David Hockney painted a bigger splash in 1967 To start this simple painting, I need to draw some straight lines for the flat roof of the house with its large sliding glass doors I need to add some lines too to the edge of the swimming pool and for the two tall trees in the background on the right All these lines are trapped between the square format of the canvas Once we have the basic lines for this picture It is time to make some of the colours for the blue of the pool and then later for the blue of the sky For the pool I use some yellow in the dark blue with some white as well and I’ll paint right up to the pencil lines to make the colour sharp and flat David Hockney used acrylic paint and so I’m using the same type of paint It’s water based and one of the advantages of acrylic is that once the colour is mixed, it can look very flat when it is painted in a large area For this study of a bigger splash, I’m making a very small image, but the original painting by David Hockney is much much larger By using acrylic paint and achieving this flat area of colour, it’s helpful because it makes the picture seem more still and quiet For the sky, I used the lighter blue and I can paint over the tape that I’ve placed around the edges of this picture The next colour to mix is a bluish pink for the patio and the wall colour And then once these are painted, I paint a dark blue line for the edge of the pool I use a scrap of paper to mark edge, therefore it helps me achieve a straighter line Next I start to use some masking tapes to tape between the areas I wish to paint By using masking tape to tape off the areas, I can achieve more of the thin lines that this painting requires As it is acrylic paint it’s not too long before it is dry enough to peel if off Next, I add two tones of colour to the building to show the reflection of tall trees and the silhouette of some buildings from the other side of the view There are some basic plants Again, I take one side of this and then I can paint straight onto the canvas in a loose manner showing some of the brush marks for the first time To paint the white frames of the sliding door, I mask off all the other surrounding areas first I take time to do this to make sure that I’ve got it roughly right I did not use white paint for this even though they look a bit white, but a slightly coloured white, so that the splash later on will be the lightest colour in the painting Next, I place three pieces of masking tape so that I can paint between them the two tall trees It is satisfying I think to peel off the tape and reveal the painting that I’ve been doing at each stage With this process, you’re never quite sure if it’s gonna work until you peel off the tape I now add some palm leaves to the palm trees I’ve tried to keep it very simple to make the painting seem really quiet And now for some detail I mask and paint a basic director’s chair and then I paint the smaller splashes in the pool all of the same brush Some of the splashes are light blue in colour and the last brush mark is left to the bigger splash using some white paint and the side of the brush I try and do it in one go I’m Tom Mc Pherson and I hope you subscribe to watch more in this series of how to paint like famous artists

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