How to Make Candy Clay Modeling Candy

Melt a bag of candy melts candy
according to package directions. Here I am using light cocoa candy melts but you can use any color or flavor that you like. Once candy is completely melted slowly
add a quarter cup of corn syrup and begin stirring with a spoon or spatula. Mix
gently until the candy melts and corn syrup just come together. You will see the candy melts start to thicken that’s when you’re almost done. Once the
candy began to pull away from the bowl your candy clay is ready. Pour onto a
piece of plastic wrap or parchment. To help it cool faster and be
easier to use flatten it out and wrap it up tightly.
Let your candy clay cool down to room temperature. The clay works best if you let it that
overnight. Once it has cooled it will be very hard, but this is normal. Begin kneading it one small piece at a
time. The warmth from your hands will begin to soften the candy clay making a pliable and ready to use.

24 Replies to “How to Make Candy Clay Modeling Candy”

  1. That is awesome! I could have so much fun for decorating cakes and cupcakes with that. Do you just let it air dry once you finish creating?

  2. Thanks! I think I'll use this for a class project. We have to present a product along with a book report and I've always wanted to make something edible for it. I think this recipe in white would make the perfect columns for a Greek tomb.

  3. How long will it keep? I want to make some white and keep it so I can dye it and use it when I need it

  4. Can you substitute the candy melts for melted chocolate chips, or will that throw off the consistency?

  5. Is this modeling clay okay to use for outdoor heat? I Live in Texas and planning for a party at the park.

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