100 Replies to “How to Build a Home Made Camper Van / Start to Finish DIY Off-Grid Conversion”

  1. Hello! I have a question. The water tanks that you put at the bottom of the van, when the temperature goes bellow zero dosent the water freeze? How can it be prevented? And in the opposite sense dosent the heat of them being underneath the vehicles melt the plastic?

  2. Excellent build. You used light weight material, which is great. Too many van builds out there are built like houses and unnecessarily overweight and heavy. Keeping the van light is great for power, fuel-economy and handling. You have a very good low centre of gravity because you store all your water underneath the van. This adds to cornering stability. All of these things lower the chance of driver fatigue and makes for happier journeys.

  3. Škoda,že tomu česky hovořící nerozumí, možná by je to zaujalo…no nic,jdu se podivat jinam, kde lidi mluvi tak jak jim zobak narostl….

  4. I love this, it's very well done.. and I'm sure you have your reasons and it obviously works for you, but why not find a way to attach the bikes to the outside of the van? That is so much space being lost inside.

  5. You put a lot of work into freedom of travel. Now great satisfaction. I know this feeling because I built a camper van myself.

  6. Great job! Water tanks outside can easily freeze in winter. Soldering is a no-go in vehicles, use clamps instead.

  7. Dobrý den, mohu se zeptat na cenu projektu? Myslím cenu auta a přestavby 🙂 a času to taky stálo hodně předpokládám 😀

  8. The electric car charging adapter is interesting idea, anyone know if it's worth doing for Americans? Not sure how our electric chargers work or what the network is like for them

  9. Very cool build. Thanks for sharing. I have a build also check it out. https://www.youtube.com/user/TroyDStanley/featured

  10. Ola, quick question. How does it work in Czech rep when it comes to legislative for rebuilt vans. in slovakia its not thats simple, unless you have a certified supplier you cannot just rebuild your van.
    how is it in cz?

  11. Absolutely incredible mate. Everything. Video included. I hope you do get all the bottom underneath painted with gravel-proof thick paint, to protect it from moisture and pebbles and any type of abrasion forever. I don't need the space for the bikes, so… I think I'll build a bloody swimming pool!

  12. Ten seconds done me, another fuckin idiot who thinks people click on his channel to see what music he's playing , fuckin richard head.

  13. It really is a huge effort to exert. It's hard for someone who don't know how to install small parts but wanting to have a van car :-(:-(

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