32 Replies to “How to Increase Your Abilities to Create the Life You Want (law of attraction)”

  1. When you have a Feeling for something, that Feeling can act as a prayer. You learn this when you study into the Divine Matrix.

  2. I'm trying to do just as this video says and manifest destiny! I'm doing it by making educational content on YouTube on everything from the neuroscience of consciousness to special relativity and quantum field theory. If anyone is into this kind of thing please come check them out, subscribe and let's grow together as community! Thanks Your Youniverse for all of your hard work!

  3. If you dislike these videos. Well you don't believe in yourself that you're worth the best of the best.

  4. I find this video a bit harsh. Some people are just sensitive and have to work harder to feel confident. A part of this narrative basically says if you're timid then you're weak. That said, I completely agree with the basic message. Great channel.

  5. your all videos are awesome but the voice is too harsh. it will be better if the voice is calm and sweet

  6. Something has been really on my mind hopefully someone can shed light…So they say you all you have to do is ask the universe & it shall be…but then i see things like oh say it for 7 days, 30 days, 90 days Like which is it ? if i said it once its because i meant it. But that wasnt the question…So they also say what ever energy you give out thats what comes back to you…i.e: Trump allegedly has did his workers dirty in the past, grabbin p*ssy's & much more but this fool lands the number 1 job in the country… please help me understand cause if what these people are preaching then he shouldnt have even gotten to be a billionaire let alone in the position to put a whole country's life in danger.

  7. Love these videos…but this one speaks too much of the negatives…and not enough of the positive.

  8. If this information was given to patients by their psychiatrists, there would be no need for psychiatric drugs.

  9. I love your voice. The vibration of it – also makes a difference on how many subscribers you will have if you like Quantum Physics. 😉

  10. Basically, if you want something. And ABSOLUTELY " and honestly want something soooo much. You can have it. If you want something, chase it.. Chase it with all your might, and if you are strong and consistent enough you will get what you want. It's never easy and thats why the mass majority of people will never acconplish their dreams. You have to want it bad enough and work hard enough. And you will obtain it.

  11. Hello everyone! I’ve just created a Channel for spiritual growth but my channel is a bit more simple since I relate to the very beginning of spiritual awakening. Check my video out! Thanks in advance 🙂

  12. Bullshit!!! You cannot be all stupidly happy and pretend that everything is alright when life is against you and everything around you is not working regardless of how hard you have tried, regardless of what obstacles you continue to step over and the problems are still there. It is easy to say and preach how easy things can be when things are going good but when you whole life is a continuous struggle things are a lot different. Life can make you negative as well and that’s when you lose self confidence and everything else.

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