what’s up guys i’m Mike with Ultimate NJ Outdoorsmen and today I’m teaching you how to custom dip your skulll in spray paint.
So today our skull is going to be in a harley davidson color orange and
black this is the spray paint that i’m using, last video got a lot of comments
what type of spray paint i’m using this is what I’m using right here take note
alright guys your first step is cover your skulll in the darker color of the
two colors just to spray it all right now there’s covered in your
black let it dry and then get ready for step 2.
All right guys it’s been about 10-15 minutes it’s now dried with the flat black. You’re g oing
to want to make sure that your cans are well shook. Then make sure your bin has settled
the water and then just start spraying alright guys that’s about enough paint,
let it come back in then take your piece of wood or newspaper or paper whatever you
have to swirl it up, put a little design in it if you want. Then take your skull
and just gently put her in. You want to completely submerge the skull.
Once submerged, then move all your excess paint away. So there you have it ,your harley-davidson
design. Came out pretty good total about 10 bucks so there you go
cheap inexpensive way to dip your skull Im Mike with Ultimate NJ Outdoorsmen, Peace guys

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