Good Old Modernism

Hello my name is Jennifer I’m Romana and our film is called Good Old Modernism and its about how the ideas about Modernism have changed over the years Enjoy the film! Modernist furniture has its origins with the Bauhaus school of Art and Design and Architecture which was founded in
Germany in the 1920s the fundamental ideas behind Modernism were functionality and taking objects back to the
basic function they fulfill so you will find that objects become very plain, hardly any colour, no decorative elements to them at all. Did the furniture really fulfill the goals of Modernism? The original owner of the Finmar table now in the Geffrye Museum didn’t think so. It’s that round table, the little one, we had that one but the legs broke The legs were too spindly Modernism started to gain popularity in the 1930s but what to people think of it nowadays? Dysfunctional but still manages to look smart.
I think they’re basically quite ugly. It’s a furniture with clean lines works very well in today’s society
because we’re so busy so we need things that are easy to keep clean and actually give us a stylish finish to our home. Nearly every house they have that kind of furniture. Elements of Modernism can be seen everywhere in our culture People still really enjoy the idea of Modernism, even though they might not recognize it as that furniture from IKEA and plain and simple design plain white walls in homes and plain laminate flooring still really really popular today, so I think this are all the type of design influence that Modernism began with. How has Modernism values been interpreted by designers today? Modernism to me today means when designing a piece of furniture is probably about functionality use of different materials that are appropriate uh… especially materials nowadays which are more environmentally appropriate. In the modernist period, people didn’t tend to use,say, printed fabrics very
much well you know that’s now become fashion I think we’re flexible but I still adhere to that idea that the value of something isn’t what its cost to make in its simplicity of its design and that it functions properly. Modernism will carry on being influential in the future there’s no reason why shouldn’t

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