How to Make Unique Handmade Arts & Crafts : How to Decorate a Drinking Glass

This is Melody on behalf of Expert Village
I’m going to show you one more thing that will be prettier when we put something on
it and it is just a normal household thing. Alright what we got here is a rub on sticker
we have chosen this design because I wanted to put this on a glass and what we do is we
just place it on the object that we are trying to put it on. There and we hold it down and
then we rub it with our stick that comes in the package. If you have been watching a couple
of our previews this series, this segments here we have been doing these stickers and
applicate and rub ons and this is just one more of our things we are putting it on trying
to make house holds items less boring. I’m just rubbing this so every section of this
has been rubbed so that the transfer would take place and lets see if we are almost there.
While you are pulling it up look and see if any of the designs comes up with it, if it
does just push it back down and go back over it again with your stick. It means you just
didn’t get it hard enough, it didn’t stick to your item. Alright I think we almost have
it here almost this one is not sticking right here so we are going to go over it heavy heavy
push a lot harder then before. I middest well just continue all the way to the end and see
if it comes off. Nope one sticker in here one loop that would not stick. Alright there we go and there is our finish
product does it not make it pretty. In our next segment I’m going to show you all the
different things that we have created in our previous segments.

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  1. Another expert village style load of shite that is no use to man nor beast.
    Waste of time money utencils and energy.

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