100 Replies to “How Its Made – 1434 Handmade Rasps”

  1. Now this is seriously impressive. $90-130 on their website. Seems right for an heirloom tool that will last for generations

  2. I was just thinking
    All the years in boat work and metal work I Never consider the work in making a rasp or file

  3. WOW! now when i see this tool, I will be looking at it in a different way. I never though they hand crafted the teeth. WOW, what a great job!

  4. Now I know why I my dad was so mad. When I was twelve my brother and I were runnings around in his shop and broke one of his "fancy" rasps… we weren't allowed back in for almost a year 😂

  5. There is no added quality here through the manual labor compared to industrial manufacturing processes.
    Some claim that they prefer the not perfectly aligned grain, but you can also get that with industrial rasps if you are willing to pay for it.

  6. yeah "handmade" but by using power tools 🙂

    you cant call something handmade if its not 100% made by hands, there is a huge difference… you are degrading the real hand made masters…

  7. How it's made- Leather wallets, flashlights, hand sanitizer, radiometers (Crooks Globe), die-cast guitar tuners, robot vacuums, poster putty, rain-x, Gold Bond, electric pressure washers, goosenecks, microphones, Noxema, guitar cord, Gatorade, microfiber cloths, business cards, micromesh non-abrasive cloth, hot wheels, buckwheat pillows, Postem, vinyl siding, walking sticks, envelopes.

  8. Okay but how tf does that guy have no gloves on during 2:04 ??? I've worked with metal to a limited set construction capacity, and those sparks burn like hell, I could feel them through my long sleeved shirt!

  9. The benefit is probably that you can make any variety of rasps in one small shop, unlike the big factory that mass produces only the fixed number of models.

  10. I was wondering why people said that how it's made has a nice voice until I clicked on this and was overcome with OOOHH YEAAHHHs 😫👍

  11. Unless the entire piece is shaped and cut with human hands it's not "entirely hand made". It's "made by people using tools, some of which are automated".

  12. Being hand made doesn't automatically make a tool superior, there's a lot to be said for the consistency and accuracy that comes from automated tooling.

  13. This is complete wankery , we are talking about fucking rasps , those made by a machine do exactly the same job as those made by a guy with a chisel and a hammer. It's like those overpriced wood planers or designer purses for women.

  14. Forst thwy say it needs to be straight so it doesnt bend when tempered amd then they say it needs to be bent before tempering so it straightens whwn tempered. He just said the opposite thing!!!

  15. The woman at 2:59 is as hot as the steel shown earlier in the vid. Smokin

    Amazing how much craftsmanship is in these handtools. I suddenly want to shop for rasps.

  16. One of the best shows ever– but can't watch it because of the mindless, brain-dead music, some "artist" decided it needed. Just like almost all shows these days— can barely hear the speech, because of the stupid music!

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