Honkai Impact 3rd SEA[Malay] Standard Supply Gacha Scout

Hi, how are you all, I’m n4ther So,today episode I will play Honkai Impact 3 Sea servers and I think this is right time to start the Honkai Impact 3 scouting series. for today, I will scout standard supply. 9 drop left for guaranteed to get S rank valkyrie. KMB,Lightning Empress,Dimension Breaker,Blood Rose Violet Executer,CH or Pheonix and Shadow Knight. But Shadow Knight,I already have. Dimension Breaker already S,Blood Rose I got it long time ago. so Violet Executer,I don’t want very much. I’ve got SK and also VK.I just got VK this morning. in the morning, the time I saw this chat.everyone gets VK,I feel salty. I’m scout it,get VK immediately.So whether Shadow Knight or VK,I’ll use between these two. for bio or creature now bio is called.I want CH,if KMB I can farming.can get her with ease. but, this CH is hard to get. if you want to get this CH, from standard supply or expansion supply. when expansion supply CH will come later, I do not even know. If Pheonix, I don’t use her very much. with her combo it’s hard to use.But Pheonix is ​​pretty strong,just combo that’s hard to use. so, hopefully I just want to get CH for bio or creature valkyrie. besides Miko, I always use Miko. Miko is just my bio valkyrie’s hope. so,I think maybe. we start this Honkai Impact 3 scouting. hopefully CH, if I get CH. I can stop now and focus to get a weapon and a stigma for valkyrie that I always use and after I got the weapon and stigma I wanted. then I’m just going to focus on HoV. HoV I realy want too,but that valkyrie is hard to get. if rank A, I don’t care that much.easy to get and this is also one scout only because it just 9 drops left. indeed comfirm can get S rank. for psychic, 6S and Valkyrie Pledge only.that’s all I use for psychic valkyrie. and also,Lightning Empress easy to farm.But,doesn’t matter as long as I can think it’s good. it’s also strong, but I’m not sure what stigma or weapon. weapon I think, Magstorm can be able to get.early game I can use, but for late game not ready yet. so,valkyrie that I always use is this and before I have Shadow Knight. this Imayoh Ritual with Valkyrie Pledge. this is the formation I always use time in abyss. so, when it comes to lvl 70.feel misery too I play it in abyss. when there’s SK,I’m happy. but, not enough for the Shadow Knight too. she will not want to carry 1 person for this one team. besides Miko, this is the second I use is Kindred. But not strong yet, I need a second stigma,can be use. I just can use this in early game,if late game I guess not yet. I guess there’s no longer the abyss and now focus on team only for this direc sea. so I guess that’s it for today episode. I hope you enjoy this video and also if you enjoy it,press the like button and also I don’t know what to say for this first episode.Honkai Impact 3 Sea server scouting. so I hope that’s it,thank you for watching. we’ll meet again in the next episode. and also if you want add,this
my ID.So, if you want to add. feel free to add.If you play on Sea server,if global I probably will not play. I play on the Sea server only. so, that’s it. we’ll meet again in the next episode.bye.

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