'd never heard of Zinsser 123. Any idea if it would it be suitable for using on my daughter's bedroom where she has left 'oily-looking' blu-tac marks on the walls from her posters, or will the marks just wash off with sugar soap?

  14. I’ve never thought of painting wallpaper. Always seemed “wrong” or “lazy” but I’ve learnt that there are times when this is the best solution.

    Great video. As always . 👍

  15. Took me back many decades to a rented property I was in for a couple of years. It was an old pre-fab, timber framed with metal skin. The inner walls were galvanized sheet metal and some evil swine of a previous tenant had gloss painted woodchip in the rear bedroom. Best incentive to move we ever had. 😀

  16. When mixing that can of paint with a drill, I noticed the paint was Zinsser B.I.N. I'm just wondering why you didn't mention it, as it's my favourite paint for covering surfaces like wallpaper.

  17. Superb video as always.
    Thank you, Ultimate 'andyman, for proving possible things the arm-chair experts say aren't. You have surely saved more money time & temper all over the world than I would have thought possible. Cheers from India

  18. Lick of paint makes a world of difference doesn't it. I recently painted some kitchen cupboards in a property the resident were very pleased! Nice video.

  19. Hi. i have some thing that looks like lining paper that I want to paint. would you still recommend a primer?
    what could be the consequence of just painting a couple of layers of emulsion.
    thanks in advance.

  20. You take a brush in one hand and an opened paint bucket in the other. Then just start smearing that shit all over the wall…

  21. 2 or 3 coats of emulsion etc is fine, for water stains grease spots just touch up with solvent based undercoat before emulsioning over

  22. even if you hired a "professional" they over charge and they will make mistakes…DIY…wet sponge and strip the wallpaper…or paint over the wallpaper

  23. Hiya. I hope you can help, I have a feature wall in an open plan lounge where the wallpaper is of a smooth but shiny texture- how would I paint over this? I’ve heard the paint can run off if the wallpaper is smooth? Thanks

  24. The worst is tobacco tar on normal paper, can't wipe it down with sugar soap so have to paint over it. Fucking tar comes through every layer of paint at the top of the wall, have to paint the top foot of the wall like 10 times before painting the rest :/ Have you come across a solution for this ?

  25. I notice you move the roller every which way …. not JUST up n down…..but then… is your final rolling up n down ?

  26. omg ! this is just the lazy way of decorating,I rather strip all the wallpaper of then paint,my frontroom walls be a right mess,some one painted over wallpaper not on plaster paint,half the paint starting comming away from the walls took me from now to Sunday soring all these walls out

  27. If you can't get or can't afford the paint in this video. Are there alternative. Do you have to sand the wallpaper. If not are they any circumstances where you have to

  28. Hi, this is a great video! I can't find the Zinsser Wallpaper Cover Up in any store (I'm in the USA). What product could I use instead of it? Thanks!

  29. Thanks for the video. I currently rent a house that has wallpaper painted over. Unfortunately my cat has scratched some areas of the wall where the wallpaper was not fully flat, ripping off layers of material. I do not know where to go from here to try to repair these small areas. Can you give any advice on how I'd go about fixing this?

  30. Sorry, I’m clueless. I want to cover my feature wall in my bedroom which is floral at the moment but it’s just normal paper. Not vinyl or raised. Would I use the cover up? Thanks!☺️

  31. Thanks so much for this helpful video and answering back to so many of the comments people leave.
    Do I still need to prime the wallpaper when it seems like the wallpaper has previously been painted successfully (possibly with primer at that time)?

  32. thanks…i been thinking about my 40 years old wall paper….now i just prime it and decide new color…..u been vary helpful

  33. Yea my wallpaper is a PEEL OF STICK ON one I’m just wondering can you paint on those

    I knwo I can take it off but I don’t want too?..

  34. Had a question I live in a Mobile Home and I am remodeling my kitchen some parts have wallpaper other parts it has the wallpaper peeled of what is my best option to do before painting?

  35. Thank you for the video. I had a few questions if I may, I have a tin of magnolia which is silk and another tin of magnolia which is matte, would I be able to use both and if so which one would I use first?

  36. You know it's England, when they take out their white paint to paint OVER things they are to take OFF first, like the tiles and plugs…

  37. I have removed wall paper in a small bathroom and it took me and my wife 2 entire days. It was a terrible experience and when it was time to paint we had to spend more money to get the glue off that we could not see. Then a year later we painted over our wall papered living room and we have bubbles where the paper has turned loose and an area wear there are alot of small streaks. If I had followed all of the above suggestions it would have fixed the problems. It seems that 75% of the painted over living room is just fine because the original install of the paper was good and the wall paper was still smooth and stuck perfectly. I am considering this time covering over the walls with either paneling, 1/4" sheetrock/sand seams or wood flooring. I have wood flooring that looks like tile on one wall and it looks great and I have a pecan wood flooring half way up the wall up to the chair rail. Covering over the wallpaper cost the same as painting if I do all the work myself and it looked better. Painting took 3 times longer than installing wood flooring over the wallpaper. The laminate flooring that cost $3.00 a sq. ft. I could install myself and it stayed together better because it was 1 inch thick. The cheap .70 sq. ft laminate flooring does not want to stay clicked together on long runs. The other product of flooring I have used on the walls were the 18" x 18" square black rubber glued back stick tiles. The wallpaper was what I used in my first house when I was 25 years old. I hated wallpaper after that and I have installed the products above on walls. They are alot less trouble than wallpaper.

  38. I've always known to never use a waterbase primer to prime over wallpaper as it can deactivate the glue and the wallpaper can peel. I've always been taught to use an oil base primer like Kilz original to prime with first and then paint over with a latex paint.

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