100 Replies to “GoPro Awards: Crazy Human Centrifuge”

  1. It’s all fun and games until that rope breaks! I’m sure 3G’s makes their body weight exceed the strength of the rope. But hey, they’re the physics students… looks fun though!

  2. I and my girlfriend bought GoPro Hero 6, didn't have any GoPro before… It such a miss, wonderful moments can be captured amazing without being worried "where should I hold the camera, let me protect it from the water". We upload videos on our channel from our GoPro, we are getting better. Follow your dreams, buy that GoPro

  3. Video made by NFDS , suscribe our channel ,
    GoPro didn't give us the credit in the description
    Forza OM
    et vive le Roy

  4. Link for other Xtreme videos : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swGm0pEkoQM&list=LLvJ-tcsJoJr00EgcstWW80w&index=44&t=0s

  5. Go follow Nos Fins De Semaines (NFDS), this is the name of their youtube channel !! They're incredibly talented and resourceful in their creations. They always find an amazing way to have fun and I really admire their work.

  6. I love it! But I'd use a second safety rope as well as the main line attaching to the T-post. That would be a hell of a wreck for both people if one of those ropes broke. Granted, I'm sure that rope would tow a car but a little extra safety never killed anyone!

  7. Notification from GoPro Channel "New Video"
    – "So cool ! A new video from GoPro, gonna be amazing, let's see."
    Opens Youtube and watch first seconds


    Closes Youtube

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