42 Replies to “How to Make a Mud Hut”

  1. @clockdud556 -blinks- if your on a island, how the hell do you have internet? Sorry, it doesn't add up to me… xD

  2. Should've shown us how, not told us using a shitty animation that has instructions that may, or may not let you in fact, build, a mud hut.

  3. @kelseybug924 Yes. It was also a joke! Hence: Racist joke! The using of extremes defined by racist beliefs in order to produce shock laughs (for lulz)

  4. @kelseybug924 and yet, for quoting Ray William Johnson (without a doubt the biggest cancer on youtube), you fail. You also need to reassess your definition of a troll. A troll is not just anyone with a sense of humour.

  5. OOHH NNOO IM LOST ON AN ISLAND ILL GET MY WORKING COMPUTER THAT I FOUND ON THE BEACH AND CHECK HOW CAST im glad they didnt say you will need a driil bolts and cement

  6. But there is loosers that are going nowhere in their life, and have hit rock bottom, so they have to play a virtual game, because their real life sucks so much. Fucking looser!

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