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  1. As a real newby to soap making – would it be better to mold up when it hits thin trace to alleviate air bubbles or did that happen in the oven? I just ordered a mold, lye and shea butter and will be getting the rest of my supplies soon to try my first batch. After research I think I like the cold process better than the hot since I don't need to add preservative (learned that from SoapQueen). Any and all suggestions welcome!

  2. That is awesome.  The ease of the cold process, the speed of hot process.  You save on having to get a crockpot to cook the soap through, and you save on having to wait the 4 to 6 weeks for the jell stage and cure to dry.  
    The jell stage is the crucial step… it is the saponification process.  

    So many soapers think that bringing the soap to trace is the saponification process, but it isn't, it's the emulsification process.  Saponification is the alkali (lye) and acid (in the fat) neutralizing each other which happens in the jell stage.

  3. Thanks for all the great info. Looking forward to trying it. I've been using the hot process ,crock pot method. I hate waiting 6 weeks for cold process to cure. Learning something new everyday! !!!!!:))

  4. Best teaching on cpop soap! Thanks for all the little details without making it to lengthy. You really answered all my questions that I couldn't find in other videos. Now I feel confident enough to give it a try 🙂

  5. I was looking for information on CPOP because my CP batch seemed to have cooled down too quickly when I poured it into my mold. I was afraid it would not go through a full gel stage.  Came across your video and I'm so glad I did.  You are very informative and easy to understand and follow.  My batch went through full gel stage within 30 minutes in the oven.  I'll find out tomorrow what it ends up looking like.   I loved the soap cutter you used in this video.  Where did you get it?   I noticed your links for several of the other things you used, but didn't see any information about the cutter.  Thank You!

  6. hello, I'm new on soap and I've been trying to understand what are the advantagesdifference betwen a soap that gels and a soap that doesn't go through this gel phase. if you could help me with this one I would be really gratefull. many thanks

  7. Used this method yesterday to make my coffee & lemon soap. Looks & smells devine AND I can use some for my shower tomorrow morning, Can't wait, lol!
    Thank you so much for explaining this great method.

  8. Hey Bonnie, this is an excellent Video on the cpop soap method. I use a mixture of used cooking oils that i clean and filter until its pute, and use just a standard recipe for the oils, water, and lye mixture that hasnt failed me yet. This cpop method will be an added benefit to my soap making so thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. I love the end of this video where you get all tongue tied and you have a very cute laugh, made me laugh too.
    Keep up the good work and hope you continue to make more awesome videos about soap making.

  9. Thank you for this information. How exciting. Can I use this process with any recipe, including goats milk?  Thanks again 🙂

  10. I'm just starting out making soap. I would love to make lavender oatmeal soap for my son. I can't find a recipe anywhere would you be able to help me?

  11. I apologize for not watching the full video before asking my questions, I found the molds on Amazon and I just ordered them and I am going to try this process, thank you so much!!!!

  12. Will it be accurate to multiply each ounce measurement by 28.35 to get the measurement in grams? It just seems like a lot.

  13. Can I make the shampoo bar you've posted using this oven method? Or are the amounts very important to the way you let it cure?


  14. It must be my OCD coming through, but I wanted to scrape off that lump of soap on the edge into the mold the entire time ;P Thanx this video helped me a ton

  15. hi .could I make the oven step with the coconut oil soap ..if yes .how I know the jell stage ..thank you soooo much ..waiting for your answer

  16. can I reverse the amounts into gr. ; like; 135 gr water, 90gr hydroxide, 406gr oliveoil, 136 gr cocosoil, 81grcastoroil? seems right to me 🙂

  17. Is it ok to use to use (CPOP) this process with  honey and bees wax soap? Also I have been told to put soap made with goats milk in the fridge for 24 hrs. for the gel stage. any thoughts? Your video was very informative, Thank you!!

  18. Great video. Very clear and detailed. Thanks!
    Couple things:
    Near trace, could you have added something acidic like concentrated lemon juice to change the ph? I read speculation that changing the ph too early may cause a less than solid result. Basically, I'm confused as to whether saponification is complete enough after trace, or not until gelled. Also, your ph test sitting on your skin may skew your results. A ph-test liquid (like red cabbage juice) dropped onto the soap shards may be more accurate. Curious to see how your results may differ.

  19. FYI, Walmart has super cheap Olive oil that is NOT extra virgin. It is second press. 16¢ per ounce. Also, if you spritz rubbing alcohol on your soap you can reduce the bubbles. That works on soap as well as epoxy glue.

  20. Hi Bonnie,
    I just finished making CPOP soap per your instructions and I used your Triple Butter recipe (doubled) which has always been a favorite and so far all came out perfectly – thanks for this simple way of making CPOP.

  21. Thank You Bonnie for this clear instruction for CPOP process.
    I had always been concerned about this method and either did CP or HP. I have now made 4 large batches of CPOP and they came out smooth and beautiful . The last one today however, did develop some tiny bubbles, not too much, but they are there . I shall be more vigilant in future. Thank You again

  22. "It's hard and ready"
    "It's so hard it doesn't even want to come out"

    lmao I'm sorry please excuse my immature mind.

    love the video btw! 🤓

  23. Bonnie, hurray, I finally got my soap to gel! I used your recipe, but halved it as I have only one of the cool molds like you use. The other is a tall and skinny and I wanted to test with the one mold rather than two molds of different dimensions. I have a gas oven, and so, I think I need to do ten minutes first, then turn the oven off, as after two ten minutes sessions with the oven off my soap wasn't gelling. So I turned it back on for five minutes and voila! I'm so excited. I used canola instead of pomace as I didn't have pomace and didn't want greenish soap. So, my soap is a pale yellow which I love…so we'll see how the next ten minutes go!

    Thanks for the awesome video. This is going to make a huge difference in my start up business as it is very humid here this year, and my soap is taking forever to cure.

  24. Why do you do a water discount? I'm wanting to try this. What happens if you don't use the water discount. Do you then have to cure the soap for 4 weeks? I've only made CP soaps this last year

  25. If I may, I would also like the answer to the question another person asked: Why do you do a water discount? I'm wanting to try this. What happens if you don't use the water discount. Do you then have to cure the soap for 4 weeks?

  26. Our batch did not gel. We only made 1/2 # instead of the largeer batch. Could that be the reason? Is there another reason we're missing? We kept checking every 5 minutes & no sign of gel. IS it possible to create to blend too much before putting in oven?

  27. Thank you very much! Whay don't use sodium chloride in your soap? I use that because the soap become harder. You're very, very good!

  28. Hi please help i made cold ocen process soap and add food color as you said it broke in the oven what did i wrong?

  29. Could I cut this recipe in half by using 1/2 the amount of each ingredient? I did one full recipe with EVOO but the color was too green (due to the oil color), so I want to experiment with just half a recipe. Thank you in advance!!

  30. Great video! Lots of video demonstrating levels of gel stage. What happens if the soap forms two volcanoes at each end of the silicone mold? Some of the oil separated at the edges between the soap & the mold?

  31. TFS, you said to turn oven off, but you kept opening the oven door, didn't you continually lose heat by doing that, didn't it affect the soap?

  32. could call it , COLD Oven Process soap ? , don't say Process Twice.. it's like saying
    ATM Machine……… LOL
    thanks SO much. I love this !! Best way to make soap I have ever seen..
    THANK YOU ..

  33. LOVE this method.. I have made it twice  , once with your recipe & the other with mine
    Worked like a charm.. 🙂 thank you !!

  34. Does oven processing help in speeding up the hardening of the soap? Can oven processing be done after 2 days instead of right after pouring into the molds?

  35. Hello Bonnie, are you able to forward me the link to where I can purchase these exact molds (used in your CPOP method)? I want to buy the molds, but want to be sure that I purchase the right ones. Thank you so much  🙂

  36. Hi Bonnie, your video was absolutely awesome.  I made a batch and never saw it go through the gel stage.  As of Thursday it had been a couple days and I did the PH test and it was between 8 and 9.  I missed the step where you heated the oils.  Do you think that's what the problem was?  Thank you

  37. I Wonder about the smell of the cooking soap in the oven…does it linger into the food?  In other words, how long do you have to wait to switch to baking food after soap was cooked in the same oven?

  38. I have no clue why ANYONE would give this vid a thumbs down (haters)… This is GREAT!!! Followed your tutorial to a 'T' and soap came out AWESOME!!! No cracking, no bubbling, just perfectly gelled soap! You've completely changed the game for me… THANK YOU!!!!!

  39. Can you use this process if you are doing a high top soap? My oven is large to do this and I like how the gel phase makes the colors more intense.

  40. To add a superfat oil to THIS recipe, say Shea butter, how would I calculate a 5% addition? Can anyone help??? Lye calculators are still so confusing to me!

  41. Thanks so much for sharing this method of soap making. And for the recipe. Is the 30% less water a must or can you use other recipes too?

  42. Beautiful soap! I am new to soap making and have enjoyed watching your videos.  I made an apple scented soap with a very small amount of heavy cream.  I covered the soap with the lid wrapped in towels and placed it in the oven.  I did not turn on the oven but used the oven light and let the soap sit overnight.  I think it came out pretty good.  I watched your Frankincense and Myrrh video – I loved it and will try it later this year.  Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.

  43. If this has been asked, I apologize. First, wanted to say Thank you for posting this video, very informative and helpful!! Why are you using a 40% lye solution? Does it have to do with the CPOP, or just your preference? Thanks again.

  44. the bubbles are due to the silicone. i use glass and don't have any bubbles. very informative video. thank you

  45. Im fixing to try this RIGHT NOW* So excited, I've never made cpop, only cold process, rebatch and crockpot soap. Cp takes forever, crockpot isn't too pretty and im impatient so I can't wait long. Ha. Thank you so much for this video!

  46. Ok I tried it….I could not get it to gel like that after 30 or 40 minutes with the oven on… so I took it out, covered it and prayed that it's not destroyed*it doesn't look overcooked so im gonna just let it cure 6 weeks like normal cold process I guess? Help! What did I do wrong? Lol.
    Ps I had 2 silicone molds in wooden boxes, do you think that's why it didn't work? Any pointers would be very appreciated I was just afraid to cook it or leave it in the oven much longer because I was scared it would start cracking or something because it's not doing good like yours did

  47. HI there, can anyone tell me whether I can use another oil instead of castor oil, or does the recipe have to have it? Castor oil is so expensive here and i was just wondering.

  48. You sound like a lovely clever person, i sometimes do the hot process on the hob, turn a cast iron pan upside down over a low gas and then put my thick bottomed stainless pan on top, but the best method i found, as i don't want to cut the soaps up after, i put the emulsified mixture into silicone 4oz soap moulds, then cook in the oven at about 80 celsius, and keep moving them about even though its a fan oven it still does not cook evenly. Fantastic video thank you for your help 🙂

  49. Hi, thanks for sharing this.. does heating cause EO fragrance to fade or change.. Eagerly awaiting your kind response…

  50. Thanks for posting this!
    I love making soap! and it is time i got back into it as i am down to three bars left from my last batch!
    biggest issue i hve had is the corners not gelling i may have to try the oven technique to finish them up with.
    Thou Art Awesome!

  51. Excellent video and really like listening to your smooth beautiful voice. Thanks for your time to post this video for us all to learn!

  52. Hi Bonnie great video perfectly made👍🏻but I would like to ask about colorents like mica how would they fair in the cpop method would the colors expand in the soap especially if your doing swirls?

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