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Nico de Swert
Pottery Barn Hi I’m Nico de Swert, I’m a floral designer and interior
stylist this one os really easy to make We’re using five of the Bosporus bowls from pottery barn and some pieces of slate that you can get from
your tile store they have plenty of choices granite, marble or any other material that fits your interior
we have the cylinders we have the slates and we have the hydrangeas this is the simplest arrangement you take some of the hydrangeas and you chop the stems of your hydrangeas
really short just like that just dump them into the water it’s very easy like
that and this is also a great trick for when you
buy hydrangeas form the store or cut them out of your garden and you come home and they’re all like droopig and wilting this is the easiest way to revive
them just a fill up a bowl with water put the hydrangeas in there and they just pop up there right like
that put like two or three heads into the bowl just like that we’re going to add a piece of
slate on top of it and then we’re going to add a second cylinder and this might look a little scary in the end but I can guarantee you it’s a very safe arrangement, it’s very solid won’t fall over we’re just going to continue putting a few heads of the blue hydrangea into the bowl just like that just always turn the heads inside so that the
stems are on the inside of the bowl so that we don’t really see them Another piece of tile another floor just like that the same things just a couple of heads just cutting them short, laying them in the water and this is the best environment for hydrangeas
they love to be around water and as we finish our last tier here the other two we’re going to do in the powder room
which is where we’re gonna out this arrangement
which is the most intimate space in your home and is going to make a big
impression look at this beautiful arrangement it’s very easy
to make we’ve added the two more tiers Most of your guests are going to come here tonight
and it’s going to make a beautiful impact Pottery Barn

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