Handmade ATCs- How To Make ATCs? (Artist Trading Cards)- What are ATCs

hi everyone its Keren here and welcome
back to my channel thank you so much for coming back to watch my new video today
i have a video designed for 7 Dots studio where i created a set of ATC cards i
used both the dreamscapes collection and the hazy days collection however there
are some new collections that had just come out and they’re just beautiful so
stay tuned for those in the next few weeks I created a set of ATC’s and
they have the theme of film and cameras because I really want to make them a
little bit more grungy looking so sit down enjoy the process and just to let
you know that all the materials and products are linked below in the
description area for those of you who don’t know, an ATC stands for artists
trading card the size of an ATC is two and a half by three and a half inches
and as you can see I’m cutting some of the 7 dots studio paper into that
size I am cutting six of them and one side will be three and a half and the
other one will be two and a half inches artist trading cards better known as
ATC’s arer little cards where you make your own artwork on it and then trade
them with people whether it is in the same country or around the world and
each person makes their own artwork and then they trade them with other people
it’s really fun to trade with other people and I’ve done this a lot when
I’ve traded with people from around the world so they have a piece of my art and
I have a piece of theirs most people make them in sets like I did today so
you have a few people to trade with once I cut my six card backgrounds
I took the hazy day stamp from seven dots to do and started applying it to
the background I took the one that looks more circular it looks like a huge paint
splatter and in order to get just partial image on my cards I put two
cards together and started stamping that with my stamp now I took a acrylic block
because it’s easier to press with it and as you can see I get half a circle on
one stamp and then half on the other this is a great technique to do when you
want to just get a partial image of something in different areas so as you
can see now I’m going to add four of them together and then get a corner
image of the circle and some in one of the cards and then a little bit of
another part of the image on another card and this is a really great way to
just create texture I continued moving the cards in the areas where I wanted to
stamp and just place them beside each other so I would only have to stamp once
in that way I would create partial images on all my cards ATC’s can have
any theme you like and a lot of people trade them in groups where they have a
monthly theme and they trade and create an art related to that theme and then
they have monthly swaps where they all trade one of the cards and they make the
same one for every one so that’s a good group way to trade ATC’s and find groups
in your area that want to do this type of trading then I took a stapled like stamp that
comes in the same set and added some more texture in the background finally I took the smallest stamp in the
set which gives you some paint splatters and just stamped around to add even more
texture to create some more texture it took a stencil from the crafters
workshop which has a filmstrip on it and I use some distress oxide ink in the
vintage photo and wild honey colors and just dubbed it with my blending tool to
create some really nice filmstrip stencils because it matched perfectly
with my seam I did this to all the cards and then I heat set them using my Ranger
heat tool because I wanted to make sure that it doesn’t interact with any other
medium I took my prima distressing tool and
distrust the edges to each one of the cards and then I took the two colors I
had used for the filmstrip and I just edged the edges and inked them with the
two colors to create a really nice vintage look
I took some Prima marketing wood icons these are the cameras and I inked them
in the same colors I had used for the cars which is the wild honey and the
vintage photo distress oxide ink I didn’t have enough camera so I use an
hourglass for one of the icons I don’t know if I’ll be able to list these in
the description area as I’m not sure if they’re still available these are old
and I had them in my stash but you can use any wood icons for these now it was
time to assemble the cards I took a few flares from the hazy days collection and
a few of the die-cut elements from both the hazy days in the dreamscapes
collection I basically took many of them and then I rearranged them on each of
the cards one of the really nice techniques I like using is I like using
my tiny attacher from Tim Holtz and I’ve done this with a lot of the ATC’s that
I’ve created where I use the staples to end the stapler to attach the little
die-cuts to my cards and this is a great way to make it look quite vintage and
also to make them stick to the page without having to use too much glue so I
just go and I staple them to the background and because I already had
some stamped images that look like staples this was perfect because it
matched the rest of this really rugged look once I stapled all the die-cuts on to
each of the cards I took the little wood icon camera and my flares and I put one
on each of the cards to give a little bit more texture I took some black
thread and I ripped a bunch of it and used some soft matte gel to glue it to
each of the backgrounds so I would rip this thread and then use some gel to
glue it to the background then I took the same gel and used it to glue the
flare and the camera I would love to know if any of you like to make ATC’s
and if you do please leave me a comment and tell me what type of ATC’s are your
favorite to make and if you’ve never made them before I would love to see
some of them so please show them to me share them with me on social media I’d
love to see if you’ve made them before and leave me a comment and let me know you one of the things that I like doing is
adding sentiments to each of my ATC’s so I took the word stickers from both the
hazy days and the dreamscapes collection and picked my favorite sentiments out of
them and then stuck them to the background finally I knew that I wanted to add a
little bit of some glimmer to the background so I took my noodle glimmer
pace this is the gold color and using a paintbrush
I just basically added it to the background and let me tell you this is
one of the easiest way to add some glimmer to anything it really came out
amazing I didn’t have and it was not a lot of effort so it was just a really
really cool way to add that’s really nice sparkle to anything and it goes on
so smoothly and dries really really quickly thank you so much for watching if you
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