Home Tattoos and Buying Tattoo Equipment Online

Hi it’s Dr George here and one of the biggest
areas of worry I have for people getting tattoos is home tattoo kits.
Guys, it’s very very important. Getting a tattoo is high risk situation for infection
in particular for diseases like Hepatitis B Hepatitis C and to a degree HIV.
For this reason I worry about people who go to home tattoo parties. People who bought
tattoo guns over the internet mainly because the important equipment that you need to sterilise
everything may not be available to the people with the home kit. An autoclave steriliser
cost three, four, five thousand dollars. If you go to a tattoo studio they will have
all of their gear. It’s been through the autoclave and it’s absolutely sterile.
If you are in a home situation that may not be the case.
Look guys, save your money. Don’t buy tattoo gear over the internet because it’s risky
for Hep C, HIV as well as it can be dam difficult to make sure you don’t get an infection.
Go to a professional, these guys know what they’re doing and are trained in infection
control. That way you are going to end out with a tattoo that doesn’t get infected, heals
really really well and is given to you in the safest conditions possible.
Please I urge you, don’t buy tattoo equipment over the internet if you are not a trained

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  1. So i cant do tattoos no more because this dick head dosent think i know how to clean ma shit i got a tat by a so called professional it was wack i did my own came out better

  2. Guys I agree but what he is talking about is people need to know how to keep sterile environment and equipment when doing home tattoos like if you are using metal tips and tubes and think bleaching and boiling water is sterilizing it…then you should quit tattooing cause you do run the risk of infectious diseases…now their is no problem doing them at home but do understand you run a risk if your not careful and if you have a family… some of the best tattoo artist started at home and still do them today just be careful

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