Handmade Wedding Hair Vine from Pearls. Bridal DIY Tiara.

Hi, my dear friends! I remind you, you are on a creative channel Gilda Workshop and as always Alice with you. In this video I will show you how to make easy wedding hair vine from pearls, wire, leaves and crystal beads. Also I invite you to visit my store on Etsy.com, where you will find different jewelry and accessories. Please subscribe to my channel and press a bell icon to get notified about new videos. Well, now let’s start this tutorial! Enjoy watching! Cut off 3m of 0.5mm wire Fold it in half Twist the wires 7 times to make a loop Add an elongated bead Pull it out on a short distance and twist the wires down Twist the wires 10 times Turn over Twist the same branch on the left side The distance between branches will always be 10 twists Add a 6 mm pearl Add a 3 mm pearl Twist the branch to half Add a 3 mm bead again Вend the wire in the shape of a wave Continue twisting the branches as shown in the video Increase the length of the branches Trust to your taste and creativity 🙂 The first part is ready! Make the second part from 3.5 m wire Pay attention, I added a branch with 6 pearls to this detail Put all the wires into the pearl Fasten the wires near the bead Twist a branch with 6 pearls Fasten two 4 cm acrylic leaves Twist the branch with 3 beads Dimensions: 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm Use 6 mm crystal beads to decorate the center Close the wires with a metal bead cap Trim off extra and hide the cut ends Done! You can wear this accessory as a wreath, a headband and even as a necklace. I think this hair vine is universal and a feminine accessory, which is suitable for bride and bridesmaids, for the wedding, and also for the another event. Thats all. If you liked this tutorial, Do not forget to put your thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. A new video in a similar theme will be posted soon, press a bell icon to get notified about it. Have a nice day, bye-bye! :):)

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  1. Hello Gilda Thank you for making your videos. Would you consider doing a short skills building video for absolute beginners?

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