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Tips for Cooking and Cleaning Crab how do you do, my name’s Paul Johnson uh the founder of monterey fish market in
San francisco and berkeley I’ve been working the docks for about thirty years
now and uh I’ve written this book called fish forever and it relates some of my experiences on the wharf
and it also tells you how to cook seafood and how to choose the most sustainable and healthy seafood today we’re going to talk about how to cook crabs this is alaskan King crab these are Florida stone crabs and here we have some already cooked Dungeness
crab which we cooked this morning one of the most important things when cooking crabs is to realize that they come from a salty environment you want to approximate the saltiness of the
ocean and the flavor of the crab is maintained for each gallon of water we’re gonna add a quarter of a cup of sea salt and
then we’re going to take our live crabs here come one, lemme go, lemme go… and we’re just pop them in the water for about twelve minutes per pound I’m gonna show you how we clean a crab after you cook it it’s
really pretty simple truthfully what you do is you grab the crab by the side of
the shell and you just separate the top shell it comes right off then the first thing we want to do is we want
to take off the dead man’s fingers that’s what these are called they’re the gills you can snip them off with a pair
of scissors or simply pull them off and then next we have the mouth parts right here these things here have to break those off stick your thumb in this hole here, break those off turn it over and what we have is called the apron pull this back break that off and discard that the next thing we’re going to do we’re going to cut this in half right down the center line with a French knife when we cut it in half we can see that there’s this yellow matter here this is what’s known as crab butter
to get rid of that stuff give it a quick shake in the sink we’re going to cut in between the legs so that we end up with a piece of body see look at that beautiful piece of meat body meat right there attached to a leg and your guests can just take this pottery barn crab cracker and crack their own. If you want to be really
nice to your guests what you can do is you can crack them yourself here we have bought a pottery barn crab cracker what we do is we put the crab edge on once you get going, once you do it, it’ll make it so much easier for your guests that they’ll love you for it a nice tool to have is a pick makes it really easy to remove the crab meat. See how this comes right
out like this all of that meat comes right out…simple a great way to serve this is on a platter such
as this from pottery barn let the guests help themselves it’s a great thing to do to have family and friends together to enjoy themselves
a crab feast is wonderful there you go Please visit for
more tips on fresh crabs.

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