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Hi, guys. This Jenny for the EconoCrafts and today,
I’m gonna show you how to make this really easy rose out of polymer clay. So, what you’ll need is red and green polymer
clay, clay tools, and tin foil. I choose to use tin foil but you can also
choose to use a cookie sheet. So, first, take your red polymer clay and
take one of your clay tools and cut it in half. And then you’re gonna cut your red blocks
into five different squares. Do this for both blocks. So, once you have your 10, you’re gonna roll
each of these into a ball. Continue this process until all 10 are created
into little balls. Once you’ve rolled all 10, take your thumb
and press down on each of the rolled polymer. It doesn’t need to be a perfect circle because
we’re making these into the petal. Continue this process until you’ve finished
all 10 of your rose petals. So, now you’re going to line up your petals
on top of each other. So, place each petal in the middle of the
previous one. Do this process until you have finished all
10 and should be in a straight line. So, now you’re gonna roll the top of your
polymer clay until it looks like a cylinder. And you’re gonna continuously roll the polymer
clay until you’ve rolled all the petals together. So, once you’ve rolled it, you can pick which
side you’d like because each side is a mirror image. So, just fix your petals, make them pop out
a little bit just like a rose would, and then you’re gonna take the side that you didn’t
want and you’re gonna pinch the bottom so you can close the bottom of the rose. Your bottom should look like that and then
you have your beautiful rolled rose. So, now we’re gonna work on the leaves. So, take your green, take your clay tool and
cut it in half. Once you have two, you’re gonna do the same
thing. You’re gonna roll the two green squares into
balls. Now, you’re gonna pinch the top of the green
ball and you’re going to make it into like a teardrop shape. Do this for both leaves until you have two
teardrops. Now, you’re gonna wanna flatten it. So, take your palm and just press down on
the leaves until they’re flattened and it should look like that. Not too thin, not too thick. So, now take your clay tool and we’re going
to make the veins of the leaves. So, just make a straight line from the rounded
bottom to the pointed top. Do this on both leaves. So, now to complete the leaves, we’re gonna
make slanted line going up towards the point of the leaf to complete the veins in the leaf. Do this for both leaves. And then you have your leaves. So, push them together and then press down
so they stick together. And then take your rose, take the bottom part
and place it right on top of the leaves that we squished together. Make sure it’s really stuck on there and you
can open up your rose to however wide you would like. And now you have your beautiful rose. So, I’m using a piece of tin foil to bake
my polymer clay rose. You can also use a cookie sheet. You’re going to place this in the oven at
375 degrees for about five minutes and then the rose will become hardened. So, once your rose is out of the oven, wait
until it dries and then take it off of your tray and then you have your beautiful rose. And now you have your polymer clay rose. If you would like to make this project yourself,
please visit to find all the supplies you need. If you enjoyed this video, please like and
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